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Use of cookies by Virgin Australia

Note: This policy explains how cookies are used on from 27/08/2012. 

Cookies are small text files set on your computer by the websites that you visit, or by certain emails that you open. They are used in order to make websites work more efficiently, as well as to provide the sites’ owners with business and marketing information. For more detailed information about cookies visit

Several types of cookie may be used during your visit to

  • Session cookies, which are deleted after each visit.
  • Persistent cookies, which are valid across visits. For example, to determine your country of residence.
  • Email cookies, which are set on your computer by an email from Virgin Australia and/or Velocity Frequent Flyer, and accessed by when you use our site.
  • Third Party cookies, which are used by our partners. For example, to help us measure site visitors.
  • Some cookies are essential in order for you to visit and use services

We match information gathered from cookies with information that you have provided about yourself, or that we have collected about you for the purposes explained in our Privacy Policy.

Some cookies support the function of services that you need from These services include:

  • Maintaining a successful connection to our web-server
  • Booking a flight
  • Purchasing insurance
  • Or searching our schedule

The cookies used to support these services are classed as Service-critical cookies.

Other cookies on our site are used for supporting effective advertising, anonymous tracking analysis through our website and partner pages, and remembering your search history for convenience. These functions do not support the primary guest services offered through our site, as a result they are classed as Non-service-critical cookies.

Here is a list of all cookies that Virgin Australia sets and how we use them:

Cookie Name Purpose
Session cookie
  • Used to maintain your transaction with Virgin Australia (expires within a 5 minute period).
  • Minimises the need to transfer your information across the Internet.
Tracking cookie Used to recognise repeat visitors to the site and in conjunction with other information we hold in attempt to record specific browsing information (that is, about the way you arrive at the site, pages you view, options you select, information you enter and the path you take through the site) against an individual customer profile.
POS Choice cookie
  • Used by Virgin Australia to record your default country of residence or Point of Sale (POS). While it is not necessary for this cookie to be stored across visits to the site, it is necessary to have a cookie that tells the site which POS/country’s page to present to you.
  • By storing this cookie across visits, it means that you don't have to tell us your POS/country of residence at the start of each visit.
Language Choice cookie

Used by Virgin Australia to record your preferred language. While it is not necessary for this cookie to be stored across visits to the site, it is necessary to have a cookie that tells the site which language to present to you.

By storing this cookie across visits, it means that you don't have to tell us your preferred language at the start of each visit.

Enrolment Application cookie This cookie tracks the number of enrolments made by the same browser in a 24 hour period. This is used for security purposes.
Trade Extranet cookie (Texcookie) Used for trade extranet purposes, storing your IATA or ABTA number together with your country choice. By storing this cookie across visits, it means that you don't have to tell us your IATA number at the start of each visit.

Here is a list of some cookies that may be set by our business partners on

Partner Useage

We use Omniture software to carry out statistical analysis of page use, page interactions and paths through This is known as 'web metrics'. We may also record certain information that you provide during an on-site purchase or other process, such as name, email or booking reference. We also capture a customer identifier when Velocity Frequent Flyer members or Virgin Australia registered customers log on to

This information allows us to identify customers, and understand their individual behaviours and needs. This means that we can tailor offers and information that may be of interest to you. We only send marketing emails when you have given us permission to do so. This information is not passed on to third party companies for their use.

Our digital marketing agency has access to this information, along with other Virgin Australia data, to help increase the relevancy of our direct marketing.


Our online advertising supplier, used for the purpose of serving our Internet advertisements on other sites. Some of our web pages may contain electronic images known as web beacons (sometimes known as clear gifs), which allow us to track user interactions on these pages. They may also report back some information to DoubleClick about the interaction performed.

While these adverts are based on your individual interactions with, we do not combine information about these interactions with personal information you provide to us during the booking process.

If you do not wish to receive such “personalised” advertisements you can opt-out of Virgin Australia cookies or you can opt-out directly via their cookie tracking by following instructions on: Our bookmarking supplier, used to allow you to easily bookmark selected pages.


If you wish to continue using you need to Accept Cookies. Please be aware that Accepting Cookies will result in cookies being set (subject to browser settings) and that any further use of this site will be taken as accepting their use. Please close this dialogue box to accept cookies.

If you wish to go straight to our internet booking engine, and avoid non-service-critical cookies on the website, but accept the use of Service-critical cookies to make a booking, you can do so by not Accepting Cookies but go straight to make a booking, check-in or check your flight status.

You can request that we stop storing cookies on your computer, and that we don't set any more.

Please be aware that if you decline the use of cookies set by Virgin Australia on you will be unable to use our website. This limitation does not apply to cookies set by our business partners.