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Flying with us

Explore your options when flying with Virgin Australia. View information on our fleet, cabin classes, fare types, airline partners and other services such as Cargo and charters.

Flying internationally

Countries may have different security measures in place or require different visa and passport verification and documentation. Find out what you need to consider when travelling internationally.

COVID-19 information hub

We want to ensure your journey with us is seamless, from determining travel and entry requirements to booking a flight with credits, find everything you need to know about travelling with us.

At the airport

Find information on services available to you at the airport including lounges, transfers and connnecting flights.


Find information on baggage allowances, purchasing additional bags, dangerous goods or delayed baggage.


Explore your options for managing your booking and checking in for your next flight.

On the move

Book a flight, manage your booking, and check in from anywhere, at any time.

Onboard experience

Discover the Virgin Australia experience onboard our flight.

Specific travel

Find information on flying with kids, pets or your options if you require specific or medical assistance.