Whitehaven Beach Whitsunday Islands

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Ready for an island holiday without leaving the country? Discover the best Australian islands to visit, whether you seek off-the-beaten-path adventures, secluded serenity or fun for the whole family. 

Australia, with over 8,222 local islands, boasts plenty of stunning local destinations for you to explore. If you’re considering staying local for your next holiday instead of visiting tropical islands nearby Australia, you’re sure to find an island that satisfies your desires. From the exhilarating water sports available on Hamilton Island to the secluded, beautiful white sandy beaches along K’Gari, you’ll easily curate the perfect itinerary, no matter who tags along.

With literally thousands of islands to choose from, it can be challenging to identify what would be best for your ideal trip, especially if you’re booking a trip for your family. To help you plan the best local getaway, we’ve gathered 16 must-see Australian islands that offer family fun, off-the-beaten-track adventures, secluded paradises, and more. No matter what you prefer for your trip, you’re sure to find the perfect destination in our guide. Read on to find the best location for your next island holiday!

1. K’Gari (Fraser Island), QLD

Best for: Off-the-beaten-track adventures and secluded beaches

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K’Gari, formerly known as Fraser Island, is a World Heritage-listed sand island that offers visitors sand, surf, and history all wrapped in one. Located just over five hours north of the Sunshine Coast, K’Gari is the largest sand island in the world, with plenty of activities to choose from. Plan to drive along the 4WD tracks and the sandy beaches for an afternoon of exploration. Alternatively, if you come from August to October, you’ll see the humpback whales and their new calves swimming along the coast. History lovers will want to visit the Maheno Shipwreck, while those seeking time in the water should visit Lake McKenzie, an essential oil-infused lake and picturesque sanctuary, or Eli Creek for a quiet ride. No matter what you choose, you’ll see why so many love visiting K’Gari!

Top things to do:

  1. Visit the Maheno Shipwreck on Seventy-Five Mile Beach
  2. Book a nighttime tour to see the unique nocturnal wildlife
  3. Fly over the island for a truly captivating view of K’Gari
  4. Hike the K’Gari Great Walk to see stunning landscapes
  5. Take a ride along the 4WD tracks to see the entire island

Getting to K’Gari (Fraser Island) 

To travel to K’Gari, visitors will have to catch a ferry or small plane from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach on the Fraser Coast. The quickest route is to fly into the Sunshine Coast. From the Sunshine Coast, hire a car and drive the remaining 1-2 hours up the coast until you reach one of those departure points. Flights into the Sunshine Coast can be booked from all major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.


2. Rottnest Island, WA

Best for: Snorkelling, Quokkas and a slow pace

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Rottnest Island, also known fondly as Rotto, is located just off the coast of Perth, providing locals and visitors alike with thrilling opportunities for swimming, snorkelling, surfing and seaside excursions. As an A-class reserve, Rottnest Island is known for its unique, diverse flora and fauna, including the adorable Quokka, a small and adorable wallaby. Surrounding the island are stunning white sandy beaches and pristine waters with plenty of marine life for you to explore. Snap a picture with a Quokka or spend the day beach hopping as you snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the bays. For those who prefer to stay dry, hire a glass-bottom kayak to see the underwater world up close. To really experience an adrenaline rush, go skydiving for captivating views of Rotto and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Top things to do:

  1. Take a picture with a Quokka
  2. Go snorkelling in the bay and view the marine life – there are 63 beaches and 20 bays to keep you occupied!
  3. Book a private charter cruise for a luxurious afternoon
  4. Plan to skydive onto the beach for the ultimate thrilling experience
  5. Learn more about the island at Wadjemup Museum.

Getting to Rottnest Island: 

Book your flight to Perth from any major airport in Australia. From Perth, you can book a ferry ride from the city, which should only take you approximately 90 minutes. Alternatively, book a seaplane for an expedited arrival to Rotto.  


3. Kangaroo Island, SA

Best for: Off-the-beaten-track adventures and nature and wildlife experiences

headland and beach on kangaroo island

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Kangaroo Island, one of Australia’s largest islands located just 112 kilometres southwest of Adelaide, is one of the best destinations for nature lovers. A trip to this island provides you with the opportunity to see incredible rugged coastlines and koalas, seals, sea lions, and (of course) kangaroos in their natural habitat. Nature lovers and hikers will want to hike the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail with the help of a guide. There are also several wildlife tours to choose from to see animals along the coast or koalas, wallabies, and others further in from the shoreline. Those looking to explore more of the marine life around Kangaroo Island will enjoy the coastal safari tours where you can see wild dolphins. Alternatively, those seeking a more luxurious, romantic experience will enjoy the food and wine scene, as Kangaroo Island is home to some brilliant wineries for you to explore.  

Top things to do:

  1. Book a coastal safari tour to see wild dolphins
  2. Indulge in wine tasting at one of Kangaroo Island’s wineries
  3. Explore the sand dunes of Little Sahara
  4. Visit the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. See the Remarkable Rocks up close 

Getting to Kangaroo Island: 

Kangaroo Island is a 45-minute ferry from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw. Simply book a flight into Adelaide Airport, then hire a car (or book an organised shuttle service) to make the 1-2 hour journey down the coast to Cape Jervis. 


4. Bruny Island, TAS

Best for: Romantic getaways and foodie adventures

Scenic shot from the Neck lookout on Bruny Island with drone

Credit: Julian Peters Photos from stock.adobe.com.

Bruny Island is located under two hours south of Hobart in Tasmania, provides all that you need for the perfect romantic getaway. One of the best places to visit in Tasmania, couples will love dining and indulging in the various local food produce (think: oysters, cheese, chocolate and honey) and wineries and learning more about Bruny Island’s fantastic history. For a more secluded romantic experience, there are plenty of luxury accommodation options to make you feel like you’ve found your own sliver of paradise. Book an eco-cruise to see some of the marine life along the coast, or soak in a hot tub for some quality restoration and relaxation. More adventurous couples can kayak along the shoreline or see Bruny Island’s captivating natural landscapes on foot.  

Top things to do:

  1. Head to the Cape Bruny Lighthouse
  2. Climb to Truganini Lookout for 360-degree views
  3. Indulge in local oysters, seafood, cheese, chocolate and honey
  4. Spot wildlife like seals and dolphins on a wilderness cruise
  5. Visit Bruny Island Premium Wines for handcrafted wines

Getting to Bruny Island: 

Fly into Hobart from any major airport. From Hobart, you can hire a car or a taxi to drive 30 minutes to Kettering, where you can hop on a ferry. The ferry only takes 20 minutes. If you want to save some money, plan to travel between 10 am and 4 pm for cheaper fares. 


5. Hamilton Island, QLD

Best for: Family fun, water sports, and sailing

Hamilton Island Aerial View. Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia. The most popular holiday destination close to the Great Barrier Reef.

Credit: photoopus from stock.adobe.com.

If you’re looking for Australian islands that are great for the whole family, Hamilton Island should be at the top of your list. Not only is this island located within the Great Barrier Reef for extraordinary snorkelling and diving opportunities, but it’s also home to many resorts and excursions. Grab the whole family for a day snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef or plan a scenic flight to see the majestic reef from up above. Golfers will love Dent Island, where you’ll find an island dedicated to an 18-hole course with captivating views to accompany you and your competitors. You can even take your kids go-karting on Hamilton Island for an afternoon away from the sun and surf. As you can see, there’s plenty of fun for the whole family, whether you choose to spend your days by the water or explore the island’s many amenities. 

Top things to do:

  1. Hike to the top of Passage Peak in the morning
  2. Take a trip to Catseye Beach to swim and kayak
  3. See koalas and local fauna at Hamilton Island Wildlife
  4. Enjoy a round of golf at Hamilton Island Gold Club
  5. Visit during Hamilton Island Race Week to watch some sailing

Getting to Hamilton Island: 

You can fly directly to Hamilton Island from Sydney and Brisbane. You’ll arrive right next to Hamilton Island Marina, giving you access to activities, accommodations, and more within minutes.  


6. Lord Howe Island, NSW

Best for: Secluded beaches, hiking, snorkelling, and romantic adventures

Aerial view of Lord Howe Island (World Heritage-listed paradise), turquoise blue lagoon and Mount Gower on background - New South Wales - Tasman Sea - Australia from above

Credit: unicusx from stock.adobe.com.

Lord Howe Island is the perfect destination if you want to feel as though you have the entire island to yourself. With only 400 tourists permitted at any one time, you’ll be able to explore secluded beaches and enjoy tranquil spas and delectable cuisine without dealing with crowds. Take a trip to the Seven Peaks Walk to see the island’s incredible lush landscapes. You can also explore colourful lagoons and marine life up close. For more experienced divers, there are underwater caves where you’ll see turtles, marlins, and even rare species of marine life like Galapagos whalers. If you love bird watching, Lord Howe Island has 130 different species, allowing you to view birds you may only see once in a lifetime. Be sure to plan time at some of the island’s famous beaches, including Old Settlement Beach and Ned’s Beach. 

Top things to do:

  1. Go birdwatching to see the island’s unique species
  2. Snorkel at Lagoon Beach in the crystal-clear waters
  3. Hike up Mt Gower for an exceptional view
  4. Dive at Ball’s Pyramid to see rare marine life
  5. Enjoy some of the local cuisine at Capella Lodge 

Getting to Lord Howe Island: 

Travelling to Lord Howe Island requires flying out of Sydney to Lord Howe Island Airport. It’s takes only under two hours before you arrive on your own little secluded island escape.  


7. Phillip Island, VIC

Best for: Family fun, nature and wildlife experiences

Phillip Island - The Nobbies, Walking Tracks

Credit: Brendan from stock.adobe.com.

For families seeking Australian islands that offer wildlife encounters and family fun, Phillip Island is a must-visit destination. Located just two hours south of Melbourne, Phillip Island is the best place to see Australia’s unique wildlife, whether you choose to explore the Koala Conservation Centre or take a Wildlife Coast Cruise. If you’re a surfer, you’ll definitely want to check out the many beaches along Phillips Island’s coast for some amazing waves. For younger kids, a visit to Phillip Island Wildlife Park will provide close encounters with kangaroos and even the famous Penguin Parade. If you are a racing enthusiast, then a visit to the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit will fulfil your need for speed, whether you spend an afternoon at the museum or opt for a go-kart race. There are plenty of excursions to choose from for families of all ages and a plethora of natural landscapes to enjoy. 

Top things to do:

  1. See the epic coastal views from The Nobbies headland
  2. Take the kids to the Koala Conservation Centre
  3. Watch the Penguin Parade up close at the Phillip Island Wildlife Park
  4. Embrace your inner speed demon at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
  5. Learn about Aboriginal culture at the Phillip Island Historical Society Museum

Getting to Phillip Island: 

To visit Phillip Island and all that it offers, book a flight to Melbourne. From there, hire a car to make the nearly two-hour journey down to Phillip Island. 


8. Tiwi Islands, NT

Best for: Nature and wildlife adventures and cultural experiences

Swimming Hole Tiwi Islands Northern Territory Australia

Credit: Grant from stock.adobe.com.

The Tiwi Islands, located in the Northern Territory 80km north of Darwin, are comprised of two main islands (Bathurst and Melville) and are best known for their off-the-beaten-path excursions and extraordinary wildlife. From fishing to guided cultural tours, there are plenty of adventures to choose from. Avid anglers will want to book a fishing charter to catch one of the many species of fish off the islands, including snapper. However, some of the best activities to plan for are cultural excursions. A visit to the Patakijiyali Museum shares the history of the Tiwi Islanders, while Tiwi Design allows you to try your hand at ancient art practices that the Aboriginal locals have used for centuries. An Aboriginal cultural tour of the Tiwi Islands is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in all that the region has to offer. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind weekend, a trip to the Tiwi Islands will be a trip to remember and you’ll understand why it’s nicknamed the “Island of Smiles”. 

Top things to do:

  1. Swim in a picturesque swimming hole
  2. Learn ancient art at Tiwi Design
  3. Catch some fresh snapper on a fishing trip
  4. Book an all-day Aboriginal Cultural experience
  5. Visit the Patakijiyali Museum

Getting to the Tiwi Islands: 

For those travelling to the Tiwi Islands, book your flight to Darwin from any major airport. You will require a permit to travel to the Tiwi Islands, and you’ll also need to organise charter a plane or take a ferry for the remainder of the short trip from Darwin to the Tiwi Islands.  


9. Fitzroy Island, QLD

Best for: Snorkelling, reef adventures and secluded beaches

Nudey Beach on Fitzroy Island, Cairns, Queensland, Australia, Great Barrier Reef

Credit: Martin Valigursky from stock.adobe.com.

Fitzroy Island, located only 29 kilometres from Cairns, is one of the best Australian islands for snorkelling and secluded beaches. Surrounded by a fringe coral reef system and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, travellers have the option of either enjoying the white sandy beaches or getting in the water to snorkel or scuba dive. Alternatively, book tickets for a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) tour to explore the island’s gorgeous coastlines. One of the most beloved beaches on the island—Nudey Beach—features captivating views of the mountainous coastline and turquoise waters that are hard to resist. If you want a break from the water, visit the Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre to learn more about these animals and the centre’s conservation efforts. If you’re looking for quiet beaches and lots of beautiful, peaceful reefs to snorkel, look no further than Fitzroy Island.  

Top things to do:

  1. Visit the Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre
  2. Spend the day at Fitzroy Island National Park
  3. Snorkel along the fringe coral reef to see local marine life
  4. Explore the island’s coastline by SUP board or snorkelling
  5. Enjoy an afternoon on the secluded shores of Nudey Beach

Getting to Fitzroy Island: 

To travel to Fitzroy Island, fly into Cairns Airport first from any major airport, including Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney. From there, you can catch a 45-minute ferry ride from Cairns to the island. 


10. North Stradbroke Island, QLD

Best for: Family fun and outdoor adventures

Australian beach on a hot summers day on Stradbroke Island, Queensland

Credit: THP Creative from stock.adobe.com.

North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), also known as Straddie , is the second largest sand island in the world, and it has plenty of fun for the whole family, whether you want to indulge in the surf or explore the island. Located just two hours from Brisbane, there are pristine beaches, incredible scuba diving spots, and tours to learn about the destination’s Aboriginal history. If you’re visiting from late May to early November, hike to Point Lookout to view humpback whales in their natural habitat. For those who love history and cultural tours, plan for a First Nations tour to learn ancient stories about the island. With nearly crystal-clear waters, you’ll want to plan some time in your scuba gear to see marine life, like manta rays, or spend some time along Cylinder Beach. Whether you bring the whole family or plan a romantic getaway, there are several activities to choose from at Straddie.

Top things to do:

  1. Learn about the Minjerribah culture and Aboriginal history of the island on a First Nations tour
  2. Go scuba diving to view the manta rays from October to May
  3. Take the family to Cylinder Beach for a swim
  4. Walk along the North Gorge to see local wildlife
  5. Plan for a sunset tour of the island for stunning views

Getting to North Stradbroke Island: 

Due to its proximity to Brisbane, getting to Straddie is easy. Simply fly into Brisbane Airport from any major airport. Then, hire a car to make the two-hour drive to Stradbroke Island.


11. Cocos Keeling Islands, External Territory

Best for: Secluded beaches, slow island life, a romantic getaway, and sailing

sailing Vessel in the shallow waters of Cocos Keeling Atoll, Indian Ocean

Credit: Uwe from stock.adobe.com.

For those seeking a genuinely secluded island getaway, one of the best Australian islands to visit is the Cocos Keeling Islands. Located between Australia and Sri Lanka, the Cocos Keeling Islands are owned by Australia and remain an ideal spot for those seeking plenty of time in the water and to enjoy slow island life. Whether you’re after a relaxed holiday getaway or to explore as many things to do on Cocos Keeling Islands as possible, you’ll forget you’re still technically in Australia Visitors enjoy Motorised Outrigger Canoe Tours, a unique experience to see the vast marine life around this island escape. Those who love the beach will have no shortage of options, including one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, Cossies Beach. If you enjoy an adrenaline rush, you’ll want to take a kitesurfing class and take advantage of the sometimes-windy conditions. Of course, a trip to Cocos Keeling Islands is not complete without exploring one of the many dive sites, where the marine life remains undisturbed and pristine. Cocos Keeling Islands are truly an island escape like no other!

Top things to do:

  1. Visit Cossies Beach for unparalleled views
  2. Book a kitesurfing class
  3. Go diving to see vibrant marine life
  4. Plan a Motorised Outrigger Canoe Tour to explore the coast
  5. Take a Rasa Cocos cooking class to learn about Malay cuisine

Getting to Cocos Keeling Islands: 

Travelling to Cocos Keeling Islands is feasible from most airports in Australia, usually with a stopover in Perth. Fly to Perth from your home airport, and then book a direct flight from Perth to Cocos Keeling Islands. Expect a longer flight—but quite the view as you descend to your destination!


12. Magnetic Island, QLD

Best for: Nature and wildlife experiences and gorgeous, untouched landscapes

Radical Bay landscape, magnetic island. Queensland. Australia

Credit: burnstuff2003 from stock.adobe.com.

Magnetic Island is a must-visit destination for travellers who want to sail along the coast and explore coral reefs or adventure in untouched natural beauty. The island is just 8 kilometres from the city of Townsville, making it convenient for a day trip or even for a weekend while you’re in the area. Choose to explore the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park with an expert to snorkel amongst some of the most vibrant marine life in the world. Kayaks are also available for hire, or book a lunchtime sailing cruises. To truly immerse yourself in the captivating wildlife on Magnetic Island, hike some of the many walking tracks in Magnetic Island National Park to see World War II-era bunkers and stunning views of the Coral Sea. If you’re an experienced diver, don’t forget to plan time to see the SS Yongala off the coast of Townsville.  

Top things to do:

  1. Dive Australia’s largest intact shipwreck, the SS Yongala
  2. Hike the walking tracks at Magnetic Island National Park
  3. Sail around Magnetic Island for a lunchtime excursion
  4. Enjoy a romantic lunch along the shore
  5. Explore the Great Barrier Reef with a local diving expert

Getting to Magnetic Island: 

The best way to travel to Magnetic Island is by flying into Townsville Airport. Once you arrive in the city, take the 25-minute ferry ride over to the island to begin your adventure getaway.


13. Whitsunday Island, QLD

Best for: Luxurious escapes, romantic getaways, and picturesque beaches

Whitehaven Beach

Credit: Mile High Images from stock.adobe.com.

Whitsunday Island is located just north of Hamilton Island and is one of the most beautiful Australian islands to visit. From the picturesque white sandy beaches to the glass-bottom boat tours, travellers can indulge in all that this island has to offer. The swirling waters of Whitehaven Beach are a must-see and a one-of-a-kind beach destination. You can’t visit Whitsunday Island without snorkelling the nearby portions of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of this destination. For those looking for a more luxurious adventure, book a sailing trip around the island or stay at one of the lavish accommodations to wake up to the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline. Whitsunday Island is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, but no matter who you’re travelling with, you’re sure to enjoy an unforgettable island holiday./p>

Top things to do:

  1. Snorkel portions of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast
  2. Walk to Whitehaven Beach for a stunning view
  3. Cruise around the island on a luxury sailing boat
  4. Go on a glass-bottom boat tour to see the reefs from above
  5. Camp at Whitsundays Islands National Park 

Getting to Whitsunday Island: 

To get to Whitsunday Island, book a flight to Hamilton Island or to Whitsunday Coast Airport (Proserpine Airport), located close to Airlie Beach. If you arrive on Hamilton Island, buy tickets for a ferry ride to the island or even a multi-day tour to explore all that this island has to offer. For those travelling into Whitsunday Coast Airport, head to Airlie Beach by bus or taxi and then plan for additional transport by ferry or air to your final destination.    


14. Moreton Island, QLD

Best for: Stunning landscapes, snorkelling and diving, adventurous travellers, and family fun

An aerial view of the Shipwrecks on Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia

Credit: Darren from stock.adobe.com.

If you’re in the mood for a holiday at an idyllic destination, Moreton Island is one of the best Australian islands, and it’s only a short distance from Brisbane. With more than 90% of the island made up of the Moreton National Park, there’s an abundance of natural wildlife on land and in the sea that awaits you. For those looking to experience a unique underwater adventure, the Tangalooma Wrecks offer visitors the chance to snorkel alongside dolphins and 15 different sunken vessels. You can also partake in a night-time kayak tour to see a kaleidoscope of colours along the reefs. If you’re travelling as a family, you won’t want to miss a trip to the desert just south of Tangalooma Resort. As one of the largest sand islands in Australia, enjoy a morning with the whole family tobogganing down the sand dunes or travelling by quad bike. If you’re up for some swimming, spend an afternoon in the Blue Lagoon and enjoy the scenery and crystal-clear waters. History lovers will also love visiting Cape Moreton Lighthouse, the first lighthouse in all of Queensland. 

Top things to do:

  1. Walk the track to Honeymoon Bay for gorgeous views
  2. Visit the first lighthouse in Queensland, Cape Moreton Lighthouse
  3. Explore the Tangalooma Wrecks - book a cruise tour that includes dolphin watching, snorkelling at the wreckage site and lunch!
  4. Swim in the tranquil waters of the Blue Lagoon
  5. Sand toboggan down the dunes of the Tangalooma Desert

Getting to Moreton Island: 

To get to Moreton Island for your holiday, first book your flight to Brisbane Airport. After you arrive, you can book a 75-minute ferry ride from Brisbane to Moreton Island. Feel free to hire a car for more flexibility and transport your car by ferry to the island. 


15. Great Keppel Island, QLD

Best for: Snorkelling, family fun, a romantic getaway

Long Beach - Great Keppell Island - Queensland Australia

Credit: jeayesy from stock.adobe.com.

Great Keppel Island offers something for every kind of traveller, whether you’re here for a romantic weekend or bringing the whole family. Couples will love the secluded, peaceful beaches that line the coast of this island, complete with white sandy shores and beautiful views. If you want to explore some of the many picturesque landscapes, hike along the bush tracks and see panoramic views that will make you feel at ease. If you’re travelling with family, grab your snorkel gear and head down to one of the 17 beaches to see some of the abundant marine life awaiting you, including turtles, starfish, and coral. Alternatively, hop in a kayak for a coastal adventure and a new perspective of the island. For a truly one-of-a-kind experience, book a day trip to enjoy an ocean spa or boom-netting. There’s plenty to do, from kayaking to snorkelling, making Great Keppel Island perfect for practically every type of traveller. 

Top things to do:

  1. Stay at Great Keppel Island Hideaway to relax and unwind
  2. Hire a stand-up paddleboard and explore the beaches
  3. Experience an “ocean spa” on a day trip
  4. View humpback whales along the coast from April to November
  5. Take the kids to Second Beach for a quiet seaside escape

Getting to Great Keppel Island: 

Getting to Great Keppel Island requires a few modes of transport. The quickest route to Great Keppel Island is by flying to Rockhampton Airport. From there, you can either rent a car or hire a shuttle service or taxi. to drive one hour to Rosslyn Bay Harbour. From there, it takes 30-minutes by boat to get to Great Keppel Island. Expect about two hours of travel time from the airport to the island.  


16. Lizard Island. QLD

Best for: Luxurious island getaway, vibrant marine life, one-of-a-kind beaches

Sunset Beach

Credit: Reuben Nutt for Tourism and Events Queensland

Lizard Island is a lavish island paradise with a host of serene, one-of-a-kind excursions and seascapes for you to enjoy. Those looking to see the Great Barrier Reef will want to book a trip to Lizard Island, one of the most beautiful islands in Queensland. The island is situated on the reef and is part of the Lizard Island National Park. Known for secluded beaches and world-class snorkelling, travellers will love the array of seaside excursions available. For a luxury weekend on the island, plan to stay at Lizard Island Resort, known for its spas, delicious cuisine, and captivating views. Spend an afternoon along the beach or snorkel at No Name Reef to view beautiful marine life and coral. For avid scuba divers, don’t miss the chance to dive some of the most stunning coral reefs along the coast of Australia. There’s plenty to see and do, allowing you to indulge in the expansive seascapes while you unwind and recharge on your holiday. 

Top things to do:

  1. Book a spa day at Lizard Island Resort
  2. Scuba dive No Name Reef off the coast
  3. Visit Lizard Island National Park for hiking and swimming
  4. Indulge in delectable cuisine and locally caught seafood
  5. Swim and sunbathe at Blue Lagoon 

Getting to Lizard Island:

Travelling to Lizard Island requires flying into Cairns first, then chartering a small plane to Lizard Island. While you’re awaiting your arrival, be sure to catch a glimpse of the beautiful reefs from above.