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Security Awareness

Security Awareness For Our Guests

At Virgin Australia, the safety and security of our guests, cargo, aircraft and staff is our number one priority. By constantly monitoring our facilities and processes; assessing current affairs; and implementing latest technologies, we are able to assure excellent airline security. Additionally, our pilots, cabin crew, ground crew and reservation staff undergo security training and are updated of any changes within the industry. Our team of experienced security professionals are committed to providing you with a safe and secure environment, which in turn allows you to enjoy your Virgin Australia experience. To ensure this high level of safety and security is maintained, we are committed to meeting all state and federal regulatory requirements. These regulations are designed to enhance the security of your travel. We believe that it is only fair that you are aware of the effect that these regulations have on your travel, and provide you with some handy tips as to what you can do to ensure a smooth experience.


If you intend to travel with an item and you are not sure if it is permitted to travel, it is best to check well before you arrive at the airport. Feel free to contact our Guest Contact Centre, who will provide you with the correct advice.

Our Guest Contact Centre are your best contact for information relating to the carriage of firearms and dangerous goods. In most cases, these items can travel, provided they are packaged correctly and declared to the Virgin Australia ground staff.

The Guest Contact Centre number is 13 6789 (within Australia) 0800 670 000 (within New Zealand) or +61 7 3295 2284.


When you arrive at the check-in counter you will be asked a number of questions regarding the contents of your baggage to ensure that it does not contain any dangerous or flammable items. These are serious questions that require serious responses. Note: We take jokes about saftey seriously. 

You will also be asked if your carry-on baggage contains any sharp objects or cutting instruments. Sharp items not only include knives and forks, but also everyday articles such as scissors. This is the time to remove such items and place them in your checked baggage.

Security Screening Point

If you are flying with us, or just seeing someone off at the boarding gate, you will enter a sterile area. A sterile area is a secure screened area of the airport that does not permit entry of dangerous goods or items that can be used as weapons. In order to be permitted into the sterile area, you and your possessions must be screened and cleared by the security staff prior to entry. This may be conducted by a number of different methods. If you have special needs or believe that you are in possession of an object that may cause concern, please inform the security personnel. In the event that you are carrying a laptop computer, you will be required to remove the computer from your bag when passing through the screening point.

If you are in possession of a prohibited or restricted item, you will be asked to either make alternative arrangements for the article or you may surrender it to the security personnel. Refusal to subject yourself or your property to the screening process will result in you not being permitted into the sterile area. We appreciate your patience and co-operation with this process that is imperative to the overall security of the airport and aircraft.

In the event that you require a sharp item to be taken into the sterile area for medical purposes, for example a syringe for diabetes, you will need documentation in the form of a letter from a qualified medical practitioner and the corresponding medication that you require for your condition. It is advisable that you declare your situation to Virgin Australia airport staff and staff at the security screening point to avoid any complications.

Welcome Aboard

While onboard, if you have any concerns or information relating to the safety and security of the flight, please speak to a cabin crew member who will promptly assist with your inquiry.

Virgin Australia Security Vision

To provide a secure and safe guest-friendly environment, inwhich both our guests and staff can enjoy the Virgin Australia experience.

Enhanced Security Measures on International Flights

Carriage of liquids, gels and/or aerosols (LAGs) onboard International flights is subject to further security restrictions. Please refer to Enhanced Security Measures on International Flights for further details.