One way  An itinerary that starts at one point (origin) and travels to another point (destination) and does not return back to the point of origin.
Round trip A return itinerary where travel starts and ends back at the point of departure.
Multi city A multiple city itinerary which has either a surface sector, open jaw or stopover on route i.e. BNE-SYD/-MEL-BNE
Multi origin The Multi-Origin tab provides you the ability to book multiple origin departure points for those groups that have guests arriving from various cities to the same destination. Example where the Main Event destination is Brisbane and you have guests travelling from various ports of Australia – MEL, SYD, PER.
Series The Series tab provides the ability to request groups with reoccurring itineraries over a certain period. For example a Mining company that has employees flying in on a Monday and out on a Friday for a three month period.