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Whether you're looking to buy unique souvenirs, one-of-a-kind crafts or luxury goods and international brans, you'll find it all in Bali. Read more in our guide on the best places to shop in Bali.

The experience of shopping in Bali is a dynamic one, combining luxury brands, entertainment, and local products, crafts and souvenirs. Modern shopping centres like Mal Bali Galeria in Kuta, for example, offer an extensive mix of retail, dining, and entertainment options suitable for the whole family. For those interested in high-end fashion and luxury goods, Kuta Beachwalk Shopping Center is the go-to destination, featuring international brands and upscale dining.  

Beyond shopping malls, Bali offers unique shopping lanes and streets such as Jalan Raya Seminyak, where shoppers get to browse through a mix of local and international fashion boutiques, art galleries, and quaint cafés. For a more cultural and traditional shopping experience, markets like Ubud Traditional Art Market and Sukawati Art Market provide an array of local arts and crafts, offering tourists a glimpse into Bali's rich artistic heritage.  

Whether you're looking for the convenience of a modern mall, the charm of a bustling street, or the uniqueness of traditional market stalls, Bali's diverse shopping scene has something for every type of shopper.  

Below is a list of the 12 best spots to shop in Bali.  

  1. Kuta Beachwalk Shopping Center (Best Atmosphere) Kuta Beachwalk Shopping Center is a luxury shopping hub near Kuta Beach. It has a great atmosphere and features international brands, dining, and entertainment, ideal for families. 
  2. Trans Studio Mall Bali (Best for Adventure Seekers): Trans Studio Mall Bali offers family fun and thrill-seeking experiences with an indoor theme park in Denpasar. 
  3. Mal Bali Galeria (Best for Family-Friendly Shopping): Mal Bali Galeria is known for its wide variety of retail stores and family-friendly environment in Kuta. 
  4. Discovery Mall Bali (Best for Entertainment): Discovery Shopping Mall is a beachfront mall in Kuta with unique entertainment opportunities. 
  5. Sunset Point Shopping Centre (Best for Food Outlets): Sunset Point Shopping Centre is a convenient shopping lane in Seminyak with excellent dining options, perfect for quick visits. 
  6. Bali Collection (Best All-Rounder): Bali Collection is an outdoor shopping area in Nusa Dua focusing on upscale souvenir shopping, with a relaxed ambience. 
  7. Jalan Raya Seminyak (Most Eclectic): Jalan Raya Seminyak is a bustling shopping street in Seminyak known for fashion boutiques and art shops. 
  8. Sidewalk Jimbaran (Best Supermarkets): Sidewalk Jimbaran is an upscale shopping hub in Jimbaran with a variety of great supermarkets, stores and child-friendly amenities.  
  9. Ubud Traditional Art Market (Best for Arts and Crafts): Ubud Traditional Art Market in Ubud offers a variety of arts and crafts, famous for its bargaining culture. 
  10. Sukawati Art Market (Best for Traditional Balinese Items): Sukawati Art Market is an established art market in Gianyar, offering traditional Balinese goods and known for its bargain prices. 
  11. Living World Denpasar (Best for Authentic Dishes): Living World Denpasar is a large, eco-friendly mall in Denpasar with a diverse range of stores and authentic food options. 
  12. Ubud Monkey Forest Road (Best for Sightseeing): Ubud Monkey Forest Road is a scenic shopping street in Ubud near the Monkey Forest, known for its relaxed atmosphere and range of stores offering Balinese handicrafts and fashion. 


1. Kuta Beachwalk Shopping Center - Best Atmosphere  

Kuta Beachwalk Shopping Center is a premier shopping destination in the heart of Kuta, just a few steps from the renowned Kuta Beach. Occupying 3.7 hectares along Jalan Pantai Kuta, this shopping centre offers a unique atmosphere for a blend of leisure, shopping, and dining experiences. Its innovative design, featuring large ponds and running water that mimics the curves of Balinese rice paddies, provides a serene escape from the coastal heat. 

The shopping experience leans towards luxury, with a range of international brands such as Armani Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, and Versace Jeans. The complex caters to children with stores like ELC and Gingersnaps, offering high-quality imported toys and apparel. Dining options abound with a variety of outlets, including the Eat & Eat Food Court featuring classic Indonesian dishes, and The Kitchenette, known for its galettes and crepes. For entertainment, Kuta Beachwalk houses an XXI Cineplex and offers picturesque views over Kuta's beach and sunsets, making it a perfect spot to relax even if shopping isn't on your agenda. For those who decide to rent a car and drive themselves, Beachwalk Centre is equipped with a multi-story underground parking space accommodating up to a thousand vehicles, eliminating the problem of having to find parking space on one of Bali’s busiest streets.  

Best for: Luxury shopping, dining, whole-family entertainment 

Worst for: Those seeking traditional Balinese market experiences or budget shopping

Kuta Beachwalk Shopping Center

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2. Trans Studio Mall Bali - Best for Adventure Seekers 

Trans Studio Mall Bali is an exciting shopping and entertainment centre in Denpasar. Situated in the heart of Bali, this innovative mall offers a vast array of restaurant and beverage outlets, but it is better known for its indoor theme park. 

Designed to captivate both young and old, the theme park at Trans Studio Mall Bali is a playground of imagination and excitement, offering unique experiences such as the adrenaline-pumping Boomerang rollercoaster, which provides a heart-racing ride and affords spectacular views of Bali from the rooftop. Families and adventure seekers will love the Flying Over Indonesia attraction, a 4D experience that virtually soars over Indonesia’s stunning landscapes, offering sensory delights that make you feel like you're truly gliding through the skies. Additional attractions include the immersive Forbidden Temple Rapid Adventure, where visitors navigate treacherous rapids both inside and outside the mall, and Werewolf World, which offers a thrilling walk-through experience battling menacing werewolves 

Despite the fun and games, guests who’ve visited Trans Studio Mall have complained about the overwhelming noise levels in some areas. The parking arrangement is a further inconvenience, as it has a single gate serving both entry and exit, which leads to delays and a congested queue. 

Best for: Family fun, thrill-seekers, and indoor entertainment enthusiasts 

Worst for: Visitors seeking a quiet, traditional shopping experience and those sensitive to loud noises. 

Trans Studio Mall Bali

Credit: Trans Studio Mall Bali

3. Mal Bali Galeria - Best for Family-Friendly Shopping  

Mal Bali Galeria is a huge shopping centre scene located beside the iconic Simpang Dewaruci statue/roundabout in Kuta. Known as the island's first, biggest, and most complete mall, Mal Bali Galería upholds the motto "Enjoy, Play, Eat, Shop," offering a family-friendly shopping and entertainment environment. The mall has become a beloved destination for both locals and tourists, featuring a variety of tenants, outlets, and a packed schedule of events including fashion shows and dance performances. 

The mall's design encourages a dynamic visitor experience, from its spacious central atrium, 'the dome,' to its multifunctional and open-air food court. A notable highlight neXt to Mal Bali Galeria is the Duty-Free Shopping (DFS) Galleria Bali, an integral part of the world-renowned DFS Group Limited. Within the main building of Mal Bali Galeria, visitors will discover a myriad of retail options, from the Matahari Bali Galeria department store, known for its affordable fashion, to the Hypermart supermarket. Additionally, ACE Hardware presents a wide range of imported home improvement products. The mall's diverse tenant mix includes notable names like L'Occitane, The Body Shop, and Gramedia bookstore, ensuring there's something for every shopper. 

Despite its many attractions and affordable pricing, the mall becomes exceedingly crowded on weekends and holidays, which often leads to dissatisfaction with customer service in certain areas. Items such as souvenirs and clothes are overpriced compared to local markets such as Krishna. 

Best for: A comprehensive shopping experience, family entertainment, and enjoying a range of events and dining options. 

Worst for: Those seeking budget shopping, serene environments, or personalised customer service, especially during peak times. 


4. Discovery Mall Bali - Best for Entertainment 

Discovery Shopping Mall is a premier beachfront shopping centre in Bali, located in the heart of Kuta, Bali’s most visited tourist spot. Discovery is a 3.8-hectare, three-story complex, known as a cornerstone of fashion, dining, and cultural experiences. The mall prides itself on being the sole shopping venue in Bali with direct beach access, a feature that has turned it into a must-visit destination for those looking to enjoy Bali's famed sunsets. 

With its broad selection of over 150 tenants including anchor giants Centro and Sogo Department Store, Discovery Shopping Mall caters to a wide array of tastes and budgets. From international fashion brands to local products found in stores like Batik Keris, the mall is a shopaholic’s paradise. The food and beverage offerings are just as diverse, with everything from fast food franchises like Burger King and KFC to upscale dining options. In addition to its serene atmosphere and great ambience, the mall’s architecture promotes an open and inviting atmosphere, with additional entrances from the beachside ensuring easy access for beachgoers and nearby hotel guests.  

The Discovery Shopping Mall is an entertainment spot as much as it is a shopping centre. The amphitheatre on the sands of Kuta Beach hosts a variety of events, from concerts to international fashion weeks, while the venue’s ‘Saturday Movies under the Moonlight’ provides unique beachfront cinematic experiences. 

It’s worth noting that despite the mall’s many attractions, Discovery occasionally shows maintenance issues, particularly regarding cleanliness and facilities in restrooms. There are also reported challenges in navigating within the mall due to insufficient signage. Still, this is a must-stop for those looking for a comprehensive shopping and entertainment experience in Bali. 

Best for: A comprehensive beachfront shopping experience, sunset viewing, and entertainment. 

Worst for: Ease of navigation.

Discovery Mall Bali

Credit: Discovery Mall Bali

5. Sunset Point Shopping Centre - Best for Food Outlets 

Sunset Point Shopping Centre is a one-stop shopping destination near the bustling Seminyak area, in Bali. While not as expansive as a typical mall, this shopping lane meets the essential needs of locals and tourists alike.  

Located strategically at the corner of Jl. Sunset, Sunset Point Shopping Centre is noted for its accessibility and a generally relaxed atmosphere, a welcome deviation from the usually crowded shopping experiences elsewhere in Seminyak. Inside, shoppers find a well-assorted mix of food outlets and retail options, including a well-stocked supermarket and Ace Hardware, and a variety of food and beverage options including Pizza Hut, Jco, and Chatime. Additionally, the centre is praised for its fresh produce selection. 

A unique highlight of Sunset Point Shopping Centre is the second-floor Warung Taj, a gem for those craving Indian cuisine. The restaurant is lauded for its delicious biryani rice and chai, not to mention its wallet-friendly prices, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts looking for authentic tastes. 

Best for: Quick and convenient shopping, affordable dining options, and those staying near Seminyak looking for an uncomplicated retail experience. 

Worst for: Visitors seeking an extensive shopping experience with a wide variety of luxury brands or those expecting large-scale mall facilities. 

Sunset Point Shopping Centre

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6. Bali Collection - Best All-Rounder 

Bali Collection is a relaxed destination for all-in-one shopping, dining, and entertainment in the heart of Nusa Dua, an area surrounded by 5-star hotels and resorts. This expansive eight-hectare venue is celebrated for its open space ambience and lush, leafy surroundings. Unique for its commitment to preserving the natural environment, Bali Collection is a fusion of traditional Balinese and modern architectural styles.  

Bali Collection is home to smaller boutique shops primarily featuring branded merchandise, alongside larger outlets where visitors get to explore an extensive selection of souvenirs. The shopping centre offers international culinary options such as Starbucks and local delights such as Nenek Tepu Sawah. However, the dining experience does not always match the overall quality of the area, which is why Bali Collection is better for shopping than dining. 

A distinguishing service of Bali Collection is the free shuttle bus available for guests staying in Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa hotels. This service enhances accessibility and convenience for visitors. Plus, the venue regularly hosts small performances at the entrance during weekends, which adds to the lively atmosphere of the place. 

Best for: Upscale souvenir shopping, a relaxed outdoor shopping experience, and visitors staying in nearby hotels seeking convenience and variety. 

Worst for: Those looking for bargain shopping or high expectations for gourmet dining experiences.  

Bali Collection

Credit: Bali Collection

7. Jalan Raya Seminyak - Most Eclectic 

Jalan Raya Seminyak is the main shopping street in Bali's cosmopolitan Seminyak resort area. Stretching over 1.8 kilometres, Jalan Raya Seminyak offers local and international fashion boutiques, galleries, and art shops. Complementing the shopping experience are the numerous cafés, bars, and restaurants lining the street. 

A highlight in Jalan Raya for grocery shoppers is Bintang Supermarket, known for its wide selection of everyday necessities, fresh produce, and imported goods, all available at local prices. This spot is perfect for those looking to stock up on supplies or ingredients for self-catering holiday stays. Art enthusiasts will find solace in the intimate settings of Nyaman Gallery, showcasing a diverse range of artworks by burgeoning local talents from Bali and Indonesia, as well as international artists.  

Fashion-forward shoppers, on the other hand, will surely love to explore boutiques from esteemed Bali-based designers such as Biasa, Body & Soul, and Thaikila Bikinis. The collections found here are heavily influenced by the island's natural beauty, featuring garments, swimwear, and accessories adorned with floral motifs and vibrant, tropical hues. 

While Jalan Raya Seminyak is predominantly known for its shopping opportunities, visitors walk along this street to spot quaint village temples and community halls. For beach lovers, Seminyak Beach is conveniently located about 1.5 kilometres west of this bustling street, easily accessible via Jalan Camplung Tanduk. 

Best for: Shoppers looking for an eclectic mix of fashion and art, dining enthusiasts, and visitors seeking a vibrant street experience. 

Worst for: Those looking for a secluded shopping experience.


8. Sidewalk Jimbaran - Best Supermarkets 

Sidewalk Jimbaran is an upscale shopping hub in Jimbaran, providing visitors with an array of supermarkets, dining establishments, retail stores, and a cinema. This modern shopping destination is appreciated for its well-maintained, clean environment and its strategic location. 

While not extensive in size, Sidewalk Jimbaran offers a comprehensive shopping experience, with the Pepito supermarket being a highlight for visitors looking to purchase fresh produce, meats, and a variety of imported food items, ideal for those preparing their meals during their stay in Bali. Additionally, the centre houses a unique handmade pasta shop and a cold-pressed juice bar, Re.juve, offering healthier beverage options to complement the culinary experience. The children’s area and hair salon cater specifically to visitors with young families, making it a family-friendly venue. 

Parking at Sidewalk Jimbaran is accessible and reasonably priced, even for motorcycles, enhancing the convenience for visitors. 

On the downside, it's worth noting the quality of food in most restaurants does not live up to expectations, so it’s advisable to shop rather than dine here. Also, the design of the mall has been criticised for being somewhat confusing. Still, Sidewalk Jimbaran remains a quiet and peaceful spot, perfect for those looking to escape the crowded tourist areas.  

Best for: Upscale grocery shopping, a peaceful shopping experience away from typical tourist spots, and families looking for child-friendly amenities. 

Worst for: Those seeking a large, traditional shopping mall experience.

Sidewalk Jimbaran

Credit: Sidewalk Jimbaran

9. Ubud Traditional Art Market - Best for Arts and Crafts 

Ubud Art Market, locally known as Pasar Seni Ubud has both indoor and outdoor shopping centres for arts and crafts located directly opposite the Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace. Open daily, this traditional market is a trove of artistic items that offers everything from silk scarves and lightweight shirts to handmade woven bags and intricate statues. Crafted in nearby villages such as Pengosekan and Tegallalang, the items embody the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of Bali. 

A strategic spot for acquiring Balinese handicrafts and souvenirs, Ubud Traditional Art Market gained fame through its feature in the Hollywood movie "Eat Pray Love", starring Julia Roberts. While browsing the array of high-quality goods, remember that bargaining is part of the experience – start at about half the price and negotiate to find a fair deal. It’s often the only way to land a reasonable price! 

Despite being a tourist hotspot with somewhat inflated prices, the Ubud Art Market presents a unique opportunity to explore Balinese culture and artistry. Just be prepared for repetitive stalls and persistent vendors. 

Best for: Art enthusiasts and souvenir hunters. 

Worst for: Those opposed to haggling or looking for a quick, hassle-free shopping experience. 

Ubud Traditional Art Market - Ubud Traditional Art Market is a famous place in Ubud Village as a tourist destination for traditional art trading.

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10. Sukawati Art Market - Best for Traditional Balinese Items 

Sukawati Art Market, known locally as Pasar Seni Sukawati, is one of Bali's most iconic and established art markets, located along the Jalan Raya Sukawati main road in Gianyar. Situated approximately 20 km northeast of Kuta and Denpasar, this market has been attracting art enthusiasts since the 1980s. Here, visitors will find a vast selection of art items including paintings, sculpted wooden figures, traditional woven textiles, and handmade products. 

Sukawati Art Market is a two-storey centre that offers a diverse shopping experience, from holiday cotton shirts and aromatic items like sandalwood oil-infused fans to more unique finds such as Kamasan-style paintings and vibrant bedcovers featuring artistic designs. As the best destination for traditional Balinese arts and craftsmanship, the array of goods available makes Sukawati an essential stop on itineraries to Bali's central and northern regions. 

While the market provides items at prices generally lower than those in southern tourist hotspots, bargaining is customary here. Usually, starting at half the asking price is advisable to get closer to the actual value.  

Best for: Art lovers looking for traditional Balinese goods. 

Worst for: Visitors who prefer a quiet shopping environment or dislike haggling. 

Sukawati market.  Handicraft souvenirs, clothes and bags and various kinds of Balinese handmade knick-knacks

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11. Living World Denpasar - Best for Authentic Dishes 

Living World Denpasar is one of Bali's largest and newest shopping malls. This four-story mall is celebrated for its eco-friendly and green design, providing a unique shopping and leisure experience in Denpasar. With its clean and organised interior and architecture filled with natural light, Living World offers a comprehensive range of stores, although it features fewer high-end brands compared to Kuta's shopping centres. Notably, it lacks a supermarket but compensates with an extensive food court on the ground floor offering authentic Indonesian dishes at affordable prices. 

Living World Denpasar is designed with visitor comfort in mind, providing plenty of seating and sofa areas for relaxation. It is pet-friendly and regularly hosts events in its Amphitheatre, which guests are invited to track via Instagram. Each floor caters to different needs: dining and snacking options dominate the ground level; skincare and beauty products fill the second; entertainment such as cinema XXI is on the third; and a children's play area like Funworld occupies the fourth. 

Despite its many amenities, some downsides include the mall’s confusing layout, which sometimes overwhelms new visitors, and occasional bottlenecks and parking issues.  

Best for: A comprehensive shopping experience, family outings. 

Worst for: Those who dislike navigating large, complex malls. 

living world mall bali, the newest mall on the island of bali

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12. Ubud Monkey Forest Road - Best for Sightseeing 

Ubud Monkey Forest Road, known locally as Jalan Monkey Forest, is a lively street in Ubud, Bali, famed for its scenic route passing by the sacred Monkey Forest sanctuary. This one-way street extends south from Jalan Hanoman, leading to Ubud’s town centre, royal palace, and the renowned art market. Best for sightseeing and shopping, the road is lined with an array of shops, boutiques, guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, and small day spas, providing a comprehensive and tranquil shopping experience. 

Monkey Forest Road offers a more relaxed atmosphere with a cool ambience and quiet footpaths. Here, shoppers get to explore a wide range of stores selling everything from Balinese handicrafts and antiques to fashionable clothing and organic products. The art shops filled with local handicrafts, Wardani Textiles for vibrant traditional garments, and international brands alongside famous local labels like Uluwatu and Animale are further highlights. 

While the area is celebrated for its shopping diversity and serene environment, parking is limited near the forest sanctuary. Despite this, Ubud Monkey Forest Road remains a must-visit for those looking to immerse themselves in Bali's artistic culture. 

Best for: Art enthusiasts and relaxed shoppers. 

Worst for: Visitors looking for large parking spaces or a fast-paced shopping environment.

traffic at Tourist destination,  Monkey Forest Street, Ubud , Bali, Indonesia

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What are the Best Shopping Streets in Bali?

In Bali, Jalan Pantai Kuta in Kuta, Jalan Raya Ubud, and Jalan Raya Seminyak are the best shopping streets in Bali. Jalan Pantai Kuta is famous for its local art shops, jewellery, and surf brands. Jalan Raya Ubud offers textiles and fashion boutiques. Jalan Raya Seminyak is known for its local and fashion boutiques and galleries.

Jalan Pantai Kuta is a vibrant street in Kuta, bustling with activity and offering a mix of shopping experiences that range from local souvenirs to international surf apparel. Notable stops include small kiosks selling unique art pieces and jewellery boutiques, as well as international surf brand outlets such as Quicksilver. The street, which runs parallel to the beach, is not just a shopping destination but also a place to enjoy Kuta's lively atmosphere and beautiful sunsets. Jalan Raya Ubud is the artistic soul of Bali, stretching 2 km through Ubud’s centre. Jalan Raya features features lots of shops selling batiks, handmade lace, and designs from international fashion designers. Highlights include the Murni’s Warung shop for souvenirs, Kartini Art Shop for local crafts, and fashion boutiques like Manik Bali Ikat and Thaikila for traditional and modern clothing. Lastly, Jalan Raya Seminyak is the main thoroughfare of the Seminyak resort area. Jalan Raya is a shopper’s paradise with an eclectic mix of fashion boutiques, galleries, and art shops. Here, Nyaman Gallery and Biasa ArtSpace showcase local and international art, while fashion enthusiasts find exclusive designs at boutiques like Biasa and Body & Soul, three amazing shops that offer apparel inspired by Bali's natural beauty.


What is the Best Area in Bali for shopping?

Seminyak is the best area in Bal for shopping, especially for those with a taste for luxury brands, with big malls like Seminyak Village playing a pivotal role. In addition, Seminyak offers an eclectic mix for fashion and art enthusiasts with its high-end designer boutiques and international art galleries.

In Seminyak, shoppers find a treasure trove of luxury brands such as H&M, Aldo, and Polo, alongside local favourites like Buddha Wear, Tamara Danielle, and Heartlab. This blend of international and local fashion makes shopping centres like Seminyak Village a must-visit for anyone looking to add both global and island flair to their wardrobe. Beyond luxury brands, the streets of Seminyak are lined with trendy designer shops that have become the epitome of Bali's fashion scene. Uma & Leopold and Lily Jean, for example, are celebrated for their high-quality, summery fashion, while Gooseberry Boutique and Bali Boat Shed cater to those looking for trendy beachwear. 

Last but not least, Seminyak serves as a cultural centre for local and international art, with spaces like Nyaman Gallery and Biasa ArtSpace showcasing a wide range of artworks. These galleries feature creations by local Balinese and Indonesian artists, as well as international talents, offering everything from wearable art to contemporary sculptures and paintings. 


Which are Bali’s best markets?

The best markets in Bali are Badung Market in Denpasar, Gianyar Night Market, and Ubud Art Market. Badung is the largest traditional market, offering fresh produce and a variety of items. Complementing your shopping experience in Bali, Gianyar Night Market is famed for its street food while Ubud Art Market is popular for Balinese handicrafts.

Badung Market, located in Denpasar, stands as Bali's largest traditional market, offering a spectacular selection of fresh produce, herbs, spices, textiles, and ceremonial items across its four levels. Gianyar Night Market, or Pasar Senggol Gianyar, is a culinary haven for those looking to enjoy authentic Balinese street food such as suckling pig and meatball soup. Located a short drive from Ubud, it's one of the ​best markets in Bali for an evening outing, with the best experience found just after opening when offerings are freshest. Ubud Art Market, set in the cultural centre of Ubud, is a treasure trove for those seeking souvenirs and handcrafted goods. From woven bags to jewellery, Ubud Market market is bustling with activity and offers a unique shopping experience, particularly outside the peak hours of 1-4 pm.


Does Bali offer Online Shopping? 

Yes, Bali does offer online shopping, providing a convenient and efficient alternative for acquiring electronics, clothing, and various other items. Online shopping in Bali is particularly appealing due to fast delivery, low-cost shopping, and the challenges of finding specific products in local stores.

For those living or staying in Bali, there is a wide range of products available on global platforms like AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, and iHerb, as well as local Indonesian platforms such as Tokopedia and Shopee. Online shopping platforms in Bali offer advantages such as fast delivery, low-cost shipping, and the absence of import taxes, making them an attractive option for shoppers. The diversity of goods, from fresh produce to electronics and clothing, coupled with the convenience of shopping from home, has made online shopping a popular choice in Bali.


Are Clothes Cheaper in Bali? 

Yes, clothes are generally cheaper in Bali than in Australia. Clothes in Bali are around 44% cheaper than in Sydney, Australia​, according to comprehensive data provided by Expatistan, comparing the cost of living in different countries. More specifically, items such as jeans, dresses, sports shoes, and business shoes are significantly more affordable in Bali. For example, a pair of jeans (Levi's 501 or similar) is about 34% cheaper, and a summer dress from a high street store like Zara or H&M is around 52% less expensive in Bali compared to Sydney​.