As a bustling hub for entertainment and nightlife, there is no shortage of things to do in Seminyak. From hitting the beach, to kicking back poolside at a beach club, or heading out to the many bars and restaurants, Seminyak offers activities and attractions of all kinds. 

Seminyak is particularly well known for incredible nightlife, amazing beaches, boutique shopping, art galleries, and fun and unique activities like escape rooms or hammer throwing. It’s also an excellent place to dine out, with Seminyak being home to many of the best restaurants in Bali like Naughty Nuri's and the beachfront Seasalt. 

So whether you're a surfer chasing the perfect wave, in need of serious spa pampering, or a shopaholic looking for chic boutiques, or a group of friends looking to shake things up with fun activity followed by a one-of-a-kind dinner experience, there’s no doubt you will be well catered to in Seminyak. 

Below are the 10 best things to do in Seminyak:

  1. Spend the day at a beach club: Bali is renowned for its beach clubs, where visitors are able to lounge poolside overlooking the beach, enjoy amazing food and drink service and party to live DJ music. The most popular beach club in Seminyak is Potato Head, an amazing beachfront venue with infinity pools and great cocktails. 
  2. Unwind at the spa: A spa visit is a must in Seminyak, whether you're soothing tired muscles after a day on the waves or simply treating yourself to a bit of pampering. Spots like Lagoon Spa, Bodyworks, and De Nyuh Spa are some of the best spas in Seminyak, combining Indonesian wellness traditions with modern luxury.
  3. Relax at Seminyak’s best beaches: Seminyak offers the best of city meets surf, with incredible beaches right on the doorstep of the bustling city hub. Two of the best beaches in Seminyak are Double Six and Seminyak Beach. 
  4. Take a surfing lesson: Seminyak is a hidden gem for surf in Bali. The waves here are ideal for beginners, and there are lots of reputable Seminyak surf schools like Bali Green with one-on-one or group lessons available. 
  5. Visit Petitenget temple: Don’t miss Petitenget temple if you're all about soaking up Seminyak's culture, don't miss Petitenget Temple. This little Hindu temple has centuries of history and amazing architecture. 
  6. Go shopping: Seminyak is the main shopping district of Bali, with everything from indie boutiques to large shopping malls right on your doorstep. Top places to shop in Seminyak include Seminyak Square, a cool two-story shopping mall and markets, and Seminyak Village, for high-end shopping. 
  7. Enjoy Seminyak's famous nightlife: Seminyak rivals Canggu and Kuta for some of the best bars and clubs in all of Bali. Three of the best nightlife spots in Seminyak are Motel Mexicola, La Favela and Red Carpet Champagne Bar. 
  8. Head to a gallery: Many of the best art galleries in Seminyak, showcasing the rich culture of Bali in traditional and modern ways. A visit to a gallery like Nyaman or Purpa Fine Art Gallery is a great stop to add to your Seminyak itinerary. 
  9. Enjoy a workout: Seminyak has a prominent health and fitness culture, compared to other towns in Bali. There are lots of great gyms and fitness studios in Seminyak, like Bali Fitness and Crossfit Seminyak, which make a nice change for those looking to break a sweat. 
  10. Eat at Seminyak's best restaurants: Seminyak is the restaurant hub of Bali, offering the very best of dining from local eateries to high end restaurants. One of the best restaurants in Seminyak is Seasalt, which offers a culinary voyage featuring Indo-Western delights, with amazing views of the beachfront. 

For the full list of things to do in Seminyak, read on! 

Top 12 Things to Do in Seminyak, Bali

1. Spend the day at a beach club

A beach club is a recreational venue commonly found in Bali, offering a blend of pools, restaurants, bars, live music, dancefloors, and beach views - all in one incredible location. By day, beach clubs tend to be relaxed spaces where guests lounge by the pool, have a swim, enjoy snacks and drinks, and look out at the beach. But as the day progresses, many of these beach clubs become increasingly energetic, with music, dancing and even live DJs. By nighttime, the emphasis is truly on beachclub, with a throbbing party vibe that rivals nightclubs all over the world. 

Seminyak has incredible beach clubs which make for a perfect way to spend the day (and night!). Some of these, like Potato Head, Ku De Ta and Mrs Sippy, are amongst the best beach clubs in Bali, offering an experience that visitors to Bali won’t soon forget.

A. Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club, Seminyak Bali

Credit: Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club, located in Seminyak, Bali, is a stunning and sophisticated beachfront dining and leisure destination that is adored by both locals and tourists alike. With an inviting atmosphere that seamlessly fuses sophistication with a laid-back beach vibe, Potato Head is the epitome of a tropical paradise. 

The beautiful architecture and artistic design captivate all set the stage for an unforgettable day by the ocean. This is an expansive, well-manicured space which offers an array of restaurant and bar concepts, serving up an extensive range of options. These options include Indonesian cuisine, fresh seafood, Western dishes and even a dedicated vegan/vegetarian restaurant. 

For those who appreciate breathtaking sunset views, Potato Head Beach Club is the place to be. It’s the perfect spot to relax and soak in some sun by the infinity pool, whilst chatting with friends and enjoying the amazing music and atmosphere.

But the highlight of your visit is likely to be watching the sunset, an unmissable moment for your Seminyak bucket list. 

B. Ku De Ta Beach Club

Sun lounges with umbrellas overlooking pool and beach at Ku De Ta Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Ku De Ta Beach Club

Ku De Ta Beach Club in Seminyak is a renowned beach venue overlooking Kaya Ayu beach. More relaxed compared to other beach clubs which tend to be more party-focused, Ku De Ta is a resort-style location. The eye-pleasing architecture and laid back atmosphere at Ku De Ta create the perfect setting for a day of relaxation. Guests here relax on daybeds overlooking the ocean, whilst enjoying the excellent food and drinks service. 

Ku De Ta has an excellent menu, brought to life by a Cordon Bleu trained chef. The menu covers a wide variety from breakfast options like protein pancakes and chia bowls, to lunch and dinner meals like juicy burgers, fresh seafood and sizzling steaks. There are some great vegan options as well, and a kids menu for the under 12s. When it comes to drinks, Ku De Ta offers  cocktails, beers, wine mocktails, coffees, and fresh juices. You can even share a shisha with your mates, if that's your thing. 

The sunset dinners here are famous, and it’s a great way to kiss goodbye to another beautiful day in Bali.. When it gets to the weekend, Ku De Ta hosts music sessions with international DJs on Saturdays, as well as family-friendly Sundays. 

C. Mrs Sippy Beach Club

Aerial view of swimming pool at Mrs Sippy Beach Club Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Mrs Sippy Beach Club

Mrs Sippy Beach Club is located just a short walk from Petitenget Beach in Seminyak, Bali, and offers a relaxed atmosphere with a large lagoon-style pool area, which even features a diving board! This place has such an amazing atmosphere, and is a great place for families, groups of friends or even solo travellers in Seminyak


The extensive food menu caters to all tastes. From classic pizzas and burgers to fresh poke bowls and kid-friendly options, there's something for everyone. A highlight is the Seafood Market menu, where you can tuck into delicious Jimbaran grilled fish and seafood, a must-try while in Bali.

The service here is excellent, with friendly and helpful staff who do their best to ensure you make the most of your day. 


2. Unwind at the spa

A spa visit is a must in Seminyak, whether you're soothing tired muscles after a day on the waves, or simply treating yourself to a bit of pampering. The spa and wellness culture is excellent in all of Bali, but Seminyak is a true hotspot for some of the best massages and spa treatments you will find on your travels. 


The quality of spa treatment is largely determined by your choice of spa. In Seminyak, there are a number of “walk in” spas, where customers come off the street without booking, and enjoy a great massage for an affordable price. However, for a truly great spa experience in Seminyak, it’s best to stick to spas which go above and beyond to ensure top quality across an array of areas like ambiance, treatment quality and customer service. 

Seminyak has a number of these high-quality spas, which visitors want to return to again and again. Lagoon Spa, Bodyworks and De Nyuh Spa are three of the best spas in Bali, combining Indonesian wellness traditions with modern luxury. 

A. Lagoon Spa

Lagoon Day Spa, Seminyak

Credit: Lagoon Day Spa

Lagoon Spa in Seminyak offers an extraordinary spa experience that is a truly fantastic way to spend some of your travel time. There is an extensive menu of treatments, from a one-hour shirodhara treatment (traditional Ayurvedic therapy involving the pouring of warm oils) to Balinese massage to flower baths. For those who want to truly indulge, Lagoon offers a full four-hour spa package, which includes treatments like flower baths, massage and body scrubs. 

The skilled and friendly Lagoon Spa staff make guests feel comfortable and pampered. This is an affordable luxury spa, which is particularly good for couples given the spa's romantic atmosphere and the couples packages available. Lagoon is definitely one of our top picks for an amazing spa experience in Seminyak.

B. Bodyworks Spa

Bodyworks Spa Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Bodyworks Spa

Bodyworks Spa in Seminyak  is a luxurious spa which serves as a tranquil oasis for travellers in Seminyak. The aesthetics here are stunning, with the Moroccan-style architecture serving as Insta-worthy scenery for a day of pampering. Gorgeous colours and courtyards are ideal for some unmissable shots for the Insta grid. The spa treatment menu at Bodyworks Seminyak covers everything from full body treatments to revitalising facials, plus they've got a spot for your nails, hair, and beauty needs. Try their "Double Happiness Package", if you're here with your special someone. For those flying solo, treat yourself to the "Self Love Club" package, which features aromatherapy massage, a flower bath and facial - complete with a cup of hot pot of tea or coffee. 

 A visit to this spa is a must when you're in Seminyak. Just remember to book in advance through email. 

C. De Nyuh Spa

De Nyuh Spa Seminyak, Bali

Credit: De Nyuh Spa

De Nyuh Spa & Beauty Salon in Seminyak, Bali, is a highly acclaimed spa with a well-deserved reputation for providing exceptional experiences.. Located atop Grandma's Hotel in Seminyak, it offers a range of spa services, from facials to Reiki and full body massages. The spa's ambiance is serene and clean, with soothing scents of lemongrass and ginger setting the mood for relaxation. What sets De Nyuh apart is the “tasting menu”, allowing guests to create custom treatments or choose from well-crafted packages. Every visit includes a tea service, enhancing the personal experience. Even though treatments are semi-private, the five star service and affordability more than compensate for the semi-private setup. De Nyuh Spa offers the perfect indulgent break before heading out to explore the rest of Seminyak.

The little touches are done well at De Nyuh Spa. Guests are welcomed with a beverage and a foot bath, and the staff take the time to understand their preferences and tailor the treatments accordingly. The skilled and attentive therapists ensure a personalised and professional experience.


3. Relax at Seminyak's best beaches

Seminyak is a vibrant tourist area of Bali where the city meets surf, and an excellent place to get acquainted with Bali’s beach culture. Seminyak’s beaches stretch for 5km along the southwestern coast of Bali, providing access to the ocean from a variety of entrance points. Two of Seminyak’s beaches, Seminyak Beach and Double Six, easily earn their place in Bali's best beaches, given their vibrant atmosphere, excellent surf and the restaurants and bars which lie on their shore. We also recommend heading to Petitenget Beach, one of the more northern beaches with its own unique charm. 

A. Seminyak Beach

The beach at Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Credit: Paul Atkinson from

Seminyak Beach is a stunning spot, perfectly positioned on the coastal stretch of southern Bali. Seminyak beach is celebrated for its dark golden sands, stunning sunsets, and lively beach bars. Here you’ll find the perfect balance between laid back beach days and vibrant vibes on an evening. You can soak up the sun on a comfy beach chair, sip a signature cocktail from one of the nearby bars, or be awed as the Balinese sky is struck with stunning pinks and oranges against the setting sun.

Once the sun has set. Seminyak Beach springs to life with music, performances and people celebrating on the shores. Just be sure to nab a beanbag spot before the sun sets! 

B. Double Six

A beautiful view of Double Six beach in Bali, Indonesia.

Credit: Joseduardo from

Double Six Beach, sometimes called Blue Ocean Beach, is a beautiful stretch of shore located just 1km south of Seminyak Beach. A hot spot known for its live music, cool bars and restaurants, Double Six is a great place in Seminyak  to spend the day and night. On top of that, this beach is like a secret paradise for surfers, with an incredible beach break for a reliable day catching waves. For those new to surfing, Double Six is a great spot for beginner surfing. 

For a truly unique experience, we recommend saddling up for a horse ride along the coast as the sun sets, for ann incredible experience. 

C. Petitenget

Empty Petitenget Beach (Pantai Petitenget), Seminyak, one of Bali most popular tourist areas. Indonesia.

Credit: Gekko Gallery from

Petitenget Beach is a serene spot on Seminyak’s coast that's your perfect escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Its name, taken from the nearby ancient temple, weaves together culture and relaxation in a unique tapestry. Unlike Double Six and Seminyak Beach, Petitenget Beach offers a serene atmosphere, ideal for spending an afternoon chilling by the ocean. 

As night falls, the beach unfolds as the ideal stage for witnessing those awe-inspiring Balinese sunsets. Petitenget is a delight for foodies as well. In front of the beach entrance, you'll find street food vendors serving up all sorts of delicious treats. Don't forget to try the pork satay, which has become a local favourite.


4. Take a surfing lesson

Seminyak might not be as well known for surf as places like Canggu or Medewi, but it's a hidden gem when it comes to wave riding, Seminyak's waves are ideal if you're new to surfing or want to brush up on the basics, without having to be overwhelmed with the larger swells at some of Bali’s other well known surf spots. 

We recommend taking a surf lesson as an amazing activity to try either solo, as a couple or in a group when in Seminyak. There are a number of reputable surf schools in Seminyak, including Bali Green Surf School, Santai Surf School, and Kima Surf Camp. Lessons begin at around $55 AUD for a full day, and should have you catching waves in no time. There are both private and group options available, so you can pick what works for you. While you can catch local breaks at Kudeta and Gado Gado, taking a short drive to Berawa allows for an even more rewarding Seminyak surf experience.


5. Visit Petitenget temple

Petitenget Temple Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Daniel Ferryanto from

Petitenget Temple, known as Pura Petitenget to the locals, is a must-visit attraction if you're all about soaking up Seminyak's culture, or if you want a quick way to tick temples off your Bali bucket list. Hidden away from the main streets of Seminyak, this little Hindu temple has centuries of history and is like an oasis that suddenly appears amongst the crowded streets. The temple is right by the coast, so you can swing by for a chill morning or afternoon, and the architecture is something to admire. The entrance to the temple is striking, composed of red brick and sandstone, and an ancient gateway. 

This temple primarily caters to locals, and like most temples in Bali, entrance to the inner sanctum isn’t allowed. 

A visit to Petitenget Temple  won't eat up your day by any means. Entrance costs Rp50,000 (~$5 AUD) for a nice wander, and a chance to soak up some Hindu culture. As a gesture of respect, make sure to cover your knees and shoulders when you visit - sarongs are included in the cost of entrance. 


6. Go shopping

Seminyak is the shopping capital of Bali, allowing visitors to Bali to find amazing deals on high-quality fashion, international brands and even local and indie clothing pieces. 

For those into designer fashion, there are lots of boutiques found within a short distance from the main Seminyak resorts. Many of these boutiques sell just the types of items ideal for wearing in Bali, from swimwear, to chic or bohemian-style outfits and summer dresses or polos. 

Seminyak is home to a number of shopping malls, allowing you to find more clothing shops in one convenient location. Two of the best shopping centres in Bali  are Seminyak Square, and Seminyak Village. 

Another avenue for shopping to you you drop in Seminyak is to check out many of the local markets, and the famous Seminyak Flea Market, a treasure trove where visitors can test their haggling skills! 

A. Seminyak Square

Seminyak Square, Bali


eminyak Square, a cool two-story hangout spot, mixes international brands with local indie boutiques, covering all your shopping needs. Downstairs is an open-air market with local vendors selling trinkets and souvenirs, making it a top place to practise your bartering skills. But it's not just about shopping here. You've got cafes, bakeries, and restaurants to fill up on delicious grub, plus a dedicated sports bar with big screens for catching all the games.

B. Seminyak Village

A retail shop at Seminyak Village, Bali

Credit: Seminyak Village

Seminyak Village is where you dive into retail-focused luxury in Seminyak. This shopping hub mingles high end brands, fancy dining spots, and a year-round display of local Balinese designers' fashion and crafts, giving you a real artisanal shopping feel. They also have art exhibitions regularly, making it a popular hangout for art lovers. Plus, it stays open until 10 pm every day, so you can splurge on top-notch shopping and dine in style right in the heart of southern Bali's trendiest spot.

C. Seminyak Flea Market

Seminyak Flea Market, Bali

Credit: Julius from

Shopping in Bali wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Seminyak’s Flea Market, found just around the corner from Seminyak Square. An absolute paradise for bargain hunters, the market is a cornucopia of second-hand goods ranging from clothes and jewellery to electronics, shoes, and bags. Bring out your haggling prowess as you meander through the stalls, negotiating prices with the friendly vendors.

7. Enjoy Seminyak's famous nightlife

Seminyak is the prime place in Bali for excellent nightlife, offering a more sophisticated alternative to Kuta, which has a reputation for being more rough around the edges, and Canggu, which isn’t quite as developed. Seminyak practically throbs with an energy and vibrancy which sets a trip to Bali alight, allowing groups of friends, couples or even solo travellers the chance to hop from bar to bar, eat at the finest restaurants or dance up a storm at a club. 

A. La Favela

Bar at La Favela Seminyak, Bali

Credit: La Favela

La Favela is a latin-inspired locale which combines a restaurant, bar and club into one amazing venue. The atmosphere here is electric, and further enhanced by the decor, which takes inspiration from Rio to New York with its fun and unique spaces. La Favela could be best described as a funky, whimsical playground for grown-ups. You'll find cosy nooks, hidden gardens, and even cool indoor water features. There’s a dance floor on all three levels, with live bands and DJs that set the stage for an unforgettable night out. So grab a cocktail, move to the music, and soak up the incredible vibes. La Favela's menu covers everything from sharing platters to small tapas plates. Go for the salt-baked market fish, or if you're feeling snacky, their patatas bravas are super popular. Just make sure you aren’t wearing flip-flops when heading here, as a smart-casual dress code is in this iconic Seminyak venue. 

B. Red Carpet Champagne Bar

Patrons enjoying food and drink under lit up gazebo bar at Red Carpet Champagne Bar Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Red Carpet Champagne Bar

Red Carpet Champagne Bar in Seminyak is a great venue which hosts the largest champagne collection in Indonesia, as well as various wines and cocktails. This is a fantastic place to visit if you want an upscale yet down-to-earth spot to enjoy live music, featuring performances by talented singers and bands which create a great atmosphere. 

The service here is impeccable, making you feel like a VIP right from the start. The staff go the extra mile by offering refreshing beverages and cool towels to keep you comfortable, especially in the sweltering Bali heat.

Although it might be pricey compared to other Bali spots, it's worth every penny. The live music, colourful decor, delicious food, and buzzing atmosphere will stay with you long after your Bali trip. 

C. Motel Mexicola

Brightly coloured outdoor bar at Motel Mexicola Seminyak, Bali

Motel Mexicola is a trendy, Mexican-themed nightlife spot with incredible dining, fabulous cocktails and colourful decor. The menu, featuring tapas as well as  hearty 'platos grandes' (large plates), is ideal for all appetite, and goes down beautifully with the amazing drinks. The signature cocktail list includes delicious frozen margaritas and mojitos, perfect for sipping as you take in the ambiance, or to fuel an evening boogie. Like any Bali restaurant worth its salt (rim), Motel Mexicola has its own dance floor, which beckons more and more as the night goes on. Go on, you know you want to! 

Mexicola is always buzzing, so reserving ahead is wise, especially during peak hours with their two hour seating policy. Afterwards, join the lively bar crowd and soak up the unforgettable Seminyak energy.


8. Head to a gallery

Seminyak is one of the more culturally dynamic areas of Seminyak, which is why a visit to one of the galleries here makes a great daytime activity - especially if you’re still nursing a slight hangover from the night before. A gallery visit is a great leisurely activity, allowing you to escape the heat of Seminyak’s heat, and explore art, exhibitions or cultural gems at your own pace. The 2 best galleries in Seminyak are Nyaman Gallery and Purpa Fine Art Gallery. 

A. Nyaman Gallery

Nyaman Gallery Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Nyaman Gallery

For an intimate art experience in Seminyak, Nyaman Gallery is dedicated to For an intimate art experience in Seminyak, Nyaman Art Gallery is a highly regarded art space in Seminyak. Dedicated to nurturing the skills of emerging local artists, Nyaman Gallery showcases their work and provides visitors with unique insight into a more contemporary side of Balinese culture. Whilst the art here is for sale, the staff here are not at all pushy, welcoming you to take in the art works as a visitor and even providing information in a very friendly way. The name "Nyaman" literally translates to "cosy" in the Indonesian language, embodying the warm and welcoming vibe of this artistic space. While focusing on contemporary art, Nyaman Gallery also revere's time-honoured Indonesian traditions, such as sculpting, weaving, and carving. In the same building as the gallery, you’ll find a cafe which serves good coffee and fresh food, making it a lovely spot to visit mid-morning. 

B. Purpa Fine Art Gallery

Paintings hanging on walls and easels at Purple Fine Art Gallery Seminyak, Bali

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Seminyak, you'll stumble upon the Purpa Fine Art Gallery. Well-regarded for its exceptional art gallery, Pura Fine Art Gallery is one of Seminyak’s hidden gems. Personally curated by the owner, Ari Purpa, this modest gallery is packed with a diverse range of original artworks that showcase the richness of Balinese culture and heritage. Local artists, and those inspired by Bali's magic, find a home here, and the atmosphere is lovely for a visit. The gallery owner's passion for art is truly infectious, and they're always up for a good chat about the pieces on display. 


9. Enjoy a workout

For most holiday destinations, a trip to a gym or fitness studio doesn’t usually make the list of top activities - but that all changes in Seminyak. There is quite the culture of fitness in Seminyak, which ties in with the large number of expats and digital nomads who have moved here in the last decade. This makes Seminyak one of the best places to hit the gym, and there are a huge number of fitness centres here that cater to everyone. Seminyak’s fitness centres range from general gyms with cardio and weights equipment, to more focused establishments which have a particular type of exercise at their forefront - such as cycling, crossfit and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). Stopping in for a workout is a great way to bring balance to a holiday spent indulging on food and drink, and get in on the local fitness craze. 

Three of the best gyms in Seminyak are Bali Fitness Seminyak, Crossfit Seminyak and Athlean.

A. Bali Fitness Seminyak

Woman doing push up on elevate block in gym at Bali Fitness, Seminyak

Bali Fitness Seminyak a modern, colourful gym located on Bali’s south coast.  Despite its modest size, this gym offers cardio equipment, weights machines, and loads of additional options, including yoga, Pilates, Les Mills, body pump and core classes. The gym is exceptionally clean, and comfortable thanks to the air-conditioned environment - great for escaping Seminya’s hot days. The staff at Bali Fitness Seminyak go the extra mile to look after visitors, and the gym offers amenities like complimentary towels, lockers and water. 

You can purchase daily, weekly, or monthly passes for reasonable prices, and personal training is available as well. The staffd here are friendy goes the extra mile to look after visitors to Seminyak, offering complimentary water and towels. 

B. Crossfit Seminyak

Trainers cheering on athlete on rowing machine at gym in Crossfit Seminyak, Bali

Crossfit Seminyak is a crossfit “box” offering Crossfit, bootcamp and mobility classes in a warehouse-like space as well as an option for “open air” training. For visitors to Seminyak who are struggling to satisfy their exercise addiction overseas, stopping in to Crossfit Seminyak id a great way to scratch itch. Popular amongst locals and tourists alike, this gym offers flexible options ranging from casual dropins to six month unlimited packages, and for all experience levels. Thanks to their mirror-free interiors, it's also an ego-free zone (well, mostly). The coaches at Crossfit Seminyak are super dedicated, and will assist you in any way you need, whether you prefer personal training, bootcamps, or independent training. And what could be better than doing a workout in the open air of Bali?

C. Athlean

Kettle bells on empy studio floor at ATHLEAN Seminyak, Bali

Athlean is a gym located in the middle of Seminyak’s vibrant shopping area, and it’s got all you need for a good workout. Small, but packed with gear, Athlean is all about personalising your workout style, whether you like to train solo, join boot camps, or have personal training. What makes Athlean stand out is the rooftop pool for a refreshing post-workout dip. Their 5-day pass is the perfect option if you're holidaying in Seminyak for a week. 


10. Eat at Seminyak's best restaurants

A. Seasalt Seminyak

Outdoor dining tables on deck overlooking beach at Seasalt Restaurant Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Seasalt

One of the highlights of Seminyak is the food, and this area has the best restaurants in all of Bali. Seminyak is more western-influenced then other areas like Ubud, and many of the restaurants are on-par with the top places you dine back home. Seminyak’s restaurants typically specialise in a particular cuisine, and offer incredible locations, interiors, food quality and service. 

Five of the best restaurants in Seminyak are Seasalt Seminyak, The Plantation Grill, Chandi, Boy N Cow and La Lucciola. 

B. The Plantation Grill - Seminyak

Indoor tables and chairs at The Plantation Grill Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Plantation Grill

The Plantation Grill, located near the swanky Double Six Beach in Seminyak, is arguably one of Bali’s best restaurants. Housed within a captivating art-deco setting, this lively grill restaurant dishes out delectable delights that'll dance on your taste buds. It's famed for its incredible atmosphere, featuring live music from opera to saxophone, making it the perfect spot for a classy night out.

C. Chandi

Chandi Restaurant Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Chandi

Chandi  in Seminyak serves up a fusion of Pan-Asian flavours that'll more than satisfy your taste buds. Known for its hearty portions, Chandi is famous for its mouthwatering dumplings and juicy duck dishes. What’s more, Chandi offers an extended happy hour from noon to 6 pm, making it an excellent choice for foodies in Bali.

D. Boy N Cow

Indoor dining at Bow N Cow Restaurant Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Boy N Cow

Boy N Cow in Seminyak is a high-end steakhouse. Known for its high-quality dry-aged steaks, and excellent cocktails, an evening spent at Boy N Cow won;'t leave you disappointed, The menu is diverse, offering delicious, luxury appetisers and mains like steak tartare, scallops, burrata, crab cakes, crudo, foie gras. With meat sourced from places like Australia and Japan, it's some of the best quality steak in all of Bali. The atmosphere is trendy and reminiscent of a New York restaurant, with dim lighting and a clean environment. This restaurant is on the pricey side, so try not to look at the bill when it arrives. 

E. La Lucciola

Outdoor dining tables underneath deck with mood lighting at La Lucciola Restaurant Seminyak, Bali

With its beachfront setting, incredible food, and impeccable service, Lucciola is undoubtedly one of the best Italian restaurants in Bali. The food is delicious, and includes yummy italian bites like stuffed zucchini flowers, pasta, and pan-seared yellowfin tuna. The prices at Lucciola are reasonable, which you will be thankful for once you have tired La Lucciola's exceptional cocktails. One is not enough! With the beach views, the restaurant is incredibly romantic and ideal for an intimate dinner, taking in the sunset views.


11. Try your hand at hammer throwing

Seminyak’s typical activities traditionally include things like beach clubs, shopping and temples. But increasingly, the town is introducing more unique and adventurous experiences like hammer throwing to spice up your Seminyak itinerary. Below are two of the best spots in Seminyak to hammer throw! 

A. SHOOTERS, Seminyak

Outdoor dining tables underneath gazebo next to ping pong tables at SHOOTERS Seminyak, Bali

Credit: Shooters

Shooters, a recently refurbished establishment in Seminyak, is like a mini amusement park, offering a suite of fun experiences like mini golf, foosball, ping pong, nintendo games, pool (billiards) and a shooting range. It’s also the perfect place to combine two of our favourite activities: Hammerthrowing, and Cocktails! Whether a seasoned pro or a total beginner when it comes to yielding an axe in a confined space, people of all ages will have a great time at Shooters, where fun and safety are top priority. Group events with friends are perfect for this venue’s fun atmosphere, and by checking at the bar you often get great deals on groups of games and drinks. Hot tip: Some of the smaller games are free and they offer a happy hour as well! Make sure to try the milkshakes, salted caramel honey pokey anyone?

B. Motherhuckers, Seminyak

Man with axe thrown over shoulder looking at wood target at Motherhuckers Seminyak, Bali

Motherhuckers Axe Club is a new establishment bringing the Canadian tradition of axe throwing to Seminyak. The experience includes 1-on-1 coaching and target practice, led by trained staff, culminating in a round robin style competition. Located on the third floor of the Orchard Shopping Mall, there is a bar and lounge room to enjoy delicious drinks including craft beers, premixes and ciders while you play. Just remember to wear closed-toe shoes, which is a requirement of playing (though these are available for hire as well). 


12. Challenge your wits with an escape room

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular (and sophisticated) across the world, and Bali is being influenced by the culture of escape rooms coming from other southeast Asian countries like Singapore. An escape room is a type of physical adventure game, which involves being locked in a themed room. Players have to work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, and eventually make their way out of the room. 

Bali is a great place to try an escape room for the first time,, and Bali has two options for escape room providers: Pandora Escape Rooms and Bali Escape Rooms. 

A. Pandora Experience Escape Room Bali

Group looking for clues on wall at Pandora Experience Escape Room Seminyak, Bali

Located in nearby Kuta only 5 minutes from Seminyak, Pandora Experience Escape Room is a recreation centre offering incredibly dynamic and immersive group experiences. The escape rooms are sophisticated and designed to bring you a realistic and unforgettable experience lasting 120 minutes. Each escape room is based on a different thrilling storyline, with some of the most popular rooms including Alcatraz, Neverland, Area 51 and Shutter Asylum. From our experience this escape room is on par with those from other countries. The puzzles are interesting, the plots are thick and the atmosphere is thrilling! Just be mindful that some of the rooms are quite physical, involving climbing ladders and things like that, and your phone will be taken off you before entering! 

B. Escape Room Bali

Escape Room Bali is hosted by Escape Room International, a company with over 27 different interactive escape games tried and tested across its locations in Asia, Australia and Europe. You will be locked in a room with your group with only 1 hour to escape from one of their most popular escape rooms, including Prison Break and International Art Thief. This is the perfect place to come with families, trip groups or for corporate events.