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Please check the latest government requirements prior to travel, which include wearing a face mask on all domestic services. Call volumes are higher than usual. If you're not travelling in the next 72 hours, please call back at a later time.



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How to put a booking on hold

Step 1 – Search for flights

  • Enter your flight search criteria on the Virgin Australia website, and click Find Flights.
    Note: Hold This Price is only available for selected domestic flights. You cannot put a booking on hold if your selected flight departs within 14 days or if your booking criteria includes a promotional code.

Step 2 – Select your flight time and fare type

  • Choose your preferred flight time and fare type.
    Note: Only selected Saver, Flexi and Business class fares are eligible to be put on hold with Hold This Price.

Step 3 – Enter guest details and travel preferences.

  • Enter your personal and contact details in the fields provided.
  • Add applicable travel preferences.

Step 4 – Choose the Hold This Price option

  • A Hold This Price button will appear adjacent to the Continue button on the Passenger Details page if the booking is eligible.
  • If the Hold This Price button is selected, a popup will appear outlining the length of the hold period and the fee payable for putting the booking on hold.
  • Select the desired hold option and click Continue.

Step 5 – Make payment

  • Select the Hold This Price payment option; the hold fee will be displayed below.
  • Choose your preferred method of payment (Credit Card or Gift Voucher).
  • Enter your details in the fields provided.
  • Click Continue to pay the hold fee and place the booking on hold.
  • If you have selected the hold option on the Payment page, a popup will appear advising you that Travel Extras cannot be selected while a booking is on hold, and that any pre-selected Travel Extras will be removed from your shopping basket. Select Continue to acknowledge and agree.
  • A confirmation page will display with your held booking details, outlining how much time you have to confirm your booking (the ‘hold period’). To confirm your booking, select Purchase Now.
  • You will receive an itinerary with your confirmation number, flight details, a receipt for any fees paid and a link to the Manage Booking page to confirm and complete your booking as required.

Step 6 – Retrieve booking

  • You can purchase your held booking within the hold period via My Bookings, located on the homepage.
  • Enter your details in the field provided and click Manage.

Step 7 – Purchase booking

  • You will be presented with the option to purchase your held booking; select Purchase.
  • Navigate through Passenger Details, Travel Extras and Seat Selection, entering required details and selections.
  • On the Payment page, a note will appear in the payment details section, which will advise you of the amount you are required to pay to confirm your booking.
  • Select your preferred form of payment, enter your details and select Complete Payment.
  • Your booking is now confirmed.