Help Using the Interactive Route Map

Select from the Two Display Options:

Destinations: A display of all nonstop cities available from Virgin Australia
Routes: A display of possible routings between two cities, including connecting flights with one stop or more

Handy Tips:

Zoom: You can zoom in and out or use the "+" and "-" symbols under the thumbnail map (top left corner) to optimize your view of the map.

Move the Map: By holding your left mouse click and dragging the map, you can move the geographical area of interest into the centre of your screen.

City Names: Place your mouse crusor over any dot on the map to display the city name. The more you zoom in, the more city names will be displayed automatically.

Map Settings: By selecting "Settings" you can customize the display of routes and airlines.

Change the Route Display: In the "Settings" use "General" to set how the route lines are displayed.

Selection of Airlines: The interactive network map includes Virgin Australia and Codeshare partner airlines. If you have a carrier preference, select your choice under "With Airline" in the main map window to select the airline(s) you wish to display.

Route Listings: In the display option "Routes", a slide-out panel will show you the available route options. By clicking on any of the options, you can see more details on the particular route. You can collapse this window by clicking on the arrows in the left margin.

View Timetable: In the display option “Destinations” select the desired city or in the display option "Route", select the desired city pair. The slide-out results listing will display on the right. Click on “View Timetable” to see the possible flight schedules.

Reset the Map: To remove any lines or previously entered queries, click on the "Reset Map" icon in the bottom left corner of your window.

Print: To print the map, select the print icon on the bottom left hand corner.