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Step 1 – Search for flights

  • “Expand” the homepage booking box to reveal the full booking panel
  • Enter your flight search criteria, and click “Find Flights”


Step 2 – Confirm your date of travel

  • Review your date of travel on the calendar(s) provided
  • To change your date of travel, click on a new travel date

Step 3 – Select your flight time and fare type

  • Choose your preferred flight time and fare type

Tip: Fare inclusions and rules can be viewed and compared by hovering over the fare type titles, i.e. Saver Lite (v).

Step 4 – Enter guest details and travel preferences

  • Enter your personal and contact (and if necessary documentation) details in the fields provided
  • Add applicable travel preferences

Step 5 – Add Travel Extras

  • To Carbon Offset click “Add”
  • To add Additional Baggage click “Add”, select guest(s)who require additional bags, and the number of additional checked bags required

Tip: Baggage allowances are only included for selected fares and Velocity Members. To check your baggage inclusions, click the Fare Type and Velocity Tier links provided. 

Step 6 – Select your seat

  • Click on the applicable flight (+) for seat selection, and select the guest’s name
  • Click on the guest’s preferred seat on the seat map provided
  • Click “Continue to Payment”

Tip: Refer to the seat key to understand seat availability.

Step 7 – Select travel insurance and make payment

  • Select whether you would like to purchase travel insurance
  • Choose your preferred method of payment (credit card, Travel Bank or Internet Payment) 
  • Pay for your flight (and extras) by entering your details in the fields provided, or by following the steps in the information provided
  • Read fare rules and tick the tickbox to confirm that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions of Carriage, Fare Rules and Privacy Policy
  • Click “Continue” to purchase your flight(s) and extras.

Tip: Consult the booking summary, displayed on the right-hand side of your screen, to view your booking details and costs.

Your itinerary and e-Ticket has been sent to your nominated email address

Next steps:

  • You will receive a reminder email prior to your flight date
  • If you need to alter your booking you can do so online via Manage Bookings
  • Guests flying on our domestic network can conveniently check in online via the web or by a web-enabled mobile device
  • Enjoy your flight!