About Us

Virgin Group

Virgin Australia is part of a very big family, the Virgin Group. Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson, the Group has become one of the most highly respected global brand names of the 21st century.

We support Sir Richard Branson’s ongoing leadership on the need to address greenhouse gas emissions and have been working with our sister airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America, on possible future mitigation projects.

The actions we’re undertaking are part of a broad range of initiatives underway right across the Virgin Group. Virgin Group's sustainability microsite, People and Planet, highlights the range of corporate responsibility and sustainability issues the Virgin companies face and what we’re doing about them.

Big Red Box

If sustainable lifestyles were a big red box, what would they look like? This is the question ten Virgin CEOs were asked and why their company deserves to be inside the big red box. The Virgin Group have launched a new Virgin sustainability film to show you what they said and share some of the exciting things the companies are doing.

During the film, the CEOs all put an item into the box that represents their company’s contribution to a sustainable lifestyle - everything from swimming goggles to a mallee tree! Find out more about the Big Red Box.

Big Red Box - Youtube Replacement Image