Cancel Booking

Information for Guests Travelling to or from the USA only

Cancelling without penalty

All bookings can be cancelled; however some bookings are non-refundable and may attract cancellations fees and surcharges. 

If you book a fare 7 days or more prior to your flight’s scheduled departure time, you may cancel your booking without penalty within 24 hours of making it, or you can hold a reservation at the quoted fare for 24 hours without payment. You can arrange this by calling our Guest Contact Centre on 1855 253 8021.

International Long Haul

International long haul flight bookings can only be cancelled by contacting the Virgin Australia Guest Contact Centre

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Australian Domestic and International Short Haul

Domestic and international short haul flight bookings can be cancelled online or by contacting the Virgin Australia Guest Contact Centre.

cancel booking

information Domestic and international short haul definitions