Important Information

Please check the latest government requirements prior to travel, which include wearing a face mask on all domestic services. Call volumes are higher than usual. If you're not travelling in the next 72 hours, please call back at a later time.



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Perth transfer maps

Perth Outbound Map 

Perth Domestic to International  

  1. Disembark the aircraft into the T1 Domestic Terminal.
  2. Proceed along the concourse and down the escalators into the arrivals hall.
  3. Upon exiting the arrivals hall, turn left and follow terminal signs to International check-in.
  4. If you are already holding a boarding pass for your international flight, proceed directly to Security, otherwise, please go to the check-in counter of the airline operating your onward flight.

(N.B. Refer to airport information screens for check-in location).







Perth inbound map


Perth International to Domestic  

  1. Clear Customs and Immigration.
  2. Collect your baggage from the baggage carousel and proceed to quarantine inspection.
  3. Exit into the arrivals hall and please check your itinerary to determine if your onward flight is departing from Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.
  4. For flights departing from Terminal 1, turn right while in the international arrivals hall and follow terminal signs to Domestic check-in hall, please see a Virgin Australia team member for assistance.   
  5. For flights departing from Terminal 2, exit the International Terminal, turn right and follow airport signs to Terminal 2. Upon entry into the terminal, please see a Virgin Australia team member for assistance.