Important information for carrying hand sanitiser

Many hand sanitisers contain flammable liquids as the antiseptic which means there are restrictions on the quantity permitted to be carried.

A single item must not exceed 500ml with the total of all toiletry articles, including aerosols and perfumes, not exceeding 2 litres.

Further information is available further down this page.

For international flights, the Powder, Liquid, Aerosol and Gel (PLAG’s) limit of no more than 100ml per item apply for carry-on baggage. See more information on powder, liquid, aerosol and gel restrictions.


Dangerous goods/hazardous materials are items or substances that may endanger the safety of the aircraft or guests on board. The following dangerous goods have restrictions for air travel:


Dangerous goods that are not permitted

The following items must not be taken on board a Virgin Australia aircraft under any circumstance:

Note: This list is not exhaustive and other items not shown may be forbidden. If you take dangerous goods on board, even inadvertently, you may be liable to prosecution and severe penalties apply.

Product Safety Recalls: If a product that is dangerous goods or that contains a dangerous goods component (e.g., battery) is subject to a safety recall related to the dangerous goods, it must not be carried aboard an aircraft or in baggage unless the recalled product/component has been replaced or repaired or otherwise made safe per manufacturer/vendor instructions. Product safety information can be found at the ACCC Product Safety website.

Dangerous goods that are permitted  

Some dangerous goods are permitted to be carried by passengers for personal use if specific requirements and conditions are adhered to. 

The below information notes the items that are permitted to be carried by a passenger, the conditions which must be met and those which you must declare at check-in for Virgin Australia’s approval to uplift. When you are travelling with a code share partner on connecting flights you must also contact them to seek their approval to carry these item

Note: If you do not declare the carriage of dangerous goods that require the operator’s approval at the time of check in, even inadvertently, you may be liable to prosecution and severe penalties apply.

If your flight is to or from the United States, the penalties under US Federal law include five years' imprisonment and penalties of USD250,000 or more (49 U.S.C. 5124).

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