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From its luxurious resorts and tranquil beaches to the diverse selection of restaurants and bars, this guide covers the best attractions, places to stay and dining options in Nusa Dua.

Nusa Dua is a renowned resort area located in the southern part of Bali, Indonesia. Constructed in the 1970s, Nusa Dua is an expansive enclave of Bali that spans 350 hectares and houses 20 major resorts. This highly popular tourist spot is renowned for its combination of tranquil beaches, luxurious resorts and lively activity.

Nusa Dua is a captivating destination for many reasons. Its strategic location just 25 minutes drive from Bali Airport, makes it an ideal base for travellers looking to explore the island, with many day trips departing from here. Nusa Dua is a luxury resort destination, housing some of the most prominent and renowned international hotel chains such as Hilton and Grand Hyatt. Most of the accommodation in Nusa Dua has beachfront access. Couples and families particularly appreciate the levels of luxury and convenience available, with incredible facilities from pools and spas to high-end restaurants and adventure activities. Many of the hotels cater to couples with children, featuring kids' clubs, pools, and other children-oriented amenities.

There is a wide range of unique things to do in Nusa Dua, for families, kids and couples alike, many of which are free as part of the hotel experience. For example, paddling at Pandawa Beach is an amazing way to get out on the water, while engaging in some physical activity. There are a number of excellent beaches in this area, like the serene Tanjung Benoa Beach, and Geger Beach which is ideal for water sports. On the far eastern tip of the peninsula, you'll find the Nusa Dua Waterblow, a stunning natural attraction where powerful waves crash against the rocks, creating a spectacular spray of water that reaches several metres into the air.

The diverse selection of outstanding restaurants and bars in Nusa Dua offers an array of sensational dining experiences during your visit. From local favourites like Nusa Dua Pizza to international options such as sensational Japanese cuisine at Sama Sama Yakiniku, you won't run out of choices during your stay. In the evenings, this area comes to life with sophisticated bars and laidback watering holes like Nyoman's Beer Garden Bar. Many bars and restaurants feature local entertainment such as Balinese dance performances, ensuring a dining experience that’s both delicious and culturally enriching.  
Nusa Dua is undoubtedly a touristy area, but this is more of a benefit than a drawback. The area caters to tourists in every measure by providing a fully-fledged holiday experience that ticks all the boxes. Highly recommended for families and couples, your visit to Nusa Dua starts here!

Where is Nusa Dua?

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Nusa Dua is a luxury resort area located in the southern part of Bali on the Bukit Peninsula of Indonesia. Conveniently located just 20 kilometres south of Denpasar, Nusa Dua is home to pristine beaches like Nusa Dua Beach and Pandawa. The area falls under the administration of the Benoa subdistrict in the Badung Regency.

The name Nusa Dua, which means "two islands", reflects the presence of two territories within the region. On the southern side rests Peninsula Island, while on the northern side lies Nusa Dharma Island—a smaller yet more shaded island, housing the Pura/Temple Nusa Dharma.


Is Nusa Dua worth visiting?

Yes, Nusa Dua is a destination that’s definitely worth visiting, primarily because it is home to some of Bali's best resorts, such as the Grand Hyatt and Bali Hilton. Not only that, Nusa Dua boasts some of the best beaches on the island, such as Geger Beach and Mengiat.

From the Grand Hyatt Bali to the Hilton and the Sofitel, Nusa Duas resorts allow travellers to claim a private spot along the beachfront. This allows for easy access to swimming and provides an excellent opportunity for guests to learn surfing in a controlled and safe environment, perfect for beginners eager to catch their first wave under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Renowned for its long stretches of sand and calm waters, Nusa Dua is a paradise for beach lovers. Among its celebrated beaches, Geger Beach is a gem, known for its golden sands and peaceful, almost secluded atmosphere. Moreover, the relatively shallow and calm sea of Nusa Dua makes it an ideal spot for children looking for a safe beach experience. Beaches like Mengiat offer tranquil waters perfect for snorkelling, swimming, or simply wading in the sun-kissed shallows.

Nusa Dua is an excellent choice for a visit because it makes a great starting point for taking day trips and excursions. Some of the best ​Bali day trips include activities such as visits to cultural sites like Uluwatu Temple or Tanah Lot, exploring the rice terraces in Ubud, or taking a boat to nearby islands for snorkelling or diving. Nusa Dua is a prominent tourist area, so there are many activities and fun tourist opportunities available in this area as well.


What are the Best Things to Do in Nusa Dua?

Nusa Dua offers a delightful blend of relaxation and exploration. The area's beaches and resorts are ideal for unwinding, and there’s plenty to see and do. Whilst it is touristy, Nusa Dua is a compact area that is safe to walk around and explore on foot. Many day trips depart from the area, making it easy to visit nearby attractions like Dreamland and Balangan beaches, Uluwatu's cliffs, and the GWK Culture Park. 

The five best things to do in Nusa Dua are listed below. 

1. Enjoy Nusa Dua’s famous resort life

Resorts in Nusa Dua are renowned for their beautiful beachfront locations and an array of luxurious amenities designed to cater to every guest's needs. Most of these establishments boast easy beach access alongside expansive pool areas, sometimes offering private pools for a more exclusive experience. The emphasis on wellness is highlighted by the comprehensive spa services available at most Nusa Dua resorts. For instance, the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa is known for its steam rooms, private spa pavilions, and traditional Balinese massages, while the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort offers a full-service spa along with its Sofitel FITNESS centre.

For families and couples with children, Nusa Dua presents an idyllic setting. The area is home to several resorts that provide specially tailored activities and facilities for young guests. Melia Bali, for example, features a Kids Club that organises Balinese dance classes and bubble contests for children aged 4 to 12. Similarly, Conrad Bali’s Kura Kura Kids Club focuses on cultural activities such as traditional kite-making. The provision of kids' clubs and dedicated children's activities ensures that while children are entertained and educated about the local culture, adults enjoy some well-deserved relaxation or romantic moments, such as those offered by the private pool villas and serene garden settings.

The combination of luxury, children-friendly recreation, and romantic settings ensures that Nusa Dua resorts keep everyone happy.

Aerial view of Grand Hyatt Bali

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2. Paddle at Pandawa Beach

Paddleboarding, a popular water sport where you stand on a board and use a paddle to move through the water, combines the excitement of surfing with the ease of kayaking. It's a fantastic way to engage with the ocean in Nusa Dua, offering a unique vantage point to view marine life below, or simply to enjoy the calmness of floating on water. For those new to the sport, Pandawa Beach is the ideal spot for paddle boarding. Known locally as Pantai Pandawa, this white sandy beach in Nusa Dua is surrounded by limestone cliffs and crystal-clear blue waters. With a length of about 1 km, Pandawa Beach is flanked by two small capes on each side, creating a natural crescent moon appearance when viewed from above.

The gentle waves at Padawa Beach during high tide, when the water level rises up to one metre, provide a safe and forgiving environment for beginners to find their balance and build confidence on the board. As the tide transitions from mid to low, the conditions challenge more experienced paddlers with slightly more formidable waves. For the best paddling experience, it's advisable to head out in the afternoon; this timing not only ensures that Nusa Dua’s waters are calmer but also provides the opportunity to witness the stunning sunset from your paddleboard.

​​Please note that visiting Pandawa Beach requires a modest entrance fee of 15,000 IDR (∼$1.50 AUD) at the ticket booth located at the beach turnoff, with additional parking fees of ​​20,000 IDR (∼$2 AUD)​ for scooters and 50,000 IDR (​∼​$5 AUD) for cars. Once you’re settled, all you have to do is rent equipment directly from the shacks along the shore and you’re ready to paddle.

Pandawa beach with scenic landscape, lighthouse and ocean in Bali.

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3. Witness the Nusa Dua Waterblow

The Nusa Dua blowhole, or “waterblow”, is a natural oceanic phenomenon where waves crash into a narrow space on the rocky coastline. Called a “geyser” in scientific terms, the blowhole works by forcing water to shoot up into the air through a crevice in a spectacular display. Located on the Nusa Dua Complex peninsula, it’s worth a short drive to see the jets of water propelled skyward - just be prepared to get wet!

Depending on the sea conditions, Nusa Dua Blowhole shoots spouts of water up to 8 metres into the air. While this is a must-see natural attraction, it’s important to exercise caution during your visit and maintain a safe distance from the blowhole. Mesmerising as it is, getting too close is a bit risky. To ensure a safe visit while witnessing the Nusa Dua Waterblow, make sure you and your family appreciate it from the designated safe zone.

Waves crashing against rocks at the Blow Hole in Nusa Dua, Bali

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4. Luxuriate at Zahra Spa 

Zahra Spa in Nusa Dua is a wellness centre known for its comprehensive range of treatments that cater to both physical and mental rejuvenation. The spa specialises in traditional Balinese massage, aromatherapy, and warm stone massages.

The Balinese massage is a holistic treatment combining gentle stretches and acupressure to enhance blood and oxygen flow, as well as Qi energy throughout the body. This leads to improved well-being and deep relaxation. Other treatments include aromatherapy, which utilises warm essential oils to stimulate the senses and promote well-being, and warm stone massage, a technique using warm basalt stones and cool marble to relax muscles and aid in bodily detox and healing. All treatments at Zahra Spa aim to provide a serene experience, utilising various techniques such as skin rolling, kneading, stroking, and pressure-point stimulation.

​​Zahra Spa offers a range of packages tailored for individuals and couples, with varying combinations of treatments. A Balinese massage and reflexology combo package is just IDR 720,000 (∼$72 AUD), while more comprehensive options, like the Couple’s Packages, provide a more indulgent experience for two at ​​1,850,000 IDR (∼$185 AUD)​. Well worth the price, Zahra’s couple's package encompasses a welcome drink, floral foot bath, Balinese massage with aroma oil, a traditional facial, foot reflexology, and a flower bath, among other amenities.

Zahra Spa

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5. Visit the Puja Mandala temple complex

Puja Mandala is a 2-hectare religious complex that seamlessly integrates a Hindu temple, a grand mosque (Masjid Agung Ibnu Batutah), a Buddhist temple (Vihara Buddha Guna), and both Catholic and Protestant churches. Despite differing beliefs and worship practices, these religious institutions share a common space, showcasing unity.

The grand mosque, adorned with a vibrant green tiled roof, features prayer rooms with intricate grey ceramic walls and a mihrab. Adjacent to the mosque is the Catholic Maria Bunda Segala Bangsa church, where visitors will find crosses, angelic statues, and a Balinese-style 'kul-kul' bell tower (traditionally used at religious sites to announce important events). Following suit is the ornate Buddhist temple, Vihara Buddha Guna, famous for its white elephant statues, bodhisattvas, and golden wall motifs.

Enhancing the allure of this destination is the Protestant GKPB Jemaat Bukit Doa church, which offers international services in English and Bahasa. Nearby, you’ll find the Pura Jagatnatha, a Balinese Hindu temple, designed with architectural majesty. Balinese Hinduism is the main ​religion in Bali, and a key part of the culture here, so it’s worth popping in for a visit. This special church building features dragon staircases and intricately sculpted gates, walls, and shrines.

In its integration of religious practices and beliefs, the Puja Mandala Temple Complex stands as a testament to the coexistence of Indonesia's major religions within a single compound in Nusa Dua.

Pura Padmasana Puja Mandala Temple. Nusa Dua, Bali

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What are the Best Hotels and Resorts in Nusa Dua?

Nusa Dua is a famous resort town in Bali, known for some of the most luxurious accommodation options on the island. Featuring a range of high-end resorts, as well as boutique and independent hotels, many of these locations feature on-site dining, facilities and activities. In other words, you don’t even need to leave the premises! 

The five best resorts and hotels in Nusa Dua are listed below. 

1. Grand Hyatt Bali

Located on a private Bali beach just 4km from the iconic Goa Gajah cave, the luxurious Grand Hyatt Bali consists of classical low-rise buildings set among sprawling lakelike pools and tropical gardens. The resort offers 636 rooms, suites and villas, which are situated in four separate “village” locations throughout the expansive grounds. These rooms are luxuriously appointed overlooking the sea, and beautifully ornamented with traditional Balinese decor.

The property itself is huge, providing a virtual wonderland to explore with plenty to see and do. The resort's special amenities include a private beach, tennis courts, a gym, jogging trails, five pools, a water slide, and a kids' club. There’s even a karaoke machine on standby for those ready to boast their singing skills. So for kids and adults alike, there are no chances of getting bored!

One aspect that truly sets the Grand Hyatt apart as a 5-star resort is the wide range of dining options available. Grand Hyatt Bali boasts up to 8 restaurants, each specialising in a different cuisine. From Nampu, their Japanese restaurant, to Salsa Verde, which serves up Italian feasts, there is a different dining option for every night of your stay. Beyond the amazing food, the staff are exceptional, always ready with a warm smile and willing to go out of their way to provide a perfect stay for couples, families and solo travellers alike.

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Grand Hyatt Bali

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2. Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa, Bali

The Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa in Bali is a seafront 5-star resort located in a tropical setting on the south coast of Bali with convenient proximity to Denpasar. The resort features five à la carte restaurants, entertainment programs, and a variety of relaxation facilities. The facility also provides a sauna and steam room, cold and hot plunge pools, a beauty centre, a 25-metre lap pool, private spa pavilions, locker rooms, and a Spa Café. However, the highlight is undoubtedly the Traditional Balinese massage, which blends ancient healing techniques, pressure point stimulation, and deep tissue manipulation to restore balance and rejuvenate the body.

The rooms at Nusa Dua Beach Hotel are a highlight as well. Deluxe Rooms measure 34 sqm, incorporate traditional Balinese design, and include wooden sliding doors that open onto a balcony or terrace. For those who love a view of the ocean, superior rooms and suites provide sea views, access to a private lounge, and, in some cases, direct pool access or a living area. With a gym, a kids' club, an amazing spa, and opportunities to do snorkelling and other sports, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa is one of the most complete accommodations in Nusa Dua.

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Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa

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3. Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort is a sophisticated beachfront accommodation in Nusa Dua that combines French architecture with Balinese decor. This 5-star resort, which occupies 8 hectares of tropical gardens, provides access to a white sand beach, and a scenic 7 km beachside path perfect for leisurely morning activities.

This distinguished resort provides 413 sophisticated rooms, including 39 lavish suites and villas with private pools or direct pool access, encapsulating the ultimate in tropical luxury. Dining at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort is a journey in itself, with three restaurants and two chic bars offering an array of culinary delights. From sumptuous international breakfasts to exquisite seafood dinners at the Toya Beach Club, every meal is crafted to perfection, accompanied by impeccable service.

Sofitel Bali is a haven for relaxation and fun. It features the renowned Sofitel FITNESS and Sofitel SPA, and outdoor and indoor kids' clubs, ensuring wellness and entertainment for all ages. Event planners and business travellers find exceptional value at the Sofitel's 24 function venues, which include a Grand Ballroom and a unique Beachfront Ballroom -  making it an ideal location for memorable weddings, conferences, or retreats.

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4. Mulia Resort - Nusa Dua, Bali

Located on Nusa Dua's beach by the Bali Sea, Mulia Resort is one of the most upscale hotels in Nusa Dua. From cosy 59 sqm spaces to opulent 140 sqm suites, each room offers a spacious balcony that opens up to breathtaking views of the beach. For those desiring direct access to the water, the lagoon pool rooms provide exclusive entry to the lagoon pool right from your patio – a perfect sanctuary for intimate moments away from the public eye.

Culinary experiences at Mulia Resort are nothing short of extraordinary. The award-winning Soleil restaurant, which overlooks the Nusa Dua Bay, offers an unforgettable lunch experience with a focus on Japanese dishes, while the elegant Table8 invites you to savour exquisite dim sum for dinner. For those seeking privacy, select restaurants and bars offer private dining options, ideal for both romantic moments and upscale business gatherings. Speaking of romance, Mulia Resort stands out as a dream destination for weddings, offering a range of indoor and outdoor wedding venues, including three wedding chapels, two elegant ballrooms, or one of the eight dining venues for your special day.

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5. The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, is a modern five-star accommodation in Nusa Dua perfect for both families and business travellers. Situated next to the Bali International Convention Centre, the resort is well-equipped for any event, boasting 30 meeting spaces and a total event area of 10,500 square meters. The design of the rooms and suites draws inspiration from the serene local landscape, with warm wooden features, tranquil earthy colours, and natural details. Large windows in each room bathe the space in gentle, natural light and offer views of the garden or pool from private balconies.

Dining options at the Westin Resort are plentiful, with seven distinct restaurants including Prego, an acclaimed spot for Italian cuisine ideal for family dining, and Hamabe Japanese Restaurant, known for its authentic Japanese dishes. The Lobby Bar & Lounge offers a casual setting for snacks, a range of drinks, and afternoon tea with a selection of sweet and savoury items.

For wellness and entertainment, the resort doesn't disappoint. The Heavenly Spa by Westin invites guests to rejuvenate with a variety of treatments, from body scrubs to couple's massages. Meanwhile, the Westin Kids Spa caters to younger guests, offering treatments like mini-manicures and hair braiding. For those keen on keeping fit, the WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio is equipped with the latest fitness technology to ensure an invigorating workout session.

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The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

Credit: The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

What are the Best Restaurants in Nusa Dua?

The best standalone restaurants in Nusa Dua are usually affordable and specialise in seafood and local cuisine. They are known for their dramatic ocean views and laid-back atmosphere. Typically, eateries in Nusa Dua are suitable for families, thanks to the extensive kids' menu and live performances that keep children entertained.

The 6 best restaurants in Nusa Dua are listed below. 

1. Nusa Dua Pizza

Nusa Dua Pizza is a cosy restaurant in Nusa Dua that specialises in traditional Italian Pizza. Whilst the restaurant itself is quite rustic and unassuming, this hidden gem offers up some of the best traditional wood-fired pizzas in Bali. The pizzas themselves are enormous, and come with traditional Italian toppings like salami and quattro formaggi (four cheeses).

Beyond the amazing Italian pizza, the menu at Nusa Dua Pizza features a diverse selection that includes pasta, calzones, burgers, salads, and lasagna - and great vegetarian options too. With a relaxed atmosphere and spacious terrace, Nusa Dua Pizza is the ideal spot for a relaxed gathering with friends or family.

Nusa Dua Pizza

Nusa Dua Pizza

2. Raja Bali Nusa Dua

Conveniently situated near Zahra Spa and numerous hotels in Nusa Dua, Raja Bali is a restaurant that focuses on authentic Balinese cuisine. It’s one of the best restaurants in Nusa Dua to delight in local flavours, meticulously prepared by an expert Balinese chef. The food at Raja Bali Nusa Dua is not just delicious but also beautifully presented and generously portioned. For couples, the tasting menu for two is an ideal choice, with more dishes than you can realistically finish. Some of the highlights include the delicious chicken satay with cold tuna cubes (better than it sounds!) and the Bali salad. But, perhaps, the best thing about Raja Bali is the variety of local performances that accompany pre-dinner drinks. These short musical shows are a great way to get a glimpse into authentic Balinese culture and entertainment while you enjoy a nice drink.

Raja Bali Nusa Dua

Credit: Raja Bali Nusa Dua

3. Mr Bob Bar and Grill

Mr. Bob Bar and Grill is a renowned beachfront bar in Nusa Dua, widely acclaimed for serving the best BBQ pork ribs on the island. A standout example of their culinary prowess is their finest, well-marinated 600 gram baby back pork ribs, slow charcoal-grilled to perfection with honey and Mr. Bob’s Sauce. The food is truly some of the best in Bali, with lots to try from nasi goreng to the spectacular brownie. But what truly sets Mr Bob apart is the excellent, warm service, which at times makes you feel like you’re in a friend’s house rather than in a restaurant. With quick service and a team of professional waitstaff, Mr. Bob Bar ensures that your Nusa Dua dining experience is not only flavourful but also inexpensive and highly enjoyable.

Mr Bob Bar and Grill

Credit: Mansu Corporation

4. Kekeb Restaurant

Kekeb is a beachfront restaurant in the more touristy area of Nusa Dua. It serves local dishes, seafood, and vegan options, but it’s mostly known for serving the best Indonesian and authentic Balinese dishes. From satay to salted egg prawn served with traditional spices, they've got it all. Seafood enthusiasts, especially, are in for a treat with Kekeb’s live seafood options. While it’s not the fanciest of places in Nusa Dua, the calm and peaceful atmosphere makes Kekeb an ideal place to unwind while feeling the sand under your feet.

Kekeb is family-friendly, ensuring a warm welcome for everyone. The delicious food, peaceful atmosphere, and sounds of the sea combine to make Kekeb Restaurant a simple yet delightful experience in Nusa Dua.

Kekeb Restaurant

Credit: Kekeb Restaurant

5. Tropical Restaurant Mengiat

Tropical Restaurant Mengiat is one of Nusa Dua’s top dining experiences, especially for barbecue enthusiasts. Its menu features barbecue dishes, wood-fired pizzas and their incredibly delicious Nasi Goreng.

To elevate your dining experience, Tropical Restaurant Mengiat provides live performances on Thursdays, with live music and singers that add a touch of entertainment to your meal. Whether you're a barbecue lover, a pizza enthusiast, or just someone who loves places with a great vibe, this restaurant has something special to offer. Just make sure you book a table in advance; the place tends to get quite crowded!

Tropical Restaurant Mengiat

Credit: Grand Hyatt Bali

6. Sama Sama Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant Nusa Dua

Sama Sama Yakiniku is a Japanese restaurant in Nusa Dua. It holds the distinction of being the first yakiniku restaurant on the island. Yayiniku translates to "grilled meat" and, in the broadest sense, refers to the culture of enjoying grilled meat cuisine. Sama Sama's specialty lies in offering an all-you-can-eat menu featuring premium-quality raw meat and its unique original yakiniku sauce. The diverse range of Japanese cuisine offered here includes Sushi, Sashimi, and Ramen and extends to include Korean and Western dishes as well.

The owners of Sama Sama not only encourage guests to personally barbecue their selections at the table, but they also enhance the dining experience with the warmth of shabu-shabu broth (Hotpot) and the refreshing flow of complimentary beer. This interactive dining setup fosters a communal and engaging atmosphere.

Sama Sama Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant Nusa Dua

Credit: Sama Sama Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant Nusa Dua

What are the Best Bars in Nusa Dua? 

Nusa Dua's nightlife offers a more sophisticated experience compared to other areas in Bali. Resembling the after-dark scene in Ubud, the region is a bustling complex of beachfront resorts and hotels. For those inclined towards typical bar experiences, the majority of Nusa Dua's resorts and hotels feature onsite lounges and bars. Here, visitors indulge in top-notch cocktails and beer while enjoying the company of others in comfortable and inviting surroundings.

Below are the four best bars in Nusa Dua.

1. Sky Bar at Mulia Bali

Located along the beachfront at The Mulia Bali in Nusa Dua, Sky Bar offers an impressive selection of meticulously crafted cocktails, spirits, and wines to be enjoyed with the calming Indian Ocean breeze. Sky Bar is very popular both among guests and casual visitors thanks to the happy hour specials, including 2-for-1 deals and free-flowing beer. Noteworthy is their amazing tapas menu, which features curated dishes from the Mediterranean and Pan-Asia, perfect for pairing with a refreshing basil and cucumber cocktail.

Adding to the ambience of Sky Bar is a tropical music selection that strikes a perfect balance between lively and unobtrusive, ideal for pre-dinner drinks or a post-dinner nightcap. The peaceful but vibrant atmosphere, along with the amazing tapas and drinks, make Sky Bar the ultimate retreat for those looking to relax after a day of exploration in Nusa Dua.

Sky Bar at Mulia Bali

Credit: Mulia Bali

2. Cockatoo International Bar & Restaurant Nusa Dua

Cockatoo International Bar & Restaurant in Nusa Dua offers a range of delicious cuisines to cater to a wide range of tastes. From delectable seafood and authentic Balinese dishes to Indonesian, Asian, Chinese, Mexican, and Russian delights, as well as sizzling BBQ, this restaurant has something for everyone.

Cockatoo International Bar & Restaurant’s commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience goes beyond the menu: Here, tourists are witness to authentic Balinese dance performances, which provide entertainment for the whole family and offer a great opportunity for photos. The service is excellent, making guests feel genuinely welcomed from the moment they enter, transforming an ordinary meal into a memorable occasion.

Cockatoo International Bar & Restaurant Nusa Dua

Credit: Cockatoo International Bar & Restaurant Nusa Dua

3. Kulkul Beach House

Located on the stunning Nusa Dua Beach, Kulkul Beach House is a restaurant focused on organic ingredients and zero-waste dining. With a chic yet laid-back ambience, this beach house provides the best views of the Indian Ocean, inviting guests to unwind with sunbeds in front of the pool.

Kulkul's allure extends beyond its scenic setting. The inventive menus showcase locally sourced ingredients, providing a culinary experience in Nusa Dua that is as sustainable as it is delicious. Highlights from the menu include the Prawn and Avocado Poke Bowl, which marries fresh, zesty flavours in a light yet satisfying dish. The pizza, which has a thin, crunchy crust, offers a classic comfort with a gourmet twist. For those seeking a healthy option, the rainbow salad presents a colourful array of locally sourced vegetables. To add to the experience, Kulkul hosts a Happy Hour from 4 PM to 7PM, where guests indulge in specially crafted cocktails and beverages.

Kulkul Beach House

Credit: Kulkul Beach House

4. Nyoman's Beer Garden Bar & Restaurant

Nyoman's Beer Garden Bar & Restaurant is a Nusa Dua eatery that prides itself on offering a curated selection of local and international cuisine. Nyoman’s chefs unite both Balinese and German traditions by serving everything from classic German sausages to succulent babi guling (suckling pig). Additional standout dishes include tuna steak, Thai-style rice with chicken, and tomato bruschetta, each prepared to suit every customer’s preferences.

At Nyoman's, customers are not just treated to a variety of dishes but also great drinks such as draft beers, spirits, and fresh fruit juices. Nyoman's is a particularly popular gathering spot for sports fans. For those not wanting to miss the rugby or tennis while on holiday, Nyoman’s is your best bet in the area with four screens and cold beer.

Nyoman's Beer Garden Bar & Restaurant

Credit: Nyoman's Beer Garden Bar & Restaurant

Is Nusa Dua hard to reach?

No, Nusa Dua is not hard to reach. It is situated 20 km south of Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali, making it easily accessible by road. Travel time from the Kuta area to Nusa Dua is approximately 20-30 minutes, and from Jimbaran, it's even shorter at around 15 minutes. The journey is straightforward via the main southern route, Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, which leads directly into Jalan Bypass Nusa Dua as you near the area. This ensures smooth and convenient access to the serene Nusa Dua enclave from nearby regions.

Is Nusa Dua touristy?

Yes, Nusa Dua is considered touristy, but not necessarily in a bad way. Nusa Dua is an area of Bali that is totally optimised for tourists, offering some of the best resorts, services amenities and tours on the island. There is plenty to see and do in the area, and many excellent places are located all around like top-notch spas and world-class golf courses like Bali National Golf Club. 

Is Nusa Dua safe for families?

Yes, Nusa Dua is safe for families. The beaches in Nusa Dua are known for their calm waves, making swimming safe for all ages. These beaches are typically less crowded than other areas of Bali, allowing parents to easily keep an eye on their children. Many resorts in Nusa Dua are designed with families in mind, offering family-friendly amenities like supervised kids clubs specifically for children to ensure they are not only safe but also entertained during their stay. There is not much crime in the area, but it’s always a good idea to be mindful of your belongings.