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The Virgin Australia Agency Hub is a dedicated site for our Travel Industry Partners.

On this page, you will find:

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Travel agent enquiries and support

Our experienced Virgin Australia Industry Support team is committed to delivering excellence in customer service by providing expert advice and sales support solutions to you and your customers.

 As a result of COVID-19, our Industry Support Team are operating reduced hours and our Industry Inbox is experiencing high levels of enquiries.
We thank you for your patience as we work through the unprecedented backlog of enquiries.

To speak with an Industry Support Agent, the operating hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 5.00 am - 11.00pm (AEST)
Saturday & Sunday: 7.30am - 5.00pm (AEST) 

Refund Request Form – ARC | BSP Agents (where BSP has been withdrawn)

If requesting a refund for tickets issued on/before 20 April:  please refer to our Future Flight credit policy.

For BSP markets where BSP has been withdrawn and US agents, please submit your refund request using our online refund request form. Please complete the details requested in the form and we will be in touch with further information shortly.

For those markets where BSP has not been withdrawn, please process refund via GDS and BSP/ARC system. 


We are available to assist Travel Agents by phone - our Virgin Australia Industry Support team can be contacted for any of the following:

  • Fare Rule Clarification
  • Policy Interpretation and Advice
  • Fare Reassessment Support 
  • Fare Quote Support
  • Tax Quotes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Disruptions and Schedule Changes 

Calling from Toll free contact number
Australia 136 737
New Zealand 0800 777 737
China +61 7 3119 7048
Hong Kong +61 7 3119 7078
Japan +61 7 3119 7089
Rest of the world click here (PDF, 106.6KB)


We are available to assist Travel Agents via email instead of calling via the following email addresses: 

International groups


Location  Email
Outside Australia

Travel Agent Resources

For further support exclusive to Virgin Australia Travel Agents please refer to the following resources: 

Commercial Policies

Current Commercial Policy Quick Reference Guide

Commercial Policy Valid for Summary of options Waiver number
COVID19 Commercial Policy International bookings ticketed prior to 30 Jun 22, for travel up to 31 Dec 22 Rebook or credit BW000186
COVID19 Commercial Policy Domestic bookings ticketed between 1 May 22 and 30 Sep 22, where customer was impacted by COVID-19 within 7 days of travel Rebook BW000228
Domestic Flexible Flying Domestic bookings held in credit prior to 30 Apr 22 where reissue fee would now apply Rebook BW000230

Domestic and International Virgin Australia standard ticket validity explained

NB: For Tickets/EMDs issued ON/BEFORE 20 April 2020 these are Future Flight, please refer to Future Flight Credit Policy

Date of Issue  Validity Explained
For standard tickets/EMDs issued BETWEEN 21 April 2020 and 30 June 2020 These tickets are Standard Open Tickets which have since expired – no extension provided.
For standard tickets/EMDs issued BETWEEN 1 July 2020 and 30 July 2021

These tickets are Standard Open Tickets which can be used for travel until 31 December 2023.

  • Tickets issued where first outbound sector travel date was between 01 July 2020 – 31 October 2020 have had validity auto extended to 731 days from first unused coupon date (i.e. first coupon travel date 01 July 2020, new validity 01 July 2022).
  • Partially used tickets where there is an unused coupon may be reissued to extend the validity. Reissue process in relation to re-assessing the fares, associated rules and conditions must be applied.

Tickets that have since expired, may be reinstated for exchange by calling Virgin Australia Industry Support. Reinstated ticket must be exchanged within 24hours of reactivation. Tickets are only available for reinstatement inside 12-months post expiry date. Any ticket not reinstated within 12-months of expiry will be forfeited.

For standard tickets/EMDs issued ON/AFTER 31 July 2021 Please refer to the Ticket and EMD Validity Policy. Standard Open Tickets due to expire on or before 31 December 2023 can be used for travel 31 December 2023.

Keep up to date with our Commercial Policies.  


Date Communicated Commercial Policies
21 November Future Flight Credit Policy v8 (PDF)
24 October Commercial Policy FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar
20 October COVID-19 Commercial Policy International Bookings v45 (PDF)
9 March Queensland Floods v4 (PDF)



Clue Cards


Groups Clue Cards and Guides


Keep up to date with our latest industry partner news. 


Date Communicated Trade Release
14 December Launch of Cairns to Haneda Route
12 December GDS Refunds
1 December Future Flight Credits - Agency Advice
30 November Trade Newsletter November
10 November Singapore Airlines Partnership expanded
24 October Bring on Wonderful
17 January Economy Fare Class Realignment
7 January  Future Flight Credit and Credit Card Acceptance Information 


Booking Future Credit fares


Economy class: U class

Business class: D class

Fares must be priced against account code FFC20

Please Note: If U is booked and FFC20 is not used as the account code, no fare will be returned.

  Fare Price Fare Display
Galileo FQ-:FFC20 or FQ-:{account code}/CVA FDSYDBNE12JUN/VA-PRI-:FFC20
Worldspan 4P*FSR#/@@FFC20 4FSYDMELSR-VA/L1JUN/@@FFC20

Pseudo Flight long-sell entries

Galileo: 0VA5996Y15JULHDQBVINN1




Booking Future Credit fares fares for Virgin Australia Business Flyer

Economy class - U class

Business class - D class

Fares must be priced against account code FFC99

Please note: If U is booked and FFC99 is not used as the account code, no fare will be returned. 


  Fare Price Fare Display
Galileo FQ-:FFC99 or FQ-:{account code}/CVA FDSYDBNE12JUN/VA-PRI-:FFC99
Worldspan 4P*FSR#/@@FFC99 4FSYDMELSR-VA/L1JUN/@@FFC99

Pseudo Flight long-sell entries

Galileo: 0VA5996Y15JULHDQBVINN1




Policies and Guides

GDS Clue Cards


Has your client changed how they book travel?

By completing the maintenance form, we update the clients account details with the correct travel manager information, ensuring that we have the correct account details, to be able to maintain the customers access to the benefits of the Virgin Australia Business Flyer program? 

Please ask your client to complete a Maintenance form. You will also need to email us at to transfer any unused credits to the correct TMC.  


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