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Spring Racing Takes Off At Virgin Australia Terminals across the Country


Research released today by Virgin Australia1 shows that over the next few days, baggage carousels will be filled with up to 40 000 hats and over 55 000 lip glosses, which will be flown especially to Melbourne for The Cup and the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival.

With most believing that the Spring Racing Carnival is more about the social occasion, champagne and fashion (74%) than the racing (22%), it’s no wonder that getting their luggage there on time and intact is a top priority. Virgin Australia’s research revealed that the baggage carousels may be filled with an estimated $40 million worth of luggage this racing season.

Virgin Australia Group Executive Corporate Communications, Danielle Keighery said the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival is a positive boost for the Australian economy and the tourism industry in general.

“The Victorian Spring Racing Carnival has developed a reputation as one of the most important events on the sporting calendar, attracting domestic and international visitors alike. Last year, the carnival generated $728 million2 for the Australian economy, with a similar contribution expected this year”.

“We are committed to supporting the Australian tourism industry and will be putting on 36 additional flights into and out of Melbourne over the key racing period3. Virgin Australia is well-prepared to transport Australia’s latest fashion trends as 40 000 hats, 110 000 dresses and pairs of heels make their way through carousels across the country”, Ms Keighery said.

Virgin Australia’s top tips for packing for the Spring Racing Carnival:

  • Check the dimensions of your hat box. If it exceeds the carry-on allowance, check it-in at least 30 minutes before your flight.
  • Pack an extra pair of shoes. A day at the races carries the high risk of broken high heels, mud and sore feet.
  • Prepare for all weather conditions. With the unpredictability of the Spring season, you never know when you might need a warm jacket or an umbrella.

Other findings from the survey included:

  • For most women Melbourne Cup is an excuse to splash out on new clothes and accessories with 80% of women willing to purchase a new dress for the race
  • The average amount Australian women are prepared to spend on new items to look their best at Melbourne Cup is $370 – and that’s even before they have placed a bet
  • Dirty shoes (48%), broken heels (42%) and fashion faux pas (23%) at the top of peoples ‘stress list’ when it comes to attending the races, explaining the sheer volume of luggage that travels to Melbourne
  • The must-have beauty items for the race include lip-gloss (51%) and concealer (36%)

Virgin Australia group of airlines announced yesterday that it would add a further 64 domestic services over the next two weeks to meet market requirements. This will see 9000 extra seats offered on Virgin Australia flights between Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide for travel between October 31 and November 13, 2011.

1 Galaxy Research conducted 6/10/11, with a sample of 1510 respondents aged 18-64 across Australia.

2 Figures provided by Victorian Racing Club and based on National Gross Economic Benefit – the total amount generated by the MCC in Australia by all Australians and international visitors.

3 Refers to 29 October to 5 November 2011.