Future Flight Credits

Future Flight credits expired on 31 December 2023 and are no longer available for booking or travel.


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Date communicated Trade release
23 April Lite Fares
19 April Fare Changes
4 April Reminder: Virgin Australia Masterclass series
26 March Trade Newsletter March
12 March Fare Changes
29 February Trade Newsletter February
19 February Base Commission Policy POS Outside Australia
29 January Trade Newsletter January
19 January Fare Changes
18 January Virgin Australia Link Airways Codeshare Activation




Date communicated Trade release
18 December Trade Newsletter December
15 December Cabin Crew Agreement
28 November Trade Newsletter November
22 November Celebrating industry achievements at the NTIA
21 November Virgin Australia returns to Uluru
30 October Trade Newsletter October
27 October Fare Changes
4 October Fare Changes
28 September Trade Newsletter September
27 September Preferred Seating
22 September Standard Credit Extension
28 August Trade Newsletter August
21 August Reminder: Change Fee Update
10 August Fare Changes
28 July Trade Newsletter July
21 July Virgin Australia activates partnership with ANA (All Nippon Airways)
12 July GDS Booking Issue Resolved
11 July Haneda Baggage Policy
30 June Changes to ISH Commission
28 June Trade Newsletter June
5 June Business Value Campaign
5 June Fare Changes Bali Queenstown
25 May Changes to Ancillary Fees
24 May Trade Newsletter May
12 May GDS System Issue
8 May Air Canada Expansion
27 April Trade Newsletter April
17 April International Airline Launch
28 March  Trade Newsletter March
6 March Trade Newsletter February
16 February Flight Credit Extension
13 February Fare Changes



Date communicated Trade release
14 December Launch of Cairns to Haneda Route
12 December GDS Refunds
1 December Future Flight Credits - Agency Advice
30 November Trade Newsletter November
10 November Singapore Airlines Partnership expanded
24 October Bring on Wonderful
17 January Economy Fare Class Realignment
7 January  Future Flight Credit and Credit Card Acceptance Information 


Future Flight credit fares

Booking Future Flight credit fares

Future Flight credits expired on 31 December 2023 and are no longer available for booking or travel

  Fare price Fare display
Galileo FQ-:FFC20 or FQ-:{account code}/CVA FDSYDBNE12JUN/VA-PRI-:FFC20
Worldspan 4P*FSR#/@@FFC20 4FSYDMELSR-VA/L1JUN/@@FFC20


Pseudo Flight long-sell entries

Galileo: 0VA5996Y15JULHDQBVINN1




Booking Future Flight Credit fares for Virgin Australia Business Flyer

Economy class - U class

Business class - D class

Fares must be priced against account code FFC99

Please note: If U is booked and FFC99 is not used as the account code, no fare will be returned. 


  Fare price Fare display
Galileo FQ-:FFC99 or FQ-:{account code}/CVA FDSYDBNE12JUN/VA-PRI-:FFC99
Worldspan 4P*FSR#/@@FFC99 4FSYDMELSR-VA/L1JUN/@@FFC99

Pseudo Flight long-sell entries

Galileo: 0VA5996Y15JULHDQBVINN1




Program information for travel agents  

Has your client changed how they book travel?

By completing the maintenance form, we can update your customer’s account details with the correct travel manager information, ensuring that we have the correct account details to maintain your customer’s access to the benefits of the Virgin Australia Business Flyer program. 

You can sign up your customer through our online application form here or direct your client to complete a Maintenance form. You will also need to email us at businessflyer@virginaustralia.com to transfer any unused credits to the correct TMC.  


Other useful links 

More information – virginaustralia.com/businessflyer  
Application form – virginaustralia.com/businessflyer-application  
Business booking portal – businesslogin.virginaustralia.com
Rewards portal – business.velocityfrequentflyer.com  


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