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Download the Virgin Australia Entertainment App

 Available on selected domestic and international short-haul flights on equipped aircraft, using a supported mobile or tablet device*. Before you fly, pack your headphones, charge your device and download our Entertainment app. The Entertainment app is free to download and free to use.   

Setting up your device

For Apple and Android devices

  1. Download or update the app.
  2. Turn on flight mode.
  3. Connect to the VirginAustralia WiFi network.
  4. Open App— Sit back and enjoy!

For Windows laptops with Microsoft Silverlight*

1. Ensure the latest version of Microsoft® Silverlight® and Internet Explorer® is installed.
2. Visit our test page at to confirm your device is ready for your next flight.
3. Once on board, open Internet Explorer and visit — then you can watch, listen, read and play.

Minimum requirements

  • Apple*: iOS11 with app version 6.1.20
  • Android*: Android 7 with app version 6.1.15
  • Windows: Latest Silverlight and Internet Explorer
  • MacBooks: No longer supported. Please use your mobile or tablet device for your entertainment needs.

Unsupported devices and software: 

Macbook devices

  • Recently Microsoft has withdrawn support of Silverlight for MacBook devices. We are working to make system adjustments to restore MacBook compatibility on Wireless IFE as quickly as possible. Please bear with us as we do this work, we will provide notice on this webpage as soon as access is restored. 

Windows phones and tablets using the Windows Phone operating system

  • Currently not supported on the Wireless In-flight Entertainment system. Virgin Australia is working to increase the availability of the system on additional devices.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Ensure you have the correct and most up to date version of the app.
  • Ensure flight mode is turned on.
  • Connect to the virginaustralia WiFi network. If you land on the How To or Join Velocity pages, your connection to the virginaustralia network has not been established. Please try again following the steps detailed above.
  • Don’t have the app? Open a browser and go to to access audio and reading materials. See below for details on how to use in-flight internet to install or update the app in-flight.
  • Check you are using Safari or Chrome for iOS and Android devices. If you have a Windows device, ensure you use Internet Explorer, not Microsoft Edge. MacBooks are no longer supported and therefore will not connect. Please use an Apple or an Android device instead.
  • Still can’t connect? We suggest that you disable all VPNs, close all apps, restart your device WiFi, or restart your device.
  • For further troubleshooting assistance or feedback, contact us at

In-flight entertainment for all

Everyone deserves entertainment. So, we’ve designed our in-flight entertainment for all guests to enjoy – including those who are visually or hearing impaired.

Domestic and short haul international flights

On domestic and short-haul international flights (wireless-enabled 737), we have a number of movies available with closed captions (CC). You can find these movies in their own collection – just click on the CC to turn them on when playing a movie.

Helpful apps 

VoiceOver is an inbuilt screen reader you can find in Apple products like iPhone and iPad, that converts buttons and text into a synthetic voice. To find it, hold the home button to activate Siri, and ask Siri to activate Accessibility/VoiceOver. A headset will be required. For Android smartphones and tablets, the TalkBack screen reader can be downloaded from Google Play. Like VoiceOver, the TalkBack screen reader will convert buttons and text into a synthetic voice. Once installed, go to your device settings menu and select Accessibly/Vision/TalkBack to open it. A headset will be required.

Have some thoughts on our in-flight entertainment? We’d love your feedback. Just fill out the on board survey ‘Your Say’ or the Guest Relations feedback form.

Important Information

In-flight Entertainment Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the Use of Electronic Devices for more information on using your device on board Virgin Australia aircraft. All guests are required to bring their own charged devices and headphones to comfortably enjoy our wireless entertainment. Virgin Australia offers In-flight Entertainment on a selected number of aircraft types and routes only and is complimentary to all guests on seatback and with compatible devices. Unfortunately, Silverlight is no longer supported. Guests using MacBooks are required to bring an alternative device for their entertainment needs. For more information on device compatibility, refer to 'List of Supported Devices and Software' section above.