Many women fly while pregnant and have no difficulties. If you are pregnant and intend to fly we recommend that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor before you fly – particularly during the later stages of pregnancy.

If you are 28 weeks pregnant or more, you will be required to carry a letter from your doctor or midwife, dated no more than 10 days prior to travel, outlining the estimated due date, single or multiple pregnancies, the absence of complications, and your fitness to fly for the duration of the flight(s) booked.

You can make a direct request to Virgin Australia to consider your pregnancy and relevant medical condition on a case by case basis by contacting our Guest Contact Centre.

We require you to travel with medical clearance (PDF, 131KB) during pregnancy if the following applies:

Medical Clearance Required

Unacceptable for travel

Flights greater than 4 hours

Flights less than 4 hours

We recommend that you drink plenty of water while onboard the aircraft, and walk around the cabin when permitted. While onboard please view our in-flight magazine, Voyeur, for exercises to assist with blood flow during your flight.