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Vision and hearing impairments

Travelling as a Vision or Hearing Impaired Guest

It is of utmost importance to us that all of our guests have a safe and enjoyable journey. If you require specific, ‘individual’ assistance, at the airport or during flight, we ask that you tell us about it in advance. That way, we can plan for your arrival and ensure that your travel is hassle free.

How to Book

Bookings for vision and/or hearing impaired guests who require specific assistance when travelling alone or with a Service Dog, may be made through our website, or by contacting our Guest Contact Centre (Internet discount fare will be honoured). See more information on travelling with a service dog.

Vision and/or hearing impaired guests who are not travelling with a Guide/Hearing Dog and do not require any specific assistance at the airport or during the flight can make bookings online.

Calling from New Zealand:

  • If calling from New Zealand and wish to use the TRS or TTY services dial 0800 4 711 711 then ask to be connected to V Australia on 0800 8287 82. For more details, please visit the New Zealand Relay website
  • We will ensure that information is included in your booking to make sure our team members at the airport and onboard are aware of any assistance you may require.

If calling from anywhere else in the world, use your local TRS or TTY service number and request the operator to dial +61 7 3333 6888

If you are travelling with a Guide Dog or a Service Dog, please refer to additional information provided in our Travelling with an Service Dog section.


We provide a broad range of services to assist you within the airport and during your flight. Please discuss your requirements with our Guest Contact Centre at the time of booking. As a guide, the services we can provide include:

At the Airport

  • Meet and Assist – if you need assistance within the airport. If you require this service please make it known to a check-in team member on your arrival at the airport.
  • Visual aids at check-in to ensure you are able to understand the responsibilities in regards to dangerous goods.
  • We would like to provide you with the best service possible, so let us know whether you lip read, or would like a member of our team to use a pen and paper, or to speak louder.
  • Our team members will let you know when pre-boarding has commenced and will take you to the aircraft door or to your seat.
  • Flight arrival and departure screens are visible throughout the airport terminal and are kept up-to-date with any flight time or gate changes – announcements with this information are also made for vision impaired guests.
  • We are unable to assist with kerbside assistance outside the terminal. If you require this level of assistance we recommend you travel with or have a companion.

During Your Flight

  • You will board first and be provided with an individual safety briefing.
  • If you have communicated to us in advance that you are deaf, blind or hard of hearing or sight, our crew will be aware of your location in the aircraft.
  • We provide Braille and large print safety instruction manuals onboard all our aircraft.
  • If you require the attention of our crew – at any time when the illuminated seatbelt sign is not lit – call bells are located on the control panel above your seat.
  • Our complimentary in-flight magazine, Voyeur contains helpful and entertaining information for the hearing impaired.

On Arrival

  • At your request we can assist you with domestic and some international short haul connections, and to the baggage carousel.