It is your responsibility to provide a container for your pet’s travel which complies with the standard required by Virgin Australia. If your pet does not have a travel container which meets our requirements or is not the right size for your pet, we may refuse to accept your pet for transport.

The size of the container is very important to the welfare of your pet. The following guidelines must be followed: 

  • Your pet must be able to stand with their head up unrestricted by the container; and
  • Your pet must be able to turn around freely within the container.
  • Virgin Australia does NOT accept wire containers.
Need help selecting the right container for your pet?
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Additionally, the container must:

  • Have adequate ventilation;
  • Have a water bowl/receptacle affixed to the container;
  • Have escape proof hinges and latches and be adequately locked;
  • Be in good repair and strong enough to withstand damage and ensure the pet cannot escape;
  • Be made of wood or a polypropylene material;
  • Be lined with absorbent material and designed so that no water or excreta can escape;
  • Not exceed a total weight of 65kgs when pet is included inside;
  • Not have any wheels attached;
  • Not be designed to collapse; and
  • Two-part rigid plastic containers must have the top and bottom (or side) parts secured by screws or nuts and bolts (not plastic clips).

Note: The following animals are to be shipped in metal or wooden containers which are stronger in design and comply with IATA Regulations (such as the CR-82 crate):

  • Powerful and strong breeds (this includes, but is not limited to American Staffordshire Terriers);
  • Highly agitated animals; or
  • Animals that exhibit aggressive behaviour or excessive chewing.
Pet cargo crates


Generally, only one pet may travel per container, however, up to three pets can travel per container if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • All from the same litter;
  • Under six months old; and
  • Under 14 kgs each.

A maximum of two adult pets of comparable size up to 14kg each, that are compatible for travel, may be shipped in the same container. Pets over 14 kg must travel individually.

Fleet compatibility

Please note this guide is specific to loose loaded containers only. Measurements are provided as a guide. Exact dimensions will vary based on make and model as detailed below.


Items allowed inside pet containers

Please see details below of items that can travel with your pet.


Item Inside the cage Attached to the outside of the cage Note
Leads     Must be zip-tied to the outside
Document(s)     Must be taped to the outside
Animal jackets     Greyhounds are allowed to wear compression