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Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable aviation fuels derived from biomass (plants, trees, algae, waste and other organic matter bio-oils) offer the largest single opportunity to reduce emissions for airlines in the medium term while ensuring long-term fuel security for the sector. The aviation industry is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and has set a target of carbon neutral growth from 2020. The use of these fuels will significantly contribute towards achieving that target.

Virgin Australia has been actively supporting the development of sustainable aviation fuels since 2008. Throughout this period we have worked with Governments and key industry players to address the challenges associated with the development of this promising and exciting new industry.

We continue to lead industry efforts toward establishing a sustainable aviation fuel industry in Australia, including through our role as members of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group (SAFUG): an international group of airlines focused on accelerating the development and commercialisation of sustainable aviation fuels.