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Lounge bars, fine dining, and designer boutiques abound and visitors prefer to stay in villas instead of hotel rooms.

Considered to be the spiritual heart of Indonesia, the island is home to peaceful Hindu Bali philosophy, friendly locals, and an enchanting landscape rich with frangipani trees, holy temples, steep rice paddies, soaring volcanoes and palm-fringed beaches.

As one of Asia’s most dynamic hotspots, Bali is a must-visit holiday destination  home to lively, cultural and spiritual hubs like Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud.

Originally discovered by tourists as a surfing paradise, Kuta is a playground for young visitors. Throughout the day the town’s five-kilometre sandy stretch is packed with sunbakers and beach vendors, while at night the oceanfront transforms into Bali’s most animated party zone.

Located at the southern end of the beach, the lush five star resort, Ramada Bintang Bali Resort & Spa is a welcoming escape from the bump and grind of downtown Kuta.

Just north, Seminyak has a quieter and less frenetic atmosphere. Described by The New York Times to be “distinct in style and clientele, playing shiraz to Kuta's ice beer”, Seminyak is a favourite hangout for expatriates and Bali’s trendy set.

Lounge bars, fine dining, and designer boutiques abound and visitors prefer to stay in villas instead of hotel rooms. The Seminyak Suite Private Villa is one of the area’s favourite sojourn haunts; offering guests total privacy just moments away from Seminyak’s cosmopolitan district.

Long standing spiritual and yoga mecca, Ubud has received mainstream attention in recent years as the village where Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert famously found love. Surrounded by carefully-terraced rice paddies and flowing rivers, Ubud has a mystical appeal.

Where vacationers once flocked to Bali to revel and live cheaply, a growing crowd of visitors now gather in sacred sites like Ubud to be enlightened at health and yoga retreats  most of which specifically tailor wellness packages towards foreigners seeking holistic elucidation.

With the dry season in full flair, there’s no better time than now to visit Bali.

Discover Bali

Quick Facts 
Time Zone GMT +8
Languages Indonesian, though English is widely spoken
Currency Indonesian Rupiah
Electricity 110/220 volts AC (50 Hz)
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