Use of Personal Electronic Devices (PED)

The use of Personal Electronic Devices and telecommunication devices onboard is allowed in certain circumstances. This information is to help you ensure you are using your device correctly onboard our aircraft.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones can be used:

  • When passengers are embarking/disembarking via an aerobridge
  • Gate-to-gate onboard the aircraft

Mobile phones must be placed in flight mode, once the last aircraft door has been closed. Mobile phones can continue to be used in flight mode until you arrive at your destination.

Flight mode

Flight mode must be selected on the device prior to the last door closing on departure. Selecting flight mode will disable the transmitting function on your device and will prevent the ability to make calls or send emails.

Mobile phones and PDAs without flight mode capability activated may not be used in-flight.

On aircraft fitted with Wireless In-flight Entertainment, after switching your electronic device to flight mode you will need to enable Wi-Fi to access the system during flight.

Personal Electronic Device (PED) onboard usage

The table below details the type of devices and the details for their use onboard:

Non restricted devices

PED Type Restrictions for use
  • Hearing aids
  • Medical implants
  • Electronic watches
  • GPS receivers
  • Video and still cameras
  • Calculators
  • Electric shavers
May be used at anytime onboard the aircraft.


Transmitting with flight mode

PED Type Restrictions for use

Small PEDs

PEDs less than 1 kg which can be held in one hand with their largest dimension no greater than 25 cm.

Examples include Kindle, iPad, Galaxy Tablets and smartphones.

  • Approved for use gate-to-gate
  • These devices must have their transmission capabilities deactivated prior to the last cabin door closing in order to be used.

Note: For aircraft fitted with our Wireless IFE system, the Wi-Fi capability of the PED may be enabled after flight mode is turned on.

If the Wireless IFE system is unserviceable, (Cabin Crew will advise) then Wi-Fi capability of the PEDs must remain disabled.

Large PEDs

PEDs 1kg or more, PEDs less than 1kg which cannot be held in one hand, PEDs with their largest dimension greater than 25cm or clamshell type devices.

Examples include laptops or personal computers.

  • These devices must have their transmission capabilities deactivated prior to the last cabin door closing in order to be used in-flight
  • These devices must be stowed in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of you during taxi, take-off and landing
  • Devices with transmission capabilities deactivated (i.e. in flight mode) may be used in-flight once the fasten seat belt has been extinguished after take-off, until the fasten seat belt sign is illuminated for landing.