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About Us

Indigenous Employment Program

Virgin Australia began its award-winning Indigenous Employment Program in 2009 to address the under-representation of Indigenous peoples in Virgin Australia’s workforce. 

Since its inception, the Indigenous Employment Program has grown from strength to strength and now proudly employs many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members. We are proud to say that our program is completely self-funded and provides the same employment opportunities as non-Indigenous peoples, which are real and sustainable employment options.

Virgin Australia’s Indigenous Employment Program is developed on a strengths based approach to Indigenous recruitment to find and attract highly skilled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to our business. Virgin Australia’s Recruitment Team can offer career advice and provide candidate care to Indigenous people who are interested in employment opportunities with Virgin Australia.

If you are a person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and wish to access this service, contact the team on via email:

Dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Careers Sessions

Virgin Australia runs a number of dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Careers Sessions in various locations to support and attract Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates to positions across our business.

These sessions provide candidates with an overview of our business; information about our current vacancies and Virgin Australia’s recruitment process. It is also a great opportunity for the Recruitment Team to meet and get to know you and to discuss your career aspirations.

These sessions are highly informative in order to help you to prepare and to put your best business foot forward when applying for a position with Virgin Australia. To see whether we have any dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment days planned, please visit the careers page of the Virgin Australia website.

Please note: No preferential treatment is given to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates. These sessions are simply designed to help candidates prepare for when they go through the merit based selection process.