Be the good boss - making the most of Business Flyer for your team


Virgin Australia Business Flyer unlocks great benefits for businesses – but it can also help your staff travel better. Put your finest worker onto the fast path towards Velocity Gold, or reward the team with Virgin Australia Lounge memberships… and that’s just the start.

The real fun comes with spending the business’ Velocity Points. Getting staff excited about an early morning flight or a late finish gets easier if there’s an upgrade involved. Especially one that doesn’t break the bank!

Velocity Pilot Gold is your trump card

Spend just $2,000 or more on Virgin Australia flights within the first three months of Virgin Australia Business Flyer membership and two Velocity Pilot Gold cards are ripe for the taking. Each provides three months of Gold-style perks, with a shortcut towards a full year of Velocity Gold privileges5.

We wouldn’t judge if you kept one of these Pilot Gold memberships for yourself. After all, it’s important to recognise your own work – especially in getting your business to where it is today. But think about how you’ll use that second membership.

Gold status has cachet. It’s a carrot you could dangle to reward your top all-around performer. Or, perhaps, the worker that kicks the biggest goal: the most sales this quarter or the largest sale this year.

In real terms, this employee’s business trips suddenly get better with Velocity Pilot Gold. Skipping the queues at check-in means more time in the Virgin Australia Lounge: yes, they get that too5. They’ve earned it, sure, but they’ll have you to thank for the recognition.


The next-best thing: Virgin Australia Lounge membership

Velocity Pilot Gold status is great: and whoever gets the gong will be the envy of their colleagues. So why not use Virgin Australia Lounge membership as a separate incentive5?

As a Virgin Australia Business Flyer member, you can buy annual memberships at a discount: just $379 per person6. And unlike those Velocity Pilot Gold cards, this perk isn’t capped at just two people.

Recognise an entire team for a job well done, at an affordable cost. Whether your staff fly often or just occasionally, they’re sure to appreciate it (not to mention the complimentary food and drinks!). 

Of course, in the Lounge, employees can connect to fast and free Wi-Fi: staying productive – and powered up – before they fly. It’s a win for morale, and a win for the business. That’s just smart management.

Make journeys even better with Velocity Points

Every time you book Virgin Australia flights, the business itself can earn Velocity Points2. These can be spent however you see fit: so get creative.

Have a staff member taking a long Economy flight? Send them a serve of Velocity Points for an upgrade to Business. Now that’s a boss move. And with more space on board, they’ll arrive feeling refreshed and ready for what lies ahead.

You could even create a go-to strategy. Use cash to buy Virgin Australia flights in Economy, for those shorter treks. Keep the points for journeys further afield, and let your travellers fly in comfort.

You’ll be glad you joined Virgin Australia Business Flyer – and your staff will love the perks, too.

Don’t forget to ask your accountant about any tax implications that may arise from the company’s participation in Virgin Australia Business Flyer, including Fringe Benefits Tax.

Become a Business Flyer

Virgin Australia Business Flyer terms and conditions

1 Virgin Australia Business Flyer Members can earn up to 1,000,000 Points from Virgin Australia, airlines partners and Virgin Australia codeshare flights only, per annum, based on the rolling 12 month period from when the Member joins Virgin Australia Business Flyer. Points aren’t earned on certain fees, taxes, or charges. Virgin Australia Business Flyer and Loyalty Terms and Conditions and Velocity membership Terms and Conditions apply. 

2Velocity Frequent Flyer Points Terms and Conditions: If the individual flying with Virgin Australia or a partner airline is also a Velocity Frequent Flyer Program member, they may also earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Program points in accordance with the relevant Velocity Frequent Flyer Program Terms.

3 Points transfer: Virgin Australia Business Flyer Account Administrators can transfer Points earned by the Virgin Australia Business Flyer member to a Velocity Frequent Flyer member, provided that (a) there is a minimum of 3,000 Points per transfer; and (b) the Velocity Frequent Flyer member transferee is directly employed or contracted by the Virgin Australia Business Flyer member.

4 The Fare Advantage Discount of 4% applies to domestic Flex fares (L, K, H, B, Y class) and 6% applies to domestic Business Class fares (D, C, J class) and is available to Virgin Australia Business Class members.  The Fare Advantage Discount levels are subject to change without notice. Please check our website for current discount levels.  Fare Advantage Discounts can only be booked through the Booking Portal, our Guest Contact Centre, or a registered self-ticketing Travel Management Company (TMC) or travel agent and are not available through the public Virgin Australia website. If your TMC or travel agent is not registered to process Fare Advantage Discounts, please instruct your TMC or travel agent to contact the Virgin Australia Business Flyer team at  Fare Advantage Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount and cannot be combined with any other Unpublished Fares or Promotional Fares. Fare Advantage discounts do not apply to any bookings made via the Virgin Australia conference and group travel area, sale fares or other tactical fares offered from time to time, and bookings for children and infants. If you have any questions regarding the application of Fare Advantage Discounts, please contact the Virgin Australia Business Flyer team.  Virgin Australia Business Flyer and Loyalty Terms and Conditions  apply. 

5Priority Benefits: Applies to new Virgin Australia Business Flyer members. Minimum flight spend and criteria applies See Schedule 1 – Virgin Australia Business Flyer and Loyalty Terms and Conditions for more detail.

6Usual annual Lounge Membership Fee is $399 (as at 17/6/2022). Discounted Membership Fee is available for the Virgin Australia Business Flyer member’s Key Contact, Account Administrators, Travel Bookers and Travellers. Subject to the Virgin Australia Business Flyer and Loyalty Terms and ConditionsVirgin Australia Lounge Terms and Conditions and Virgin Australia Lounge rules. Virgin Australia Lounge entry is subject to space availability.