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Like flying in style? Meet Economy X

Available on all domestic and international flights, Economy X is an upgrade to your standard Economy seat that gives you added benefits – and only costs a little bit extra.

So – what does Economy X get you?

Extra legroom

Up to 40% extra, in fact, so you can stretch out in style.

Preferred overhead lockers

Have all your carry-on luggage nearby and easy to reach, so you can make a quick getaway. It's carry-on, without the carry-on.

Priority boarding

Skip the queue and settle in sooner (just try not to look too pleased with yourself when you do it). Where available.

Priority check-in and boarding on international flights

You’ll get priority check-in and boarding on international short-haul flights. Just look for the Priority or Premium Check-in counters when you arrive. Where available.

Economy X pricing*

Watch this space for Economy X special offers coming soon.

Here are some common examples of Economy X prices. You can check the price for a specific route on the seating page when making your booking.

Brisbane to Hamilton Island from $35

Adelaide to Brisbane from $49

Sydney to Ballina (Byron Bay) from $35

Brisbane to Cairns from $49

Perth to Brisbane from $75

Perth to Broome from $49

How to book


At time of booking

Online: Select an Economy X seat on the Seating page, during the booking process online.

By phone: Request an Economy X seat when you make a new booking through our Guest Contact Centre.

After booking

Online: Add Economy X to your booking via Manage your booking.

By phone: Call our Guest Contact Centre and request to add Economy X to your existing booking.

During check-in

Economy X seats will remain available for purchase via our online check-in or at the airport via our check-in counters or kiosks.

For further information on Economy X, or to lodge a request for a refund due to reasons such as disrupt or a seat change by Virgin Australia, please submit an enquiry form.

Economy X terms and conditions
Please read carefully as there are important terms and conditions that you should be aware of prior to selecting Economy X. 

* Economy X seats are limited and may be sold out at time of booking or at any time prior to your travel date. The applicable Economy X fee will be the fee published at the time you purchase Economy X and is subject to change. Fees are per person, one way and per sector. Fees are in the applicable booking currency, being the country of origin specified in your booking or purchase. Economy X fees are non-refundable, except where you are entitled to a refund of the Economy X fee or of your fare under the Australian Consumer Law. See the Economy X Terms and Conditions for more information on refunds. Not all product benefits are available at all airports. Where some of the product features are not available or utilised by you, you are not entitled to a refund unless otherwise specified in the Economy X terms and conditions. Some Economy X seats are located in Exit Rows and guests must accept the Exit Row Safety Conditions to sit in these rows. If you change your mind and no longer wish to sit in these rows, you may move to an alternate Economy X seat for no additional fee. If however no other Economy X seats are available, you will be assigned a standard Economy seat and entitled to a refund of the Economy X fee. Please let us know as soon as possible if you do not longer meet the Exit Row Safety Conditions. If at the time of travel you no longer meet the Exit Row Safety Conditions you will be offered an alternate Economy X seat or you will be assigned a standard Economy seat and entitled to a refund of the Economy X fee. Economy X is only available on flights operated by Virgin Australia and Virgin Australia International. See full Economy X Terms and Conditions.