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Hold This Price

Learn how to place a booking on hold by following our step by step process.

Terms and Conditions

  • Hold This Price is only available via the Virgin Australia website.
  • Flights that depart within 14 days or less cannot be placed on hold.
  • Hold This Price is only available for selected flights on the Virgin Australia domestic network (one way, return and connecting).
  • The fee for Hold This Price is not a deposit for the booking. The fee is strictly in addition to the value of the fare and will be forfeited if the guest does not confirm the booking within the applicable hold period. However, you may be entitled to a refund of the fee if we do not hold your fare for the time stated in these terms and conditions.
  • Hold This Price is not available on selected Economy and Business fares. I, S, T and M fare classes are excluded.
  • The hold period for Hold This Price is based on the fare selected, that is: 48 hours for an Elevate fare, 72 hours for a Freedom or Business fare.
  • Hold This Price fees are charged per person, per booking. All adults and children on a booking will be charged a hold fee when the booking is placed on hold. Infants will not be charged a hold fee.
  • Virgin Australia has the right to adjust the fee for Hold This Price, at any time, without notice.
  • All fees for Hold This Price are inclusive of GST.
  • No Booking and Service fee will be charged when placing a booking on hold. A Booking and Service fee will apply when a guest returns to confirm the booking if a credit card or Paypal is used as the form of payment to complete their purchase.
  • Guests using a promo code are not offered the option of placing their booking on hold.
  • Guest making a booking during Happy Hour are not offered the option of placing their booking on hold.
  • Guests are not able to place Travel Extras on hold when using Hold This Price. Travel Extras can only be added when the guest confirms their held booking.
  • Hotels will not be offered to guests who have placed a booking on hold using Hold This Price. All other Travel Extras are available when the guest confirms their booking.
  • A held booking can be confirmed via My Bookings on the Virgin Australia website or by contacting the Guest Contact Centre
  • (Guest Contact Centre fees will apply).
  • Payment for Hold This Price fees can only be made using a credit card and/or a Virgin Australia Gift Voucher.
  • A held booking can be purchased and confirmed with the following forms of payment: credit card, Travel Bank and POLi.