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Privacy Statement - Health Information

Who is collecting your personal information?

Your health personal information is being collected by Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd (ABN 36 090 670 965). Our contact details are available at our website or you can email us at privacy@virginaustralia.com.

Collection of your personal information

Your health information was collected by:

  • You providing your health information or requesting Special Assistance, including through a travel or booking agent.
  • A third party requesting Special Assistance or making a booking on your behalf.
  • You providing a medical clearance form (including a medical certificate).
  • You or a third party, such as your doctor or our/your insurer, providing health information in connection with a medical clearance, safety investigation, complaint or claim.

By providing your health information (whether directly to us or through a third party on your behalf) in connection with any of the above circumstances, you consent to us collecting health information from you and using and disclosing your health information for the purposes set out in this Collection Notice.

Why do we collect your personal information?

We collect your health information:

  • To establish your requirements and make any Special Assistance or other travel arrangements for you when you are travelling with us or one of our holiday or experience providers.
  • To process your medical clearance form.
  • To investigate a safety incident or accident, complaint or claim that you were involved in.

What would happen if we did not collect your personal information?

If we cannot collect your health in connection with a Special Assistance Request or a medical clearance form, we may not be able to provide you with Special Assistance and/or process your flight or experience booking. We may not be able to fully investigate a safety incident, complaint or claim if we cannot collect certain health information from you.

Who will we disclose your personal information to?

  • We may disclose your health information to our related companies, our airline partners, security and law enforcement agencies.
  • If there is more than one person named in your booking, or you are travelling with a support person, we may disclose your health information to that person(s).
  • Any other person or organisation from whom you have asked us to obtain or to disclose health and other personal information, for example, your doctor.
  • Third parties who provide us with (or help us provide) products and services. These include providers of our catering services (where your health information results in a special meal request on-board), ground handling services, technology and related support services and call centre services.
  • In the event of an emergency or other incident in which you are involved, we may disclose your health and other personal information to persons and organisations involved in the emergency/incident response, and to your family member(s) who contact us seeking information about you or the incident.

Further information about our likely uses and disclosures of personal information is contained in our Privacy Policy.

Access and correction of your personal information

Our Privacy Policy located on our website contains information about how you can access or correct your personal information.

Privacy complaints

Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you can make a privacy complaint and how we will deal with a privacy complaint. You can contact our Privacy Officer at privacy@virginaustralia.com.

Overseas disclosure of your personal information

We are likely to disclose your health information to the overseas countries where:

  • You are travelling to or from where it is necessary to effect your Special Assistance or other travel arrangement.
  • Our third party service providers (in respect of customer support and technology-related services) are located, that is, Germany, India, Japan, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, The Philippines, United Kingdom and United States of America.

 Last updated May 2017