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Codeshare and Interline Partnerships

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand LogoVirgin Australia and Air New Zealand offer unprecedented choice in flights across the Tasman; and increased loyalty rewards through reciprocal frequent flyer programs. Based in Auckland, Air New Zealand services 26 domestic and 24 international destinations, and is New Zealand's national flag carrier.

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Delta Air Lines

Delta LogoVirgin Australia and Delta Air Lines share a Trans Pacific partnership, which offers guests access to an ever-increasing number of cities across the United States and Australia and around the globe, plus the opportunity to earn frequent flyer points every step of the way. Delta Air Lines is one of the world’s largest airlines, offering services to 356 destinations in 65 countries.

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Etihad Airways

Etihad LogoAs integrated alliance partners, Virgin Australia and Etihad Airways offer an expanded global network of seamless connectivity, and increased loyalty rewards through reciprocal frequent flyer programs and lounge access. Etihad’s fleet of 57 aircraft operates close to 1000 flights per week, serving an international network of 67 destinations in 45 countries.

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Singapore Airlines

115x115-singaporeVirgin Australia and Singapore Airlines' new codeshare partnership will offer guests an expanded global network, increased loyalty and frequent flyer rewards, and reciprocal lounge access. Through Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia guests will have access an extra 70 destinations worldwide – particularly throughout Asia.

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Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic LogoAs partners Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic Airways offer a far-reaching global network and increased loyalty rewards through reciprocal frequent flyer programs and lounge access. Virgin Atlantic’s fleet of 38 aircraft transport over five million guests a year to worldwide destinations throughout Asia, the United Kingdom, North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

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Virgin America

Virgin America LogoVirgin America is a Californian based airline that services major U.S. airports, as well as popular holiday destinations in Mexico.


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Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines LogoVirgin Australia codeshares on Hawaiian Airlines daily flights between Sydney and Honolulu, and onward connections to neighbour island destinations.


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Other Partners

WorldVirgin Australia has Interline agreements and partnerships with a number of international and domestic airlines. Take advantage of free terminal transfers and through bag checks with Virgin Australia’s Interline partners.

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