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If you require oxygen in-flight, you must supply your own oxygen bottle from selected suppliers. Bookings for guests requiring oxygen in-flight must be made via the Guest Contact Centre. Cabin and route restrictions may apply. The following requirements must be met to travel with an oxygen bottle:

  • Gaseous oxygen or air cylinders required for medical use are permitted provided that:
    • The cylinder is no more than 5 kg gross weight.
    • The oxygen cylinder valves and regulator are protected against damage that could cause the inadvertent release of the contents by being fitted in a BOC Oxycare, Air Liquide Oxycare travel pack, BOC oxygen carry bag or a Supagas carry bag.
    • The oxygen bottle must fit 'snugly' into the airline travel bag with the hood fully zipped closed.
    • The bottle has been properly maintained as evidenced by documentation and markings on the bottle.
    • Gaseous oxygen or air cylinders carried by medical professionals are permitted.
    • The oxygen cylinders are permitted in or as carry-on baggage only.
  • Gaseous oxygen or air cylinders required for medical use by a guest during flight, the following additional requirements must be met:
    • The guest must present a Medical Clearance Form, completed by a qualified medical practitioner, indicating your fitness for travel in accordance with our Medical Clearance Guidelines (PDF, 131KB).
    • The guest(s) knows how to operate the oxygen bottle.
    • There is sufficient oxygen for the duration of the flight.
  • If more than one oxygen cylinder is carried, the additional cylinders must be in the appropriate travel bag and can be stored under the seat in front of the guest or in the overhead locker.
  • Cylinders that do not fit securely into the travel pack/carry bag with the hood zipped closed, are not an approved bottle or show signs of damage are not permitted to travel.
  • We are unable to safely secure oxygen cylinders in our Business and Premium Economy classes at this time due to the size of the seats in these sections of the aircraft. Guests requiring the use of oxygen cylinders during flight are therefore currently unable to purchase a Premium fare (guests travelling with oxygen concentrators are not affected).
  • Medical oxygen cylinders are not permitted for flights to and from the United States. Medical oxygen cylinders are not permitted for other international long haul flights without prior approval from the airline.
  • Should you require personal in-flight oxygen, it can be pre-booked from one of the following companies, and you can have it delivered or you can pick it up: BOC (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Samoa) or Air Liquide (Australia) Linde Gas (Australia).