Virgin Australia Cargo Partner – Pak Fresh Handling

8 Hibiscus Street, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008

Location on Google Maps.


Brisbane Operations

P: 07 3739 9250

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 04:00-00:25
Sat-Sun 05:00-22:00

Cargo Operations

Departure: Final cargo acceptance time prior to aircraft’s estimated departure (minutes).

  Animals (AVI) Dangerous Goods All Other Cargo
Screening Required - - 120
Pre-Screened (CSD) - - 60
Screening Exempt 90 120 60


Arrival: Earliest cargo collection time after aircraft arrival (minutes).

  Animals (AVI)
All Other Cargo
Collection 30 45

Cargo Facility Capabilities

Dangerous Goods Outbound (DG Acceptance): Yes

Dangerous Goods Inbound: Yes

Cool Room Storage: Yes (subject to availability)