We understand the importance of reducing our environmental impacts to improve the sustainability of our business into the future. Key to achieving this is to ensure that our business strives to efficiently manage the resources that we use throughout our operations.

Our new business model has helped to reduce the amount of food waste and unnecessary packaging. The targeted retail-on-board menu gives our guests the choice of what and when to consume – reducing uneaten food waste. We’ve also worked to replace unnecessary, discretionary items through our streamlined lounge and inflight experience.

We continue to work toward the Australian Packaging Covenant’s 2025 national targets to improve product sustainability. In 2021, we were awarded the Australian Packaging Covenant’s Industry Sector award in the airline, accommodation and tourism industry.

We’re continuing our work to reduce waste and improve product sustainability. We have:

  • Reduced single-use plastics
  • Reduced unnecessary, single-use items
  • Improved packaging sustainability.