Enhanced Security Procedures

Enhanced Security Measures for Carry-on Baggage

The Australian Government has enforced enhanced security measures on international flights, which limit the amount of liquids, aerosols, and/or gels guests are permitted to take as carry-on baggage.

Each guest is permitted to carry liquids, aerosols, and/or gels (with caps) in containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml each. All containers must fit comfortably inside a single one litre transparent resealable plastic bag, which must be completely sealed. This bag must be presented separately at the security screening point.

These restrictions apply to (but are not limited to) the following items:

  • Beverages and food (in sauce/liquid form);
  • Shampoo and soap;
  • Perfume and deodorant;
  • Cream, lotion and oil;
  • Paste, including toothpaste;
  • Lip balm, lip gloss and lip stick;
  • Hair gel, hair spray or other items of a similar consistency.

Virgin Australia recommends that all other liquids, aerosols and gels, in excess of this allowance, be placed in checked baggage prior to check in. Guests will not be permitted past the security screening point with liquids, aerosols and gels in excess of the amounts stipulated above – nor will they be able to access their checked baggage after check-in.

Guests may still take onboard items purchased after the security screening point at the airport, including Duty Free. These screening restrictions also apply at any transit point. All guests transiting through Australia or the United States to other international locations are advised to purchase Duty Free goods after the transit screening point. For more information about enhanced security measures for liquids, aerosols and gels, refer to the Australian Government's Department of Transport website.

Exceptions may be made for guests with medical conditions (supporting documentation may be required) and quantities of baby food required for the flight. Please contact our Guest Contact Centre for further information regarding these exemptions. These items may be subject to additional security checks.

All guests passing through a security screening point will also be subject to a variety of greater security checks.