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The Virgin Australia flights that skipped Christmas

26 December 2016

Every year, there are two Virgin Australia flights that skip Christmas entirely, thanks to an unavoidable time hack.

As people all around the world enjoy seafood lunches and hot roast dinners with family and friends, guests boarding flights VA2 and VA8 at Los Angeles International Airport on Christmas Eve are faced with the fact that the 25th December will be erased from their year.

At Virgin Australia, we don’t think that’s fair. So we wrote to jolly old Saint Nicholas to see if he could help.

When guests boarded these flights on Christmas Eve, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Saint Nick had turned the Virgin Australia planes into his very own sleighs, decked out with Christmas tinsel, trees and treats.

He also enlisted some very special helpers – our amazing Virgin Australia crew – to spread the Christmas cheer on board. As everyone settled into the flight, a full turkey dinner with chestnut stuffing, mashed potato, green beans and cranberry sauce was served.

When the lights went dim and the passengers started to drift off, Saint Nick himself jumped on board to leave some special presents for everyone hanging off their seatback. Armed with Velocity Frequent Flyer stockings filled to the brim with chocolates and gifts from Velocity and its partners, Saint Nick walked the aisles bringing Christmas joy to these flights.

It seems Virgin Australia’s Velocity members were on the ‘nice’ list this year, with all Velocity members on board having their membership status upgraded. Red Velocity members were upgraded to Silver, Silver to Gold, and Gold to Platinum. Platinum Velocity members were gifted 100,000 Velocity Points.

If you’d like to see the Christmas experience for yourself, you can watch it on Virgin Australia’s YouTube channel.

Merry Christmas!