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Recommended check-in times

For domestic flights

Check-in will close 30 minutes before departure and you will not be able to check your bags after this time.

We recommend you are checked in with bags dropped at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. 

If you are connecting to an international flight, travelling in a large group or require additional assistance, we recommend that you are checked in 60 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

When planning your arrival at the airport please ensure you allow enough time to check in. Failure to adhere to check-in times, may result in you missing your flight and forfeiting the fare paid.

For international flights

We recommend you are checked in with bags dropped at least 90 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

If you are travelling in a large group or require additional assistance, we recommend that you are checked in at least 120 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

When planning your arrival at the airport, please ensure you allow enough time to check in make your way through security and to the boarding gate. Failure to adhere to check-in times may result in you missing your flight and forfeiting the fare paid. 

Your check-in options

Select a check-in option below for more information on checking in for your flight.

Check-in for your flight online via desktop, tablet or mobile devices using our online check-in portal. 

  • For domestic flights: Online check-in for domestic travel will open 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure, and close 45 minutes prior.*
  • For international flights: Online check-in for international travel is currently unavailable. Please proceed to a check-in counter to check-in.

* Guests who have booked with specific service requests may be unable to check-in online. Upon arrival at the airport, please see Virgin Australia staff to determine if kiosk check-in can be utilised for your booking or proceed to our traditional check-in counters. Our kiosk check-in facilities are available at selected airports.

Check-in for your flight via the Virgin Australia App.

Download the Virgin Australia app from the App StoreTM or Google PlayTM store.

For domestic flights

At most Domestic Airports guests can opt to check in using our Self Service Check-in technology or Counter Check-in service provided by friendly Virgin Australia team members.

Guests can use our self check-in kiosks at most major airports where you can print your boarding pass and bag tag before proceeding to a bag drop.

Our Check-in guides below explains our Self Check-in steps to make sure you are prepared on arrival at the airport. 

For international flights

At our International Airports, Counter Check-in service for guests with and without bags is provided by our friendly Virgin Australia team members.

International Check-in: Check-in opens 3 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time.

Download the Amazon Alexa app from the App StoreTM or Google PlayTM store to get started with the Virgin Australia skill, then follow the steps below. 

Travel essentials

Before arriving at the airport, it is important that guests take note of our specific baggage and attire guidelines, and have the appropriate documentation required for check-in if travelling internationally. If you do not meet these guidelines you may be prevented from boarding your flight.

Packing your bags

When you drop off your baggage, you will be asked whether or not you have packed items that may be considered dangerous goods.

When packing your bags, please consider what is permitted, what is forbidden and what is restricted. Do not pack anything that is likely to be confiscated by airport staff or ground crew.

Please keep in mind Virgin Australia’s carry-on and checked baggage allowances when packing for your flight. If you exceed your checked baggage allowance, you will be subject to excess baggage charges. Any items which exceed the carry-on baggage allowances will be tagged and placed in the hold.

If you require additional baggage, we strongly recommend purchasing additional baggage before arriving at the airport. Please visit Manage My Bookings or contact the Guest Contact Centre.

Looking the part

Virgin Australia has a list of minimum dress requirements. To board our aircraft Virgin Australia guests must wear:

  • Footwear (thongs are acceptable) – all adults and children who are capable of walking must wear suitable footwear
  • Shorts, or a skirt, or pants/trousers – suitable clothing that covers your bottom half
  • A shirt (singlets are acceptable)

If your items of clothing display offensive language or symbols, you will not be permitted on our services. If you do not meet our minimum dress requirements, you will be prevented from travel until you are dressed appropriately.

Boarding your flight

Your boarding pass will display the time that you need to be at the boarding gate.

It is important to us and our guests that flights depart on time. For domestic flights, gate closure will occur 10 minutes prior to departure and our aircraft will not be held at the boarding gate for late guests.

As flight and gate information can change, remember to regularly refer to flight information display screens throughout the terminal to stay up to date with your flight status and gate information.

If you require extra time boarding or additional assistance, please contact our Guest Contact Centre in advance so that we can arrange this with our team at the airport.

Travelling internationally

If you are travelling internationally, please familiarise yourself with the essential travel documentation required to board your flight. If you do not have the correct travel documentation, you may miss your flight and forfeit the fare paid.

Please have your passport and travel documents on hand, and keep in mind the Enhanced Security Measures for what is permitted on-board international flights.

Allow enough time to clear security, Customs and Immigration before boarding.

If you are travelling to the USA, you will need to provide ground crew and Customs officers with a contact address for your first night in the USA. We recommend that you have this documented and ready to present when required.

Find out more about Visa and Passport requirements for specific destinations.