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About us

Company overview

The Virgin Family

We are part of the world-renowned Virgin Group. Find out how we fit into Sir Richard Branson’s global phenomenon, and the core values behind the Virgin Group.

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Virgin Australia History

In 2000, the Virgin brand entered the Australian aviation market for the first time, bringing real competition in the leisure sector of the market.

Launching the new brand Virgin Australia in May 2011, and the Game Change program announced by CEO John Borghetti, was a key part of repositioning ourselves in the market to be Australia’s airline of choice.

Trace back Virgin Australia’s history with our year-by-year company profile.

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Virgin Australia Group Executive Team

A talented group of individuals run our company. Find out who does what to make Virgin Australia your airline of choice.

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Virgin Australia Board of Directors

The activities of our company are overseen by the Virgin Australia Board of Directors.

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Corporate Governance

Our constitution, policies and guidelines for behaviour as a publicly listed company.

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Our Awards

We are proud of the fact that our efforts to deliver outstanding products and services have been acknowledged many times over the years. Read about the awards we have received.

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Virgin Australia Holidays

Virgin Australia Holidays is a one stop shop – offering holiday packages, where you can choose a destination and then mix and match Virgin Australia flights with accommodation options that suit you best.

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