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Choose your ideal way to travel with our various fare types including Lite, Choice, Flex, Business and Future Credit fares.

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The Virgin Australia Agency Hub is a dedicated site for our Travel Industry Partners.

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Take a look at our fleet of the world’s most advanced and modern aircraft.

Cargo services

We provide services for major cargo distributors, corporate shippers and individuals, including the transportation of animals. 

Flying internationally

Find information about travelling internationally including visas, passports, and security procedures.

Corporate travel

Join the Virgin Australia accelerate program, or explore our other corporate solutions, premium valet service and lounge facilities. 

Group travel

Virgin Australia is pleased to offer competitive Group Fares for ten or more passengers travelling on the same flight or twenty or more passengers travelling from different origins to the same destination for a common purpose.


Virgin Australia is one of Australia’s largest operators of fly-in fly-out charter aircraft. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and service, and our ability to deliver FIFO solutions for world-leading mining resource and contracting companies.