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Emissions Management

Put simply, the emissions associated with our jet fuel use are our single largest environmental impact. They account for 98 per cent of our total emissions footprint. We are working on a range of ways to reduce our fuel consumption and our emissions.


Sustainable aviation fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel presents a significant opportunity for airlines to reduce their impact on the environment.


Destination Stewardship

We know that our customers share our passion for nature and the beautiful places to which we fly. Our destination stewardship approach is about protecting and enhancing these places.



As a proud Australian airline we believe we have a responsibility to support and enhance the communities in which we operate.


Resource Management

We understand the importance of reducing our environmental impacts to improve the sustainability of our business into the future. Key to achieving this is to ensure that our business strives to efficiently manage the resources that we use throughout our operations.


Diversity and Inclusion

People are the driving force and heart of our business and are what set us apart from our competitors. Our people are diverse, talented and driven and share a common goal of striving to be better and going the extra mile for our customers.



The Virgin Australia Group has committed to reporting transparently to our stakeholders on our progress in achieving our sustainability goals.