Travel Bank Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1. These terms and conditions govern your use of Travel Bank and the travel credits in your Travel Bank account. When you use Travel Bank or receive travel credits to a Travel Bank, these terms and conditions will become a contract between you and Virgin Australia.

1.2. Virgin Australia may need to change these terms and conditions from time to time and will act reasonably in making any changes. Any changes will be published on the Virgin Australia website.

1.3. It’s important that you understand that the features of Travel Bank and what you can purchase using your travel credits may change over time. You should regularly check these terms and conditions, including before using any travel credits, as they can change.

2. Eligibility to use Travel Bank

2.1. A Travel Bank may be provided to you by Virgin Australia where:

a) you cancel a booking and you are entitled to travel credits;

b) you join a Virgin Australia corporate program and book directly with Virgin Australia;

c) you are the Group Organiser of a Group Booking; and

d) in other circumstances where Virgin Australia determines you are eligible to receive travel credits.

2.2. You can only have one Travel Bank. Once a Travel Bank has been created for you, travel credits will be added to the same Travel Bank each time travel credits are provided to you.

2.3. If you are entitled to travel credits in connection with a cancelled booking, the travel credits will be provided to the first adult listed in the cancelled booking unless the booking is a corporate booking or a Group Booking.

2.4. The balance of a Travel Bank may not exceed $4,999 AUD in total (excluding Reward Travel Credits).

a) If you are entitled to travel credits, however the travel credits would cause your Travel Bank to exceed the limit, the travel credits will be provided to you in another form.

b) If your Travel Bank balance exceeds the limit, either as a result of single or multiple transactions, your balance will be reduced to below the limit and the deducted travel credits will be provided to you in another form.

2.5. Reward Travel Credits means any travel credits provided to you as a benefit in connection with a Virgin Australia corporate program, excluding travel credits provided because of a booking cancellation or as compensation for a service failure.

3. Travel credit expiry and enquiries

3.1. Travel credits are valid for 12 months from the date of issue and will expire on the date that is 12 months from the original date of issue to your Travel Bank (Expiry Date). There may be multiple travel credits in a Travel Bank with different Expiry Dates.

3.2. Travel credits provided in connection with a promotion may have a shorter expiry, in which case the Expiry Date for those travel credits will be the date notified to you by Virgin Australia.

3.3. You must make an eligible travel booking using your travel credits on or before the Expiry Date. The booking can be for travel dates after the Expiry Date. 

3.4. You can check your Travel Bank balance and travel credit Expiry Dates at any time online at the Virgin Australia Travel Bank website or if you are a Virgin Australia corporate customer by logging into the Virgin Australia Business Portal. You will not be sent statements of transactions on your Travel Bank.

3.5. Travel Bank enquiries and bookings using travel credits must be made by the Travel Bank owner, who must be able to identify and verify themselves as the Travel Bank owner.

3.6. Velocity Frequent Flyer members who have a Travel Bank can use their Velocity Frequent Flyer username and password to enquire about their Travel Bank.

3.7. Travel Bank and travel credits are non-transferable to another person. However, travel credits may be redeemed for an eligible travel booking for another person.

4. Eligible Travel

4.1. Travel credits may be used to pay entirely or partially for Eligible Travel available on the Virgin Australia website. Eligible Travel includes the following:

a) Flights operated by Virgin Australia and its partner airlines;

b) Fare and tax differences on flight bookings;

c) Change fees on flight bookings; and

d) Virgin Australia Holiday packages (including flights, accommodation and other products available on the Virgin Australia Holidays website).

4.2. The following are not eligible for payment using travel credits (and will not be considered Eligible Travel):

a) Unaccompanied Minor fees;

b) Carbon Offset fees;

c) Animal in hold fees;

d) Business Class upgrade fees;

e) Economy X fees;

f) Excess baggage fees;

g) In-flight services;

h) Gift cards and gift vouchers, including Virgin Australia physical and electronic gift cards and Virgin Australia Holidays’ Mystery Break Gift Vouchers and AFL Travel Gift Vouchers;

i) Velocity Frequent Flyer Reward Seat or Any Seat bookings;

j) Eligible Travel bookings made by a travel agent;

k) Guest Contact Centre or service fees charged at the airport; and

l) Other ancillary products or services determined by Virgin Australia from time to time.

5. Bookings

5.1. Online. To book Eligible Travel (excluding Virgin Australia Holidays packages or products) online using your travel credits:

a) visit the Virgin Australia Website or log into the Virgin Australia Business Portal;

b) select your preferred Eligible Travel; and

c) select Travel Bank on the payment page at the time of booking (login details must be entered in order to use travel credits online).

5.2. Guest Contact Centre. Eligible Travel can be booked using travel credits by contacting the Virgin Australia Guest Contact Centre on 13 67 89.

5.3. Virgin Australia Holidays. Virgin Australia Holidays packages or products (except for those excluded above) may be booked using travel credits by contacting Virgin Australia Holidays on 13 15 16.

5.4. If there are any travel credits remaining in your Travel Bank after you make a booking, those travel credits can be used towards future Eligible Travel bookings until your Travel Bank balance reaches zero or the travel credits expire (whichever is earlier).

5.5. Travel credits can only be used towards future Eligible Travel bookings and cannot be applied to past bookings.

5.6. If travel credits are combined with another form of payment, the Travel Bank component of the payment must be entered prior to choosing the second payment type.

5.7. Eligible Travel bookings cannot be paid for using a combination of:

a) travel credits and Velocity Frequent Flyer Points; or

b) the travel credits of two or more Travel Bank owners.

5.8. Your Travel Bank will be created in the currency of the country in which your residential address is located (as listed in your profile). The currency of the Travel Bank cannot be changed after it is created, however travel credits can be used towards bookings in any currency.

6. Cancellation of Eligible Travel bookings

6.1. The information below sets out the specific rules that apply to cancellation of Eligible Travel bookings purchased with travel credits. These are in addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

6.2. Whether you are entitled to a refund in connection with a booking purchased with travel credits will be determined by the terms and conditions that apply to that booking, which may include the Virgin Australia Conditions of Carriage, Fare Rules or Virgin Australia Holidays Terms and Conditions.

6.3. Travel credits cannot be exchanged for cash. Where travel credits are used as a form of payment, refunds to original form of payment will result in the travel credits being returned to the same Travel Bank from which the travel credits originated. For example, if you paid for a$200 AUD Virgin Australia flight booking using travel credits and the Fare Rules permit a refund to original form of payment subject to a fee of $80 AUD, then $120 AUD in travel credits will be returned to the Travel Bank used to purchase the flight.

6.4. The Expiry Date of any returned travel credits will revert to the original Expiry Date that applied before the travel credits were used. If the original Expiry Date has passed when the refund occurs, the travel credits have expired and will not be returned to Travel Bank.

7. Keeping your Travel Bank safe

7.1. Travel Bank owners are responsible for the use and safety of their Travel Bank including all transactions and dealings in connection with their Travel Bank account. Guests must ensure that they keep their Travel Bank account number and password secure and must not share it with others.

7.2. A Travel Bank account number or your Velocity credentials (if the Travel Bank owner is a Velocity Frequent Flyer member) is like your password for your Travel Bank. To keep your Travel Bank safe, do not share your Travel Bank account number and Velocity credentials with any other person.

7.3. Subject to any applicable laws which cannot be excluded, Virgin Australia will not be liable to you or any other person for any and all loss, claims, damages or expenses arising in connection with use of Travel Bank including but not limited to travel credits applied to a Travel Bank, Virgin Australia acting on the instructions of a Travel Bank owner (or other person purporting to be the Travel Bank owner) or any other transaction in connection with Travel Bank.

8. Errors and Complaints

8.1. If a guest believes that an error has occurred in relation to their Travel Bank, please contact the Guest Contact Centre on 13 67 89.

8.2. Any complaints about purchases made using travel credits must be resolved directly with the Guest Contact Centre on 13 67 89 or through the feedback form on the Virgin Australia website.

9. Contact Us

For more information, contact Virgin Australia on