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As a fully-fledged international airport, I Gusti Ngurah Rai connects Bali to important destinations around the world and offers a host of modern amenities like restaurants and duty-free shopping.

Bali’s airport is I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport (DPS) due to its location just south of the capital city of Denpasar in Tuban. It typically takes around 15 minutes to 2 hours to reach most tourist areas in Bali from the airport.  

Arriving at Bali Airport from overseas is relatively straightforward, thanks to a simplified entry process that allows citizens from many countries, including Australia, to receive a Visa-on-Arrival (VoA). This type of Bali visa is automatically provided to eligible incoming tourists at a cost of around 500,000​ IDR (∼$50 AUD). Recently, the local Balinese government introduced an additional tourism levy, requiring incoming travellers to pay a second fee of IDR 150,000 (∼$15 AUD​). Once these fees are paid, travellers will then be able to pass through Immigration, Security and Customs. The online Electronic Customs Declaration Form (ECD) needs to be completed regardless of whether you have items to declare, which can be done online or up to 48 hours in advance.  

Bali is a relatively large and modern airport, with 62 check-in terminals and 10 jet bridges. I Gusti Ngurah offers a number of amenities typical of international airports, from free Wi-Fi access to extensive duty-free shopping. Shops include brands such as Gucci, Victoria's Secret and Chanel. Dining options are diverse, including international options like Wolfgang Puck Kitchen + Bar and the Coffee Club, as well as local kiosks and cafes. Two of the most popular departure lounges include Premier Lounge and Tujuwan Lounge, which include premium buffets and shower facilities. 

There are numerous Bali airport transfer options, depending on your budget and preferences. For those who prefer taxis, the airport offers Bluebird Taxis which leave from an official rank just outside the arrivals area. Alternatively, the Grab rideshare pickup area is ideal for allowing you to conveniently book a ride into areas like Kuta, Ubud or Seminyak without needing to negotiate a taxi fare. Additionally, many hotels in Bali offer hotel transfer, coordinating your pick-up with your flight route so that you are covered in case of any flight delay or change.  

For arriving tourists, Bali’s airport is an excellent place to organise a few practical matters for your trip. Numerous ATMs from major Indonesian banks like Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, and Bank Central Asia are available, as well as money exchanges like Wahana Money Changer and Sinar Artha. A number of the major local mobile providers are stationed here, including Telkomsel, XL Axiata, and Indosat Ooredoo—ideal for picking up a SIM card on your way through.  

Major airlines flying into Bali from Australia including Virgin Australia, which operates up to 35 direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast to Bali per week. 

What is Bali’s main airport?

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Bali's main airport is I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport (airport code: DPS), sometimes referred to as Denpasar International Airport. Bali airport is located in Tuban near the capital city of Denpasar, and close to popular tourist destinations like Kuta and Jimbaran. Denpasar International Airport is located 13 km south of Denpasar and just 2.5 km from Kuta.

Originally established in 1931 as Tuban Airfield, Bali airport was later seized by Japanese forces in 1942 during World War II. The current name honours I Gusti Ngurah Rai, a national hero from Bali who played a significant role in the Indonesian struggle for independence from Dutch colonial rule. The airport saw a major upgrade with the opening of a new international terminal in 2013 and the renovation of the domestic terminal in 2014.

Bali airport is managed by PT Angkasa Pura I, a State-Owned-Enterprise (SOE) of the Indonesian government. The airport features a single runway, Runway 09/27, which is roughly 3,000 metres in length. It is located on Jalan Raya Gusti Ngurah Rai, in Tuban. 

Today, Ngurah Rai Airport boasts modern facilities including 62 check-in counters, expanded duty-free shopping, dining areas, and 10 jet bridges designed to enhance passenger convenience and make the experience of flying more convenient. Denpasar Airport connects Bali with major international destinations across Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Europe​​. Its dual-terminal facility efficiently manages both domestic and international flights, contributing to a seamless travel experience for visitors​.


Which airlines fly into Bali airport from Australia? 

There are a number of airlines that fly into Bali airport from Australia including Virgin Australia, which offers up to 35 direct services each week from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast to Denpasar. 


What to expect when arriving at “I Gusti Ngurah Rai“ Airport? 

Arrival information at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport Bali, Indonesia

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When you arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport upon touching down in Bali, expect to undergo a streamlined process that includes Immigration, Security and Customs. This process usually takes around 30-60 minutes. Ensure you have your passport and travel documents ready, as well as cash or card pay the $50 Visa-on-Arrival and the new $15 tourist tax. 

Keep in mind that the wait time for passing through Bali airport is often longer during peak tourist seasons. To save time, consider applying for an e-VoA (e-Visa on Arrival) in advance, which needs to be done two days in advance, as well as completing the tourist tax payment online before your flight at the LoveBali website.  

The step-by-step process of arrival at Bali airport is outlined below. 

  1. Payment of Visa and Tourist Levy: Once your flight has touched down in Bali, you'll be guided to the main immigration area where you'll need to purchase your Visa-on-Arrival and pay the tourist levy, which cost 500,000 IDR (~$50 AUD) and 150,000 IDR (~$15 AUD) respectively. Both fees are payable with either cash or debit/credit card, and are payable online in advance, for convenience.  
  2. Immigration Check: With your visa and tax payments sorted, proceed to the immigration counters. Here, officers will review your passport and visa, take biometric prints, and stamp your passport. The duration of this process varies based on the number of arriving passengers. 
  3. Baggage Claim: Following the immigration check, move to the baggage claim area. Look for the TV screens displaying flight details and carousel numbers to locate and pick up your luggage. Then, proceed through to Customs.  
  4. Customs Checkpoint: Approach the customs checkpoint with your baggage, where you will need to show the QR code generated from your electronic customs declaration form. Don’t fret as the electronic customs declaration form can be filled out in advance or in person when you arrive.  
  5. Exiting the Airport: After clearing customs, you will enter a public space equipped with currency exchange facilities, ATMs, and transportation options. The airport provides official taxi services at fixed rates, if you haven't arranged for a transfer. It's advisable to book in advance to secure better rates and avoid potential hassles.  

It is possible to pre-purchase a visa in the form of an e-Visa-on-Arrival (e-VoA), which can be done through the MOLINA (Ministry of Law and Human Rights Directorate General Of Immigration) website. Just be aware that the e-Visa needs to be applied for at least 2 days prior to your trip, and costs $50 AUD. Along with the visa fee, a tourist tax of around $15 AUD is the latest introduction among Bali’s entry requirements. The tourist levy is payable upon arrival, although it’s possible to pay online before arrival via the Love Bali app. 


What are the customs regulations and requirements for travellers arriving at Bali airport? 

The main customs requirement for travellers arriving at Bali airport is completion of an Electronic Customs Declaration Form (ECD). This is typically done online, either before you travel or just as you arrive. You will need to declare any large quantities of cash, restricted items like fresh food, prohibited items such as narcotics and firearms, or any tobacco and alcohol that exceeds regulations.  

The six main customs regulations and requirements at Bali Airport are given below. 

  • The Customs Declaration Form: Upon arriving in Bali, travellers must complete the online Electronic Customs Declaration Form (ECD), whether or not you are importing goods. This form is part of the entry requirements and can either be filled out up to 48 hours in advance of your trip, or when you arrive. There is free Wi-Fi available at the airport for you to do this.  
  • Declaration of Specific Items: Travellers are required to declare any animals, fish, plants, and products derived from them; narcotics, psychotropic substances, precursors, drugs, firearms, sharp objects, ammunition, explosives, pornography; and foreign banknotes over 1,000,000,000 IDR (~$100,000 AUD) also needs to be reported. Declare any goods above specific duty-free allowances, including more than 200 cigarettes, 25 cigars, and more than 1 litre of alcoholic drinks. 
  • IMEI Registration Requirement: An IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity number, is a unique serial number assigned to every mobile device manufactured worldwide. Visitors planning to stay in Bali for longer than 90 days must register their IMEI with the Indonesian government.  
  • Final Declaration: Travellers will be asked to finalise the customs process by confirming the truthfulness of your declarations, stating, "I hereby declare that I have understood the provisions on the import of passenger goods and what I have stated is valid." 
  • Prescription Medication: Prescription medication brought into Indonesia must be in its original packaging, declared on the customs form, and accompanied by the original prescription. 
  • Yellow Fever Certification: Evidence of vaccination against Yellow Fever is sometimes required if you're coming from or have passed through a Yellow Fever zone. 
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Is it possible to exchange currency at Bali airport? 

Yes, it’s possible to exchange currency at Bali airport at one of the several currency exchange counters found in the arrivals area, once you pass through customs. However, the exchange rates at Bali airport are not as favourable for tourists as those found at banks or dedicated currency exchange outlets on the island. Wahana Money Changer and Sinarartha  Money Changer are available from early morning until around 1 AM daily.  


Can you find SIM Cards at Bali airport?

Yes, SIM cards are available for purchase at Bali Airport from providers like Telkomsel, XL Axiata, and Indosat Ooredoo. Conveniently located just beyond the duty-free area, these vendors will use your passport to register your details and then activate the SIM for you.  Most Balinese telecom providers offer various plans to suit different data needs and call requirements for tourists, such as 5GB data plans for short stays or unlimited data plans for extended visits. The advantage of purchasing a Bali SIM card at the airport is the convenience of using your phone immediately, and having the staff set everything up for you. Just keep in mind it is typically slightly more expensive than purchasing elsewhere.  

An alternative to purchasing a SIM Card is activating international roaming. Australian providers like Optus and Telstra typically offer a daily data package for around $5 AUD a day.  


What are the transport options from Denpasar airport to other parts of Bali? 

The five primary transport options when departing from Denpasar Airport into Bali proper include hotel transfer, ride-sharing apps, airport shuttles, private drivers, and taxis.  

Below is more detailed information about the five main transport options from the airport to various locations in Bali. 

  • Hotel Transfer: Many hotels in Bali provide airport transfer services when you make your reservation. This is highly convenient as it’s typically free, and the hotel has already provided the driver with your accommodation details.  
  • Ride-sharing Apps: Bali has a dedicated Grab lounge, conveniently located in the airport Pickup-Zone. The lounge facilitates easy booking of your Grab car, and provides a comfortable and safe place for you to wait. Rideshare apps like Grab and Gojek have become one of the most widely used transport options in Bali amongst travellers.  
  • Taxis: Taxis are readily available at Denpasar Airport and offer the convenience of immediate, direct travel to your destination. Bluebird Group is a reliable choice of taxi when in Bali. Airport taxis at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport charge a fixed fee depending on your destination, so make sure to confirm the fare with your driver before departing. 
  • Airport Shuttle: Airport shuttles provide a cost-effective and efficient service to get you to major destinations like Ubud and Seminyak. Operated by companies like Jayride and Kura-Kura, these airport shuttle buses run regularly and are a great option if you don't mind travelling with other passengers. 
  • Private Driver: Similar to a hotel transfer, hiring a private driver to pick you up at the airport is often the most comfortable option, offering door-to-door service and the flexibility to stop along the way. Using a private driver is advantageous if you're looking for privacy, or if you're travelling to a less accessible part of Bali. 


How to get from Bali’s Denpasar Airport to Ubud? 

To travel from Bali's Denpasar Airport to Ubud, two of the best options include using the Grab rideshare service available at Arrivals, and hotel transfer - which many resorts and villas offer free of charge. The journey from the airport to your Ubud accommodation usually takes around 1-2 hours, depending on traffic.

It’s usually unwise to take an airport shuttle to reach Ubud, because the journey can take up to four hours especially if the traffic is bad.  


How to get from Bali’s Denpasar Airport to Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu and Kuta? 

To get from Denpasar Airport to areas like Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu, and Kuta, simply take a taxi, book a Grab rideshare (available at Arrivals) or organise a transfer through your accommodation. These options are fast, economical and convenient allowing you to reach the south coast of Bali in less than 30 minutes. For those wanting to save money where time is not an issue, take one of the shuttle buses available for booking in advance or when you arrive.  


What to expect when departing from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport 

When departing from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, you will need to first check-in at the airline counter before proceeding through a security checkpoint and then to immigration clearance. Once cleared, you have the chance to relax in the departure terminal until it’s time to board your flight. 

The step-by-step process of departing from Bali airport to your outgoing destination is outlined below.  

  1. Check-in: Upon arrival at the airport, refer to the flight information displays to locate your airline's check-in counter. It's advisable to arrive at least two hours before your flight to allow ample time for check-in and subsequent procedures including checking your passport, receiving your boarding pass and weighing your luggage at baggage drop.  
  2. Security Checkpoint: Once checked in, proceed to the security checkpoints where you will be required to pass through metal detectors and have your luggage scanned by X-ray machines. 
  3. Immigration Clearance: After passing through airport security, head to the immigration counters where your travel documents will be checked once more. Ensure that your passport and boarding pass are readily available. 
  4. Departure Lounge: Following immigration, move to the departure lounge as indicated on your boarding pass. The lounges at Bali airport offer amenities such as dining, shopping, and lounges to enhance your waiting experience. 
  5. Boarding: Keep an eye on the departure screens for any updates regarding your flight status and gate information. Proceed to the designated gate following instructions provided by Bali’s airport staff. 


What are the food options at Denpasar airport? 

Dining options at Denpasar Airport are typically not as varied as at other international airports, though there are a few good options which offer Western-style snacks and lunch or traditional Indonesian meals. The Wolfgang Puck Kitchen + Bar offers a familiar international menu, as well as to-go packs of fruit, salads and sandwiches. Otherwise, head to Made's Warung for more local flavours. There are a number of excellent cafes at I Gusti Ngurah Rai too, including The Coffee Club and Starbucks. For a treat, Cold Stone Creamery and Haagen-Dazs are two great ice cream shops within Bali airport.  


Is there a departure lounge at Bali Airport? 

Yes, Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport (Denpasar Airport) offers various departure lounges. These lounges serve international travellers well with amenities like premium buffets, complimentary Wi-Fi, and shower facilities, providing a relaxing environment away from the main terminal. International departure lounges are available to passengers based on certain criteria such as travel class or membership status. Domestic travellers have access to departure lounges equipped with food, beverages, comfortable seating, and Wi-Fi, ensuring a tranquil space to wait before their flights. 


What shops and duty-free stores are there at Bali airport? 

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Shops and duty-free stores at Bali airport offer a range of high fashion, cosmetics, fragrances, jewellery and alcohol. At Denpasar airport, you will find luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Montblanc, Guess, and Victoria's Secret. Additionally, there are stores for cosmetics and fragrances from top brands like Chanel, Tom Ford, Estée Lauder, and Jo Malone​. For those interested in high-end watches and jewellery, brands like Swarovski and OMEGA are available too. 


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