Guest Charter (Customer Service Plan)

Being Australia’s airline of choice, it is our priority to have you arrive to your destination safely and on time, having experienced our exceptional Virgin Australia service. Our Guest Charter describes our service commitment to you when you fly on Virgin Australia operated flights.

We also want to let you know how we can help you if things do not go according to plan and the services you can expect us to provide if you need extra help getting to your destination.

  1. Safety

    Your safety will always be our number one priority when you fly with us. We will never compromise on safety.

  2. Offering the Lowest Fare Available

    Whether you book via our Guest Contact Centre or via our website, we will always offer you the lowest fare for which you are eligible and we will inform you if a lower fare is available via other Virgin Australia channels.

  3. Giving Us Your Feedback

    If you have a compliment or complaint then we want to hear about it. Our aim is to resolve any problems on the spot where possible, with our Virgin Australia team. However, if your problem is a bit more complex, or if you are not happy with the outcome, you can call our Guest Contact Centre for advice anytime. Or you can also contact us via a range of other methods:

    • Via ‘Contact Us’ on the website and completing a feedback form.
    • Write to Guest Relations, Virgin Australia Group, PO Box 1034, Spring Hill QLD 4004.
    • Fax +61 7 3295 5642.

     Our Guest Relations team will acknowledge your contact on the day of receipt if you are contacting us via the feedback form or via fax.

     If you write to us by post, on receipt we will return post an acknowledgment to you. If the postal feedback includes your contact phone number, we will attempt to call you in lieu of acknowledging by return post.

    Our aim, no matter which above option you choose, is to then contact you with a detailed response within 10 business days where possible, pending the complexity of your situation.

    Should you feel unsatisfied with our response to your complaint, please let us know and request a review. If after the review you are still not satisfied, you may contact the Airline Customer Advocate (ACA). The ACA is an independent body that will facilitate an outcome if an eligible situation has not been resolved between the guest and the airline. The ACA can be contacted at www.airlinecustomeradvocate.com.au.

    Please note: To be eligible to escalate a resolution through the ACA, you will need a feedback case ID number from our Guest Relations department.

    For U.S. customers, we will provide you with a substantive response within 60 days of receiving your complaint.

  4. When We Need to Change Your Schedule

    If your flight is changed or cancelled we will contact you in a timely manner via the details given in your booking and provide you with alternative flight details.

    If the alternative flight time does not work for you, we will move you to another available Virgin Australia service, with no further cost to you (as close as possible to your original scheduled departure time and in the same class you booked).

  5. Delays and Cancellations – Letting You Know

    Sometimes flights are disrupted on the day of travel, so it is really important to give us a good contact number so we can reach you at short notice.

    If we know (at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time) that your domestic flight is going to be cancelled we will contact you (or your Travel Agent or Travel Management Company) to let you know. For international flights, we will endeavour to contact you if we know about the cancellation at least 4 hours before the scheduled departure time.

  6. Delays and Cancellations – Those Within Our Control

    If you get to the airport and find you are disrupted for reasons we believe to be within our control (e.g. due to aircraft maintenance or crew shortages), we will endeavour to get you on your way as soon as possible on another Virgin Australia service at no additional cost to you.

    If you are delayed overnight in a port away from home we will arrange and pay for hotel accommodation, transfers and meals for you (limits do apply).

  7. Delays and Cancellations – Those Outside Our Control

    You might get to the airport and find you are disrupted for reasons beyond our control (e.g. delays or cancellations due to bad weather, airport terminal closures or security incidents).

    If you are delayed for these kinds of reasons we will do our best to get you on the next available Virgin Australia service at no further cost to you.

  8. Guest Requirements During Tarmac Delays

    If you are delayed on board the aircraft after we’ve shut the doors at your departure port, or after the plane has landed, we will endeavour to provide for essential needs such as potable water, adequate food, lavatory facilities and urgent medical requirements, subject to the safety or security conditions at the time.

    We will of course give particular focus to guests with special needs at this time.

    • For further information regarding tarmac delays in the USA, please see our Tarmac Delay Plan.
  9. If We Cannot Provide a Seat on Your Flight

    On rare occasions we may request for volunteers to move to a later flight, or may need to ask a guest to do so. If this happens to you, you will be moved to the next available Virgin Australia service at no additional cost to you.

    For Domestic and Short Haul International flights, if you are not moved to a Virgin Australia flight that is within 2 hours from your original departure time you will be provided with a credit as an apology for any inconvenience incurred as a result of the disruption. The value of any credits will be determined by Virgin Australia (consideration will be given to your departure port and disruption time).

    If you are delayed overnight at a port away from home we will arrange and pay for hotel accommodation, transfers and meals for you (limits do apply).

    For departures from the USA, we will provide you with compensation as per the requirements of US Denied Boarding Legislation.

  10. Baggage Services

    If your bag has not arrived at your destination with you and we find out it is on its way, we will arrange for a courier to deliver it to your hotel or home at our expense when it arrives. If your bag is delayed for more than 24 hours you will be reimbursed for basic essential items purchased as a result of the baggage delay (limits do apply). This will be done by submitting your receipts to our Guest Relations team (see “Giving us your feedback” for contact details).

    If your bag is declared lost, you will be refunded any applicable baggage fees as well as being able to claim for the contents (baggage claim limitations do apply).

  11. Guests with Special Needs

    Guests with special needs and passengers with disabilities are warmly welcomed and are important to us.

  12. Travel Insurance

    We expect you to take out travel insurance. No matter how well we all plan, sometimes unforeseen factors can disrupt travel plans. While we do our best to ensure things run smoothly, we cannot guarantee that the occasional occurrence will not happen. Travel insurance is the most sensible protection against any occurrences that do arise.

    Depending on the level of travel insurance you get, it can cover you for costs arising from things such as delays, cancellations, lost or damaged baggage, airport terminal closures or security incidents. It is important that you understand what Virgin Australia are and are not liable for and what your travel insurance will cover you against.

  13. Privacy

    We respect your personal information. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

    Find out more, view our privacy policy

  14. Our Commitment to the Environment

    We take our commitment to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment seriously. We are committed to ensuring that our airline not only grows responsibly, but also remains focused on finding solutions that will make a low carbon aviation industry possible in the future. To that end we have worked with other Virgin airline groups to produce a document outlining our views and actions on climate change and aviation. You can reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting your flight with our “Fly Carbon Neutral” scheme.

  15. Providing Refunds

    If a refund is due according to the applicable fare rules, the processing time will be as follows:

    • 7 working days for itineraries involving US sectors (in line with US Department of Transport legislation).
    • 21 calendar days for sectors that do not include US sectors.

    Please note the above guidelines do not include the banks processing time.

  16. Disclosing Cancellation Policies and Other Information

  17. Other Information

    Our Terms and Conditions of Carriage outline our key responsibilities to you and also your responsibilities to us. This Guest Charter and the Terms and Conditions work hand in hand, so please be sure to read both documents.

    If you have any questions about this charter, please email us at reservations@virginaustralia.com or you can call our Guest Contact Centre.

    At www.virginaustralia.com you can also find other useful information such as Velocity membership rules and aircraft configuration maps, showing seating layouts and the position of lavatories on board.

  18. Further Information for Guests Travelling to or from the USA only

    Cancelling without penalty

    If you book a fare 7 days or more prior to your flight’s scheduled departure time, you may cancel your booking without penalty within 24 hours of making it, or hold a reservation at the quoted fare for 24 hours without payment. You can arrange this by calling our Guest Contact Centre.

    Flight status changes

    Should the status of your flight change on the day of travel, there are a number of ways you can be made aware. Within 30 minutes of a delay being known, Flight Information Display screens, our Airport Staff and our Call Centre Agents will be made aware of any flight delay over 30 minutes. The Airport Staff will make announcements detailing the flight status change. You can also check your flight status or unsubscribe from our flight status notification service via the Flight Status screen on the website.