Redress Number Information

The Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP) provides an opportunity for passengers who believe they have been improperly or unfairly delayed or prohibited from boarding an aircraft to seek resolution and avoid future delays.

Important Redress and Secure Flight information:

Redress Application Process:

Individuals can visit or contact the DHS TRIP office by mail to submit an application for redress. After submitting their application, they receive a Redress Number immediately. This number is used to track their application, but also serves as the number to be provided when traveling in the future. Applicants should bear in mind that even though they have been assigned a Redress Number, their application must still be processed. Once the application is processed and finalized, the applicant will be notified with a letter.

How to Use a Redress Number:

  1. Upon submitting a TIF, individuals receive a seven digit Redress Number (this can also be referred to as a Redress Control Number)
  2. Individuals may use their Redress Number to check the status of their request at any time through the DHS Web site at:
  3. Once the application is finalized, passengers should use their Redress Number when booking reservations for air travel in order to avoid inconvenience at the airport.

For more information on passenger Redress and Secure Flight, you may visit TSA's Secure Flight Web site at