Sydney Transfer Maps

Sydney Outbound Map 

Sydney Domestic to International  

  1. Disembark the aircraft into the Domestic Terminal (T2), and proceed to Gate 46 Transfer Lounge.
  2. Identify yourself to Virgin Australia staff at the Gate 46 Transfer Lounge and await the airside bus.
  3. Hand your transport pass to the bus driver when boarding
  4. Alight the bus at International terminal (T1). If you already have your international boarding pass proceed to Security. Otherwise, go to the check in counter of the airline operating your international flight. (refer to airport information screens for check-in location)










Sydney Inbound Map


Sydney International to Domestic  

  1. On arrival collect your bags from the carousel and clear Customs and Quarantine.
  2. Turn left immediately after Quarantine (before entering the Arrivals Hall) and enter the Virgin Australia Seamless Transfer Lounge; check in your bags for your domestic flight & collect your complimentary transfer pass
  3. Alight the bus to domestic terminal (T2).
  4. Upon arriving at the Domestic Terminal, make your way to your departure gate.