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If you’re flying with a little one, here’s some things you might want to know to help make your journey as seamless as possible.

Please note that information on this page only applies to flights operated by Virgin Australia. For flights operated by other airlines, please contact the airline directly.


For an overview on your travel requirements and options when travelling with infants or children, please refer to the table below.

Fares for infants and children

Find the cost of infant and child fares across our network in the table below. Fares must be booked based on the age at the time of travel. For example, if booking for a child who will turn 12 years old during the journey, the flight must be booked as an adult.

To book fares for infants and children, book online or call our Guest Contact Centre.

Required travel documents 

At check-in, you may be asked to provide proof of date of birth. Passports, extracts or copies of birth certificates and immunisation books are acceptable. 

For International flights, all passengers will need their own passport plus any visas or authorisation letters required by the destination country. Visit the Department of Foreign Affairs website for more information about required travel documents.

Baggage allowances for infants and children

Carry-on baggage

Infant Child

Adults travelling with infants are entitled to take an additional 7kg carry-on baggage free of charge for essential baby products, as listed below*.

  • Baby milk, including breast milk
  • Sterilised water
  • Juice
  • Baby food in liquid, gel or paste form
  • Disposable wipes
Children are entitled to the same carry-on baggage allowance as adults.

Checked baggage

Infants and children are entitled to carry special items as checked baggage, free of charge, as listed below. If you're travelling with an infant, you may check in a 23kg bag as part of your special item baggage allowance (except where you are flying on an Economy Lite fare).

 See list of special infant items

 See list of special equipment items

Onboard the flight

To help make your journey as seamless as possible, guests may bring various devices and comfort items onboard the flight. See below for a list of approved items and restrictions.

Specific Assistance for children travelling alone

We’re here to look after our young flyers, which is why we provide assistance for Unaccompanied Minors and Young Persons Travelling Alone. Please refer to the table below for more information.

Overview Unaccompanied Minor Young Person Travelling Alone

May be booked on Domestic or International Short Haul flights operated by Virgin Australia. Cannot be booked on connecting flights.

May be booked on all Virgin Australia flights including connecting flights.

Your child's journey

Your child will be escorted to the aircraft by Ground Crew, supervised on board the aircraft by Cabin Crew and then released into the care of the person nominated on the Unaccompanied Minor form.

Your child will only be supervised in the event of a flight disruption.

Age of passenger 5-11 years old - Must be booked as an
Unaccompanied Minor
12-15 years old - Optional to be booked as an Unaccompanied Minor or an adult

12-17 years old - Optional to be booked as a
Young Person Travelling Alone


For Domestic flights: An Unaccompanied Minor fee of $55 will apply.

For International flights: An Unaccompanied Minor fee will apply depending on port of departure, as listed below.

Departing from:

  • Australia: AUD 95
  • New Zealand, Cook Islands: NZD 99
  • Indonesia: IDR 934,000
  • Fiji: FJD 143
  • Papua New Guinea: PGK225
  • Samoa: WST 175
  • Tonga: TOP 150
  • Solomon Islands: SBD 530
  • Vanuatu: VUV 7600 
No additional fee.

Independent travel criteria

Children travelling alone need to satisfy our independent travel criteria or they are required to travel with a carer. They will need to be able to perform the following tasks without assistance:

  1. Consume food and beverages (cabin crew can assist with opening packaging)
  2. Attend the toilet (including getting to and from the toilet onboard)
  3. Administer any medication (including Epi Pens)
    • Children travelling alone must be capable of self-administering their own medication. Our cabin crew are unable to administer medication. The necessary medications must be accessible in carry-on baggage.
    • Children travelling alone with any medical conditions that may affect their travel, must satisfy our Medical Clearance Guidelines (PDF, 331KB)

Your child’s journey as an Unaccompanied Minor

At the airport

Saying goodbye


Saying hello

Your child's journey as a Young Person Travelling Alone 

No additional assistance is provided, except in the event of a flight disruption. If your child’s flight is cancelled, our Cabin Crew and Ground Crew will know to keep an eye out and provide supervision at the diversion port.

We will do our best to accommodate them on another flight to their destination and if this is not possible, we will:

  • Arrange overnight accommodation including transfers
  • Always provide supervision, including in hotel accommodation
  • Provide food and beverage
  • Provide the parent/legal guardian frequent updates

To ensure your child is assisted in the event of a flight disruption, please make a booking for Specific Assistance.