It's natural to want to take the whole family along when you travel, and your furry friends are no exception. With the right preparation, travelling with your pet can be a great experience for all concerned - but it is important to be well prepared. 

Virgin Australia can accommodate pet travel on most domestic flights, where we have appropriate pet handling arrangements in place at each end of the journey. See the "Check-in Locations' tab for a list of airports where pet travel is accommodated. 

Before travelling with your pet, however, there are some domestic quarantine restrictions you should be familiar with. Visit the Quarantine Domestic website to check if your pet will be welcome at your destination. 

Due to the complexity of quarantine laws (and to guarantee the health of your pet), Virgin Australia will only accept pets for international travel from approved International Pet & Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) pet agents. 

Naturally, to keep everyone (including your pet!) safe, there are a few rules and guidelines to follow, as set out below. Virgin Australia reserves the right to refuse carriage of animals in its sole discretion which do not meet the requirements set out below.

Step One - Is my pet suitable for travel?

All pets (excluding authorised Assistance Dogs) travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft, which is temperature controlled like the aircraft cabin, and dimly lit. To travel with us, your pet must:

  • Be a dog or a cat
  • Appear to be in good health
  • Not be unduly aggressive
  • Be over 8 weeks old (this is due to possible dehydration while travelling)
  • Must be transported in a crate/container which complies with the Virgin Australia guidelines for pet containers and is the correct size for your pet
  • Must not exceed 65kgs (including the crate)
  • If travelling into Tasmania, your dog must be treated for the Hydatids Tapeworm prior to arrival.

Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet meets all quarantine requirements.

A Veterinary Certificate confirming that your pet is fit for air travel (dated within 2 weeks of travel date) is required if the pet is:

  • Pregnant or has given birth within 48 hours of the planned departure time
  • Over 12 years of age
  • Between 8 and 12 weeks old
  • Sick, injured or recovering from surgery. 

Breeds of dog prohibited for import into Australia under “The Customs (prohibited imports) Regulations 1956”, including crossbreeds, will only be accepted at the discretion of Virgin Australia Airlines or its agents. The breeds include, but are not limited to:

  • Fila Brasilerio
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • American Pit Bull and Pit Bull Breeds
  • Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario

At all times, Virgin Australia reserves the right to refuse carriage of your pet.

Brachycephalic or snub-nosed dog and cat breeds, including crossbreeds, are more likely to suffer from respiratory distress and heat stress, placing them at risk during air travel. It is recommended that you check with your vet about the suitability of air travel for these breeds.

Virgin Australia Cargo strongly recommends that if the temperature is forecast above 25 degrees Celsius and or it is a multi-sector journey, guests should consider changing your flight to one where the temperature is more conducive to your pet’s comfort.

These breed types include:

  • Bulldogs
  • Boston Terrier
  • Japanese Spaniel
  • Pekingese
  • Pugs
  • Himalayan Cat
  • Persian Cat


Note: Sedation is NOT recommended for pet air travel unless specifically recommended by your vet. If you wish to sedate your pet for travel, contact your vet for expert advice. Virgin Australia does not take responsibility for the consequences of sedating pets prior to flying.

A maximum of 2 cages per flight is permitted, within aircraft type limitations.


Aircraft Type

Total cages allowed per flight





A330, 737





A330 bulk hold only

0-10 kg pet
11-20 kg pet
21-30 kg pet
31 kg + (max 65 kg) pet






 0-10 kg pet & 11 – 20 kg pet






 0-10 kg pet only






  0-10 kg pet only








Generally, only one pet may travel per cage, however:

Up to three pets can travel per cage if they meet all of the following criteria:

• All from the same litter
• Under 6 months old
• Under 14 kgs each

A maximum of two adult animals of comparable size up to 14 kg each, that are compatible, may be shipped in the same container. Animals over 14 kg must travel individually.


Step Two – What container/crate will I need for my pet to travel safely?

Your pet should have enough room to move comfortably, yet be contained securely during travel in and around the aircraft. It is your responsibility to provide a crate for your pet’s travel which complies with the standard required by Virgin Australia.

Safety is also about our staff and other guests, and Virgin Australia reserves the right to refuse to carry your pet unless a compliant crate is supplied. The following container guidelines are designed to protect the welfare of dogs and cats travelling with us, whilst also complying with occupational health and safety legislation.

If your pet does not have a travel crate/container which meets our requirements or is not the right size for your pet, we may refuse to accept your pet for transport.

A number of reputable suppliers can assist you in selecting the right crate to purchase or hire for your pet, including:

The container must be:

  • Supplied by yourself 
  • In good repair and strong enough that the dog or cat cannot escape
  • Not too small for the dog or cat (see below)
  • Lined with absorbent material and designed so that no water or excreta can escape
  • Strong enough to withstand damage
  • Made of metal or a polypropylene material and must not have any wheels attached
  • Two part rigid plastic containers must have the top and bottom or side parts secured by screws or nuts and bolts (not plastic clips)
  • Must have escape proof hinges and latches and be adequately locked
  • When weighed complete with dog or cat, not exceed 65kgs
  • Must not be collapsible
  • The cages must also have adequate ventilation and maximum allowance container dimensions of 80 cm (H) x 70 cm (W) x 110 cm (L)

Note: Powerful and strong animals can break through plastic and therefore need to be in a metal container.

The size of the container is very important to the welfare of your pet. The following guidelines must be followed:

  • The pet must be able to stand with their head up unrestricted by the container
  • The pet must be able to turn around freely within the container

Step Three – How do I book?

With limited capacity for pets on each flight, please ensure that you book early. To ensure there is room for your pet to travel on your flight, the booking for you and your pet must be made via our Guest Contact Centre.

Information for Velocity Members

In addition to your own Points, Velocity Frequent Flyer members can earn Points when travelling with a cat or dog on a Virgin Australia domestic flight*. Members will earn a minimum of 300 Points per pet container/crate for each flight sector flown. Silver, Gold and Platinum members earn a 50%, 75% and 100% Points bonus respectively on top of the base Points earned.

To earn Points, you must be travelling with your pet on the same flight and your Velocity membership number must be added to the booking.

You must make an Accompanied Booking for your pet by calling Virgin Australia’s Guest Contact Centre on 13 67 89.

Points Earned per Virgin Australia flight:
# of Pet Carriers Red Silver Gold Platinum
1 Pet Carrier 300 Points 450 Points 525 Points 600 Points
2 Pet Carriers
600 Points 900 Points 1,050 Points 1,200 Points

For more information visit the Velocity website

*Points will not be earned for unaccompanied pets, the international transportation of pets, or Service dogs that travel in the cabin of the Virgin Australia flight. Points will be awarded for a maximum of two pet carriers per booking. Pets will be carried in accordance with the Velocity Frequent Flyer Member Terms and Conditions.

Step Four – How do I prepare my pet for travel?

Check-in for your pet closes 90 -120 minutes ahead of scheduled departure (or depending on port 90 - 50 minutes ahead if departure is scheduled at or before 7:00am). Pets must be checked in prior to closure and cannot be checked in earlier than 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

Virgin Australia Domestic Pet Travel Guidelines (PDF, 521KB)

Your pet’s checklist for travel:

A week before travel

  • Ensure that all the pet’s vaccinations, flea and worming treatments are up to date

The day before travel

  • Do not feed your pet a full meal within eight hours of travel (an upset stomach may result) – a nibble or treat is generally okay
  • Ensure that your pet has plenty of exercise

On the day of travel

  • Ensure your pet drinks plenty of water – good hydration is very important
  • Allow your pet some exercise and a toilet opportunity before travel
  • Pack a blanket or favourite toy into the crate with your pet

Your checklist:

  • Make sure you know the pick-up and drop-off locations for your pet to ensure a stress-free experience for you all
  • Prepare your pet as described above
  • Arrange to have your pet at the drop-off location 90 - 120 minutes prior to the flight, depending on your departure point. Cannot be checked in earlier than these times.
  • Make sure you bring confirmation of your booking and your pet’s booking when checking in your pet.

Virgin Australia Cargo Conditions of Carriage

Virgin Australia Domestic Pet Travel Guidelines (PDF, 521KB)


The following information relates to the transportation of accompanied pets. For the transportation of unaccompanied pets, please see the unaccompanied pets tab.
Virgin Australia charges fees based on the combined weight of each container and the pet(s) which will be travelling in that container.

Payment of Fees for accompanied pet bookings will be collected by our Guest Contract Centre at the time of booking. A refund of Fees due to the cancellation of an accompanied pet booking will only be available outside 28 days of the date of travel, regardless of class of fare booked by the accompanying passenger. However, you may be entitled to a refund of the Fees under the Australian Consumer Law in certain circumstances.

Fees are payable:

  • Per sector (a formal connection is classed a single sector)
  • Per container
  • At the date of booking

Payment for pet transportation Fees can be made via GCC with:

  • Credit Card
  • Virgin Australia Gift Vouchers
  • Velocity points

If extra payment is needed upon lodgement due to excess weight, it must be paid using:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
Size Weight Fee (AUD) *GST Inclusive  
Small Pet 0 to 10kg $95.00
Medium Pet 11 to 20kg $115.00
Large Pet  21 to 30kg $150.00 
Extra Large Pet 30kg + (max 65 kg) $180.00 


Check in for your pet closes 90 minutes before your flight's scheduled departure – unless you are travelling on a flight that is scheduled to depart before 7am, in which case check in of your pet closes between 90 - 50 minutes prior to departure depending on your origin port (please refer to the Pet Travel Guideline AVI Checklist). Cannot be checked in earlier than these times.

You must be the guest named on the booking, and you must present the completed Pet Travel Guideline AVI Checklist and confirmation email with your air way bill number included. Unaccompanied animals travel at higher rates than pets travelling with our passengers. If you do not bring the required booking confirmations, you may be charged an additional fee to reflect the higher unaccompanied animal rates.

Flights that will be open for service for passenger animal travel will only be those flights between the defined days of operation listed below. Check-in and collection locations vary from port to port. To find out where to check in and collect your pet, check the location list below.

Table of Pet Pick-up and Drop-off locations
Port name Location Days of Operation Hours Contact
Adelaide - ADL Pak Fresh
3 Comley Street
Adelaide Airport
SA, 5950

(Entrance from rear of building only)
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sat 0430 to 2100 08 8234 4222
Sun 0800 to 1600
Public Holidays 0800 to 1200
Albury - ABX Virgin Australia Terminal, Albury Airport
69 Airport Drive, Riverina Highway, Albury NSW 2640
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 0800 to 1700 02 6021 1972
Sat 0800 to 1500
Sun Hours of operation are designed to serve the needs of our cargo customers. For service out of hours, please contact us
Ayers Rock (Uluru) - AYQ Virgin Australia Terminal,
Connellan Airport
Yulara, NT 0872
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 1.5 hours before and 30 minutes after 08 8956 3419
Ballina - BNK Virgin Australia Terminal
210 Southern Cross Drive,
Ballina NSW 2478
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 1.5 hours before and 30 minutes after 02 6686 7664
Brisbane - BNE
Menzies Aviation, 1 Rosa Street
(Off Qantas Drive)
Brisbane Airport, Eagle Farm QLD 4009
Location on Google maps
Mon to Thur 0400 to 0100

07 3171 4410

Fri to Sun 0400 - 2300
Broome - BME Broome Airport
1 McPherson Street, Broome Airport, Broome, WA 6725
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 1.5 hours before and 30 minutes after 08 9192 7567
Bundaberg - BDB Virgin Australia Terminal
Bundaberg Regional Airport, 2 Isis Highway, South West Bundaberg QLD 4670
Location on Google maps
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sun 1230 to 1530 07 3117 0434
Canberra - CBR

Virgin Australia
8 George Tyson Drive, Canberra Airport ACT 2609
Location on Google Maps

Strictly no pets are to be lodged through the Airport Terminal Building
Mon to Fri 0600 to 1800 08 8956 3419
Sat, Sun and Public Holidays  Closed
Cairns - CNS Virgin Australia Cargo
Building 34 Rapide Crt, Eastern Precinct, Cairns Airport QLD 4870
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 0400 to 2300 0418 586 618
Sat to Sun 0600 to 1900
Cloncurry - CNJ Virgin Australia Terminal, Cloncurry Airport
Sir Hudson Fysh Drive,
Cloncurry QLD 4824
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 1.5 hours before departure and 30 mins after arrival 0428 421 573
Coffs Harbour - CFS Virgin Australia Terminal
Aviation Drive, Coffs Harbour Airport NSW 2450
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 1050 to 1630 02 6658 0696
Darwin - DRW Dnata
4b Lancaster Road, Marrara NT,
DRW, 0821
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 0700 to 1830 08 8927 0411
Sat to Sun 1100 to 1800
Emerald - EMD


Virgin Australia Terminal, Emerald Airport
Gregory Highway Emerald

QLD 4720
Location on Google maps

Mon 0600 to 0900
1100 to 1400
1545 to 1845
07 4987 7317
Tues 0600 to 0900
1100 to 1400
1545 to 2200
Wed 0600 to 1345
1530 to 1830
Thurs 0800 to 1430
1545 to 1845
Fri 0800 to 1430
1545 to 1845
Sat 0900 to 1200


1130 to 1430
1545 to 1900


Geraldton - GET Virgin Australia Terminal, 
Geraldton Airport
Geraldton-Mount Magnet Road, Moonyoonooka WA 6532 
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 1.5 hours before and 30 minutes after 08 9923 3626
Gladstone - GLT Virgin Australia Terminal
Aerodrome Rd, Gladstone QLD 4680
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 0515 to 0800
0930 to1300
1430 to 1800
07 4978 7965

0530 to 0800

Sun 1115 to 1300
1430 to 1800
Gold Coast - OOL Coast Cargo
20 Eastern Avenue, Bilinga,
Coolangatta Airport QLD
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 0700 to 1700 07 5599 2333
Sat 0700 to 1200
Sun and Public Holidays Hours of operation are designed to serve the needs of our cargo customers. For service out of hours, please contact us. (Open to booked Passenger Pet travel only)
Hamilton Island - HTI Virgin Australia Terminal, Great Barrier Reef Airport
Hamilton Island QLD 4803 
Location on Google maps
Mon 1100 to 1600 07 4946 9631
Tues to Sun 0930 to 1430
Hervey Bay - HVB Virgin Australia Terminal, Hervey Bay Airport
Don Adams Drive, Hervey Bay
QLD 4655
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 1020 to 1320 07 4125 5289
Hobart - HBA Virgin Australia Cargo
102 Holyman Avenue, Hobart Airport, Cambridge, TAS, 7170
Location on Google maps
Mon to Thurs 0400 to 2130 0421 053 768
Fri 0400 to 2330
Sat 0500 to 2130
Sun 0500 to 2330
Kalgoorlie - KGI Quick As A Wink Couriers
Kalgoorlie Airport Hart Kerspien Dr, Broadwood WA 6430
Mon to Sun 1.5 hours before and 30 minutes after 0418 956 772
Sat 0800 to 1200
Karratha - KTA Macson Freight
Karratha Airport, Airport Drive, Karratha Airport WA 6714
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 1.5 hours before and 30 minutes after 08 9144 1522
Kununurra - KNX Kununurra Couriers,
2 Konkerberry Drive,
Kununurra WA 6743
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 0900 to 1600 08 9168 1999
Sat to Sun Hours of operation are designed to serve the needs of our cargo customers. For service out of hours, please contact us
Launceston - LST Virgin Australia Cargo, Building 1, Launceston Airport
201 Evandale Rd,
Western Junction 7212
Location on Google maps


Mon to Fri 0430 to 1800 0412 990 191
Sat 0430 to 1400
Sun and Public Holidays Virgin Australia Terminal, lodgement at the roller door opposite the Virgin Australia check in counters.
Animal Collection At the Southern end of the Launceston Airport Terminal near baggage claim area.

Mackay - MKY

Virgin Australia Cargo
Building 11, Roy Steen Street, Mackay Airport QLD 4740 
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 1.5 hours before departure and 30 mins after arrival 0412 058 310
Melbourne - MEL Menzies Aviation
1 Apac Drive, Melbourne Airport, Victoria 3045
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 0400 to 0100 03 8340 8154
Sat to Sun 0500 to 2359
Mildura - MQL Virgin Australia Terminal, Mildura Airport
cnr Stuart Highway and Wallnut Avenue
VIC 3500
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 1000 to 1230 03 5023 4690
Moranbah - MOV Virgin Australia Terminal,
Aerodrome Road,
(off Goonyella Road)
Moranbah QLD 4744
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 0700 to 1700 0415 041 629
Sat 1200 to 1300
Sun 1600 to 1800
Mt Isa - ISA Virgin Australia Terminal, Mount Isa Airport
Barkly Highway, Mount Isa,
QLD, 4825 
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 1.5 hours before / 30 minutes after 07 4743 5910
Newcastle - NTL Virgin Australia Cargo, Newcastle Airport
Williamtown Drive, Williamtown
NSW 2318
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri 0740 to 1815 02 4965 0777
Sat to Sun 1125 to 1815
Newman - ZNE

Linden Logistics
Newman Airport Freight Shed area, Newman Airport
Location on Google maps

Mon, to Fri 0700 to 1730 08 9177 8030
Sat 0700 to 1200
Sun Hours of operation are designed to serve the needs of our cargo customers. For service out of hours, please contact us
Perth - PER
Menzies Aviation
40 Sugarbird lady Road,
Perth Airport

Location on Google maps

Mon to Sun 24 Hours

08 9479 2100

Port Hedland - PHE

Port Headland Air Freight
Waldron Drive, Port Hedland
Location on Google maps

Mon to Fri 0700 to 1800 08 9140 1111
Sat 0730 to 0930
1700 to 1800
Sun 0930 to 1100
1700 to 1800
Port Macquarie - PQQ Virgin Australia Terminal, Port Macquarie Airport
99 Boundary road, Port Macquarie
NSW 2444
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 0900 to 1800 02 6583 1542
Whitsunday Coast (Proserpine) - PPP Virgin Australia Terminal
Lascelles Ave, Proserpine Airport
QLD 4800
Location on Google maps
Mon to Fri

0700 to 1000

1330 to 1700

07 4945 5768
Sat 1230 to 1600
Sun 1330 to 1700
Rockhampton - ROK Virgin Australia Cargo
Terminal Drive, Rockhampton airport QLD 4700 
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 0800 to 1730 0421 618 797
Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore) - MCY

Virgin Australia Cargo, Sunshine Coast Airport
Friendship Ave, Marcoola QLD 4564 
Location on Google maps

Mon to Fri 0730 to 1300 0435 962 106
Sat/Sun and Public Holidays Virgin Australia service desk 1.5 hours before / 30 mins after
Sydney - SYD Virgin Australia Cargo
273 Eleventh Street,
Mascot NSW 2020
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 0500 to 2300 02 8985 7532
Tamworth - TMW Tamworth Regional Airport, 
Basil brown Drive,
NSW 2340
Location on Google maps
Mon to Sun 90 mins before departure and 30 mins after arrival 02 6761 5201
Townsville - TSV

Virgin Australia Cargo
Meenan Street cnr Ingham Road (Opposite Thrifty Car Hire) 
Location on Google maps

Mon to Fri 0430 to 1700 0419 849 132
Sat to Sun / Public Holiday Outside of the operating hours ALL cargo lodgement and collections to be done at TSV domestic airport.


If you wish to send a pet unaccompanied on Virgin Australia domestic services, please contact Virgin Australia Cargo directly:

By Phone on 13 82 87
By email at 

For advice and information about transporting your pet by air or to purchase or hire a crate appropriate for your pet, please contact the following pet transport companies:

Company Phone Number Email Address
JetPets 1300 668 309
Dogtainers 1300 135 252
OzPet 0400 403 777