Remember Me

What is Remember Me?

Remember Me is a feature that when selected, will capture guest information entered during booking so that on the next visit, this information will auto-populate for time saving convenience.

It conveniently allows the browser to remember specific and personal data for future use without compromising on guest privacy.

Note: Details are not stored on cookies.

What details will Remember Me capture?

How long will my details remain stored?

Your details will remain stored until you manually clear your data from your browser settings (as per answer to Q4).

If I edit my pre-populated details, will this update my stored details?

If you have previously opted to be remembered and you made changes to your pre-populated details, the Remember Me checkbox must remain checked, in order for your updated details to be stored. If the checkbox is un-checked your updated details will not be stored for your next visit.

Will new details added be stored?

If you have previously opted to be remembered and you have added additional passengers’ details, in order to retain those new passengers’ details, the check box must remain as checked.

What are the common browsers that support Remember Me?

How do I opt out of Remember Me to clear my stored details?

You can opt out at any time by going into your browser settings to clear the stored details from local storage. Clearing of storage data will be done the same way as clearing cookies and website history. Each browser will have different ways to clear saved data from local storage. The below steps list directives for four commonly used browsers:

a. IE Browser

  1. Go to the Tools menu and scroll down to Internet Options. This will open a Settings window.
  2. On the General Tab, under the Browsing History heading, click on the Delete button. This will open another Settings window.
  3. Ensure all checkboxes are checked and click on the Delete button. Then click on the Apply button followed by the OK button to exit out of the Internet Options window.

b. Chrome

  1. Go to the top right hand corner of the browser and click on the Settings icon.
  2. Scroll down to Tools menu and select the “Clear Browsing Data” option.
  3. Chose the timeframe you want to clear the data and check all options, then click on the Clear Browsing Data button. This should return you to the Settings window.
  4. On the Settings window, scroll down to the Privacy heading and click on Content Settings button. This will open the Content Settings window.
  5. On the Content Settings window, under the Cookies heading, click on All Cookies and Site Data button. This will open a Cookies and site data window
  6. On the Cookies and site data window, click on the Remove All button.
  7. Once done, click on the Done button to exit out of this settings menu.

c. Firefox

  1. Go to the Tools menu and scroll down to Options. This will open an Options window.
  2. On the Options window, click on the Privacy Tab. Under the History heading, click on the link Clear your Recent History. This will open a Clear Recent history window.
  3. Ensure all check boxes are checked and click on the Clear Now button. Once data are cleared, the window will close automatically and take you back to the Options window. Click on the OK button to exit.

d. Safari

  1. Go to the Edit Menu and click on Preferences. This will open a new window.
  2. Click on the Remove All Website Data button.