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Our team lovingly hand pick the best available recent releases and classics to display onboard to keep you entertained, all for free.

Our upgraded in-flight entertainment system is now even easier to use - all you need is a hand-held device, tablet, or laptop with one of the more popular browsers*  installed. Connect, watch and enjoy!

Features of in-flight entertainment

How to connect

Supported devices and browsers 

Device Operating system Browsers
iOS 15, iPadOS15
Android Android 11.0 and 12.0 Google Chrome
Mac MacOS 12+ Safari, Chrome, Firefox
Windows Windows 10+ Chrome, Edge* and Firefox

What's on: movies, TV and podcasts

Explore what's on Virgin Australia in-flight entertainment.

Important Information

In-flight Entertainment Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the Use of Electronic Devices for more information on using your device on board Virgin Australia aircraft. All guests are required to bring their own charged devices and headphones to comfortably enjoy our wireless entertainment. Virgin Australia offers In-flight Entertainment on a selected number of aircraft types and routes only and is complimentary to all guests on seatback and with compatible devices. Unfortunately, Silverlight is no longer supported. Guests using MacBooks are required to bring an alternative device for their entertainment needs. For more information on device compatibility, refer to 'List of Supported Devices and Software' section above.