WGEA Gender Pay Gap Reporting Statement

Virgin Australia believes that a gender balanced workforce benefits everyone and we are committed to the Workplace Gender Equality Act. Gender Equity is one of the six pillars which underpin our approach to diversity and inclusion, which we call our "Belonging" Strategy.   

Pay equity is an important component of gender equity and remuneration at Virgin Australia is determined independently of gender or any other personal characteristic. We are committed to ensuring everyone is equally valued and rewarded for the role they do. 

We have a diverse workforce, with 77% of our people employed under an Enterprise Agreement (EA). Each frontline workgroup has its own EA with prescribed pay rates by role type and seniority level. This ensures that all our team members are paid equally for doing the same role. 

Remuneration for the other 23% of our workforce, our corporate team members, is determined with reference to a grading framework and external market pay rates. Pay equity reviews are performed annually and corrective adjustments are made as part of our annual remuneration review process.   

The 2023 median gender pay gap calculated by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) of 41.7% is driven by the demographic profile of our organisation. We have a larger proportion of men occupying higher paying roles, such as pilots and aircraft engineering roles, and we have gender representation targets and supporting initiatives across our frontline and corporate workgroups.  We are focused on improving the demographic profile of key roles across our organisation over time. Targets and initiatives are in place to ensure we deliver on our objectives.